VIDEO Blac Chyna ‘devastated’ by Rob Kardashian rampage


Blac Chyna is speaking out for the first time since ex-fiance Rob Kardashian posted nude photos of her on Instagram while accusing her of infidelity, as well as alcohol and drug abuse.

Chyna told Good Morning America:

“I was devastated, of course. I’m like, ‘How could somebody, like, post these pictures of me? This is a person that I trusted. I just felt betrayed.”

During Rob K’s public takedown of Chyna last week he shared footage from a video that showed Chyna in bed with another man. Chyna had an interesting explanation when asked about that. “If somebody keeps poking at you you’re eventually gonna pop. I thought, maybe if I send this video to him, maybe he’ll just leave me alone,” she said.

Chyna, who has sought the legal assistance of high-powered attorney Lisa Bloom, confirmed that on Friday she reunited with daughter Dream Renee, whom she shares with Kardashian, after he threatened to keep the 7-month-old away from her.

TMZ is reporting that noted OJ Simpson attorney Robert Shapiro will appear in a Los Angeles court this morning to say that Kