Kardashians sign 2-year TV deal with E! for $150,000,000

Kardashians net worth

It’s probably about time for the Kardashians to change the title of their TV show, because the only ones keeping up with them are professional athletes, bankers, and Powerball winners. America’s royal family has reportedly just signed on with E! for two more years of their reality show for a whopping $150 MILLION!

TMZ broke the news earlier today, and they reveal that the contract is structured so that the family will decide how the money is split up. Although the contract is through 2019, it will actually cover five seasons (or cycles) of the show — that comes out to $30 million per season. The new contract is a 50% RAISE for the family, who are making $20 million per season in their current contract.

Although the $150,000,000 will be divided up among the family members, matriarch Kris Jenner is set to get the lioness’ share because 10% of that ($15 million) goes straight to her as the Kardashians’ manager — err, momager.

I’m wondering if the MASSIVE contract signing wasn’t motivation for Kris Jenner’s headline-grabbing pajama madame platinum blonde look from this weekend:

Kris Jenner blonde pimp

I’m not sure what I would look like on the outside after signing a $150,000,000 contract for my family’s reality show, but that photo is pretty much exactly what I would look like on the inside. 🙂

I know lots of folks love to hate the Kardashians (which is a huge part of why they are so famous), but I’ve always been an admirer of their hustle and lack of assholishness. So let me say… Congratulations!

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  • ImOpining

    Geez, are they ever going to go away? Please?

  • Just me

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyy …????

  • Chewy


  • cookie

    Oh God noooooooooooo!!! When is it going to end?! They have seriously overstayed their welcome and they are NOT America’s royal family, they are America’s first family of trash.

    • Shanaynay

      Exactly what I was going to say! Took the words right outta my mouth.

  • sahali735

    America’s collective IQ just dropped another couple of points.

  • StLibertyLou

    They have the worst ratings ever so how is this possible, who is getting the kickbacks at the E channel? They BUY their followers, fake bot followers and the only hustle they ever had was the companies who approached them way back when they were new and popular, Sears ring a bell? Yeah, thought so. Kardashian Beauty ring a bell, yeah thought so…all gone down the sewer drain. Wise up, people, they’ve got, maybe 5% of the followers they show to have and the rest are fake. And don’t believe one G.D. word about the money they make, they lie about that like they lie about how they got their flat stomachs, extreme LIPOSUCTION, they remove all the fat and shoot it into their huge fake butts, they cannot gain weight where they took it out of they will only gain where it was shot into, hence the big homely fat a sses! Only complete morons fall for their lies and buy their cheap wares and I feel sorry for you if you admire their lies! And admire their hustle? That is hilarious.The truth is, is they’re all riding on the heels of Kim’s porn tape and no they’re not famous because people hate them, people actually liked them long ago, not anymore though. They’re not famous anymore, it’s more like infamous for their fake faces, bodies and hair they bought and it’s only a matter of time before the show is gone along with all of them. Bye Fa-Weee-Sha!