Scott Wern says 90 Day Fiancé cost him 3 jobs, bloggers are ‘in cahoots’ with TLC

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Former 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise and The Family Chantel star Scott Wern continues to complain about how he was portrayed on both shows, and he says he has lost three jobs because of it.

Just a few days after Scott did a cringey drunken live stream complaining about producers editing him to “look like a f**king cringey motherf**ker” on the shows, the 52-year-old respiratory therapist returned to social media to further complain — this time sober.

Scott says he’s being asked repeatedly “what’s going on?” He pans the camera around his small camper. “Here, this is what’s going on,” Scott says. “I’m on my computer looking for jobs. That’s what I’m doing. In my camper, this is my life.”

Scott then offers up a synopsis of what happens when TLC and/or show producers decide you are an expendable villain:

You’re either portrayed through [90 Day Fiancé production company] Sharp Entertainment to be a hero or a villain. It’s one or the other.

So if you’re a villain, and they make you expendable, they pump you out with the shows, and what you see is what you get. And you get blindsided by it.

And then you have to live with those consequences because then you’re not getting the puff piece editorials.

You’re not getting the, ‘Hey, tell us what color you like and talk about you being a respiratory therapist and saving lives and going and having a stroke during COVID, being deployed doing 80 hours a week.’ Not one story about that.

It’s all going to be, ‘You’re cringy’ or this or that, ‘you’re bankrupt,’ everything like that.

That’s what you get. And nobody has my back.

[As a fan of 90 Day Fiancé I feel I should point out that the franchise is quite famous/infamous for keeping “villains” around for a long time. For example, how many seasons has Angela Deem been on? And I’m not sure how many “puff pieces” have been written about her?]

Scott continues by talking more about the impact being a villain on the show has had on his off-screen life. “It’s an injustice because it’s affected me professionally, my livelihood, you know? And I’ve lost three jobs because of the consequences of the show,” he says. “Since April 17 [when Scott’s season of Love In Paradise premiered], my life was destroyed.”

Here is Scott’s full video:

Scott Wern sued by hospital

Scott mentions losing three jobs because of how he was portrayed on TLC, but he lost at least one job on his own. As Starcasm was first to report, Scott was hired as a respiratory therapist by a Florida hospital owned by Lee Health in March of 2023.

Scott’s new job had a sign-on package totaling $19,000, including a relocation incentive of $7,500 and sign-on incentive of $20,000 — half of which was paid during the first pay period. Scott attended orientation and education for employment with Lee Health on April 5 and April 6, 2023.

On April 14, Scott picked up his paycheck for the two days, and also the hiring incentive payments totaling $19,000. He deposited the checks the same day, then he ghosted the hospital. This was three days before Scott would make his debut on Love In Paradise.

The hospital sued Scott later that month, and they were eventually rewarded $22,216.43, which included costs and attorney’s fees.

Scott declared bankruptcy for the fourth time on July 26, 2023. He listed the Lee Health lawsuit in his filing, but indicated the case was “pending” at the time. In another section of the filing, Scott indicated Lee Health had a nonpriority unsecured claim against him in the amount of $19,000. Scott describes the debt as “Monies Loaned / Advanced.” Scott’s bankruptcy was finalized on October 31.

Getting into fights and similar behavior on a popular reality show can’t be good for a respiratory therapist looking for work. But, neither can ghosting a hospital after cashing a signing bonus, right?

Scott Wern complains about news coverage

Scott returned to Instagram on Saturday and shared a video in which he complained about all of the negative stories written about him recently in regards to his drunken live stream rant.

Once again, Scott is upset because the stories seem to focus on his demons and the skeletons in his closet. So, he sends out a request to “respectable” writers and journalists who are interested in getting his side of the story. Ironically, he promises to “share all my demons, skeletons in closet” with the right journalist.

