Has Rose McGowan had plastic surgery? Before and after photos

Last night Rose McGowan appeared on “Law & Order: SVU” looking a little different. Has she had some work done?

She HAS had some kind of surgery: she had reconstruction work down after the skin under her eye was deeply during a 2007 car crash.

Above is a side-by-side photo of Rose in 2003 at the Legally Blonde 2 premiere, and January 2011 at A Night Of Red Carpet Style at Decades Boutique in L.A.

She may have also had the ever-popular lip injections, and an “expert” tells PopEater that she may have had a nose job, and an eyelid lift. She may also have had some sort of cheek or jawline injections that changed the overall shape of her face.

Photos: Wenn.com

  • Randa

    She looks terrible, just caught this episode as a rerun and she looks like she can’t even talk with her lips! Poor thing, whoever did that to her should be sued! It looks like she would even have trouble eating, wow, just awful.

  • Emily

    She used to be so pretty!! I was always so envious of her sultry red-headed look pre surgery!!! I cant understand why she would do that to her face!