Is Teen Mom Leah Messer moving in with boyfriend Jeremy Calvert?

Leah Messer and her boyfriend Jeremy Calvert

It looks like Teen Mom Leah Messer is moving on from her ex-husband Corey Simms by moving in with her boyfriend Jeremy Calvert!

The two sweethearts have been doing some twitter-lovin’ that includes serious hints that they will indeed be living together.

Lord Calvert (I had to give him that handle) tweeted, “@TM2LeahDawn one more day and we will have are own house baby :) ))” and Leah responded with the following reply:

Leah also stated the following to her man about this allegedly big decision:

We also have a source close to Leah who said the house is “big” and that Jeremy will be there only on weekends because his pipeliner job requires him to be out of town during the week. The source goes on to describe Jeremy and Leah’s relationship by stating:

“I can tell you he makes Leah very, very happy and treats Leah and those girls like queens and little princesses.”

We do our best here not to get caught up in hearsay but the following photo posted by Leah herself has me sold that the two are in fact going to be sharing a home. Her caption for this pic was, “Jeremy driving the Uhaul! Bahaaaa!! Love himmmm<3”

Jeremy Calvert driving a U-Haul

Some of our observant readers noticed that big ol’ camera in the U-Haul I totally whiffed on! Good job readers and does this mean we’ll be seeing this in an upcoming episode of TM 2!?!

She also tweeted what any folks who love ’em some Leah are most concerned about with this apparent next step. How is Jeremy with those wonderful little twins Aliannah and Aleeah? Leah wrote, “I loves you!!! I’m soo happy and that’s all that matters! Your great with the girls!” He better be great with ’em! As for their father, Corey Simms, Leah also assured a follower that he will always be respected by both herself and Jeremy:

“Corey is their father and we will respect that for the sake of them!”

One more piece of evidence for your review. Amy LaDawn is a long time friend of Leah’s and has done a great job running her official Facebook fan page. Well Amy tweeted the following out to Leah:

According to the Wikipedia page for Clendenin, “Several people in the town have claimed to have seen local legendary monsters such as the Mothman, the Flatwoods, WV Green Monster, and the White Tiger.” Jeremy better keep them girls safe from all those terrible sounding monsters.

Now that we’re all pretty sure this is happening do you think this is a rush decision by Leah or do you believe that she’s a responsible adult capable of making her own decisions about what’s best for her and her daughters? Either way, right now it’s obvious that Leah is very happy and that’s great news to me.

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