Chanel West Coast’s music video for ‘New Bae’ featuring Safaree

Chanel West Coast New Bae

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Chanel West Coast has been defending herself on social media for the last couple of weeks after Charlamagne Tha God called her a “wack rapper” (again), but now Chanel is letting her music speak for itself in the form her latest music video for the single “New Bae” featuring her LHHH co-star Safaree.

In the video, Chanel is her damn fine self (I don’t think even Charlamagne would question that fact) as she acts out a break up and super quick rebound with VERY little regret:

Throughout the video Chanel is seen sporting a bejeweled mask, which instantly made me think of Kanye West’s infamous use of designer masks during his live performances. I thought for a second that perhaps the mask usage was a humorous wink from Chanel, after her comments comparing herself to Kanye and Drake inspired Charlamagne’s most recent criticisms, but I realized that this video was shot well before the recent controversy. (Chanel has pointed out that her comments were heavily edited by producers. “I said if Charlamagne is gunna diss Drake and Kanye then he basically saying I’m up there with Drake and Kanye,” she clarified on Twitter.)

Here’s the Chanel mask look:

Chanel West Coast New Bae mask

So, what do you guys think? You diggin’ Chanel’s new track? And don’t jump to conclusions without giving it a fair listen!

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  • E

    Hasnt the world suffered enough this week already?! Now we got this fergie reject with this junk.

  • Kat

    Awful garbage.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV


    No one in her group got the memo that auto tune was out? She can’t hold a tune without the electronics saving her butt? Why is this little white girl acting all hard like she’s been in the hood all her life? GTFO!

  • cookie

    I was going to say she’s a butterface, but it’s still bad even with the full face mask

  • Billie

    So I tried, I really did, to give it a fair listen. I got about 45 seconds in. Come on Chanel, stop embarrassing yourself.

  • FYO

    Chanel, I say this in all seriousness…. Stop it. Just..Stop..

  • sw10397

    this b is a total joke. pls, just stop.

  • mariek.

    I agree with all of you. I never really had any negative thoughts about her when she was on ridiculousness but when i seen her on the first 2 episodes she did on love and hh..i thought WTF!! That girl was trying way to hard to act like a fool i dont know what got into her but i dont like this image at all that she is trying to portray, very trashy and fake. She has NO singing talent at all, she is terrible and her attitude stinks.