Scott’s video and his caption:

Calling out the credible and respected journalist/freelance writer. I’ll give you my story. I will share all my demons, skeletons in closet. Stuff the network my ex girlfriends don’t know but I want control of editing and want assurance it will get more views then what has been written about me. I promise you it will hold shock value but I want my story told with my attributes and strengths as well. I’m human and own my mistakes and time to share it all.

I’ll look at all offers and make a decision within a week.

…I want to tell my story and control the editing. Never once have I had my platform to do it and whoever takes story it will trump all these piss ass reality roasting stories. Promise!!!

In the comments of his post, Scott implies that the writers publishing negative stories about him are working with/for TLC. Here are a couple examples:

COMMENT: Scott, you’re in control of you story, life, actions, so you can change the narrative on your own, be real .. be the person you say you are, not the person you have shown on IG in the past… sorry you lost your jobs, but social media has eyes everywhere and can be bad for a lot of people … you’re the one in control of your life and how you want to be seen .. Start there ….

SCOTT: I never once have been interviewed [and] all of this is conspiracy. This is all driven from the network, and most of these writers work for them.

COMMENT: Do not do it Scoty, everybody got skeletons in the closet.

SCOTT: It’s more than skeletons it’s exposure to network and these writers never once was I given a platform or an interview. They are in bed together.

More of Scott Wern’s TLC conspiracy theory

In Scott’s next video, he continued to talk about writers and bloggers working with TLC to present him in a negative light. Once again, he used his social media platform (with 100,000 Instagram followers) to complain about not having a platform.

Scott talks about all the articles that have been written about him, and he points out that none of the writers reached out to him for his side of the story. “Why am I denied my right of freedom of speech?” he asks. “Why am I not allowed my platform to share what’s really going on?”

More from Scott:

I’m telling you these writers are in cahoots with TLC the network and they have these auto, autobots-driven, uh, viral, um…they follow the algorithm of what’s popular and then throw things out there and see if you guys bite to get clicks, and to get relevance. And that’s what’s going on. There’s a lot bigger things going on and people are, like, ‘Oh, Scott’s crazy!’ No, this is real.

Let me tell you something, because look at my life up until I was 52 years old. Never had anything other than two stories — other than contributing and being a coac, and then a story on the news for saving a baby. All positive! All positive. And then April 17th my life was flipped upside down.

Everyone’s like, ‘Well, you signed up.’ I never signed up for that.

Scott reveals in the comments that he would gladly return to TLC and be a villain if they paid him more. “I have no problem being a villain just pay me 25 to 30,000 an episode 🙂 like other networks!” he writes.

In another comment, Scott answers the question: How much do cast members get paid for 90 Day Fiancé? “2 different shows total of 13,000 / 13 episodes.. peanuts,” he reveals. The $1,000 per episode amount lines up with previous reports from other cast members — dating back as far as 2017.

In Scott’s most recent updates he reveals that he has multiple job interviews lined up, as well as potential interviews with journalists. I wish him well in both regards.

Scott mentions that he is also seeking legal representation, and he implies in the comments that he may be considering a lawsuit against TLC and/or Sharp Entertainment. Unfortunately for Scott there is a very clear precedent that favors the network and producers.

90 Day Fiancé Season 3 star Mark Shoemaker, who was one of the biggest villains in the franchise’s history, sued Sharp Entertainment and TLC’s parent company, Discover Communications, more than five years ago for a laundry list of causes: fraudulent inducement, fraud, breach of contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, gross negligence, defamation per se, defamation libel, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and unjust enrichment.

A judge tossed the lawsuit in May of 2017. From our previous article:

In a VERY brief summary, the judge decided that Mark and Nikki signed a contract to be on a reality show, and in the contract it clearly stated that show producers were free to edit the footage however they liked.

They could have still had a case if TLC or Sharp had egregiously defamed the duo or frauded (in Danielle’s voice) them by intentionally lying about things. But the judge ruled that neither happened.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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