VIDEO: Is nudist Wubbzy a closeted transvestite?

I was taking care of my sicky-poo little 2-year-old daughter today when I noticed something rather shocking while watching an episode of the popular Nickelodeon show Wow Wow Wubbzy .  Wubbzy, the one with a bendy tail that he likes that way, was wearing what appeared to be a bikini top!  The famous nudist with insatiable energy and unflappable bounce rocked a stylish orange over-the-shoulder boulder holder that complimented his skin tone perfectly.

I became engrossed in the episode, in turn failing as a father, in which Wubbzy and his pals, Widget and Walden, make a trek to Dino Island to get a little close-up of some dinosaurs.  Wubbzy dished and dashed and snuck and hid in his little half bikini, fearlessly telling the world, “this is me.”

Here is a clip from the cross-dressing shocker:

In an obvious move from the producers, an attempt was made to fool viewers by adding the same wardrobe piece to both Widget and Walden.  Are we seriously supposed to believe these are life vests?  I wasn’t Wuzzleborn yesterday folks!  I think the show’s producers can take a little of their own advice from the following musical video for Don’t Lie:

Let’s give some credit to team player Walden for taking one for the Wuzzleteam.  Maybe Wubbzy catches a little RuPaul’s Drag Race on the mega-screen 3000 over at Widget’s place.  Or maybe he has gone through the full library of tombs about the Rocky Horror Picture Show over at Walden’s.  Either way, it is time for Wubbzy to drop the nudity veil, the kickity-kick ball, and listen to his inner cross-dressing heart.  That will really have me saying wow wow!