Tiki Barber’s mistress Traci Johnson posed as his babysitter

Traci Lynn Johnson

Tiki Barber is making lots of headlines after he reportedly left his wife of 11 years for a much younger former Maxim model. Making matters worse for Tiki is the fact that his wife is currently 8 months pregnant with twins.

As if that weren’t bad enough, New York’s Daily News is reporting that Tiki’s pretty young thing, 23-year-old Traci Lynn Johnson, told her parents that she was babysitting to explain away all the time she was spending with the former NFL star and current television analyst. 

While Traci wasn’t feeding Lucky Charms to Barber’s two children, she was getting lucky with sugar pops!

And the hits just keep coming for the former NFL running back as The New York Post is reporting that Traci Johnson was also aboard the cheating train. The site reports that Traci had a boyfriend and assured her friends at Mount Saint Mary College that Tiki was just a friend.

Although the affair was secret, Tiki was reportedly not afraid to shower Traci with a NY Giant amount of wonderful items including:

• A diamond and sapphire bracelet

• 21 dozen roses on her 21st birthday

• New York Giants jerseys for her and her friends to wear during Halloween

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available. The way this story is going, you can bet there will be more information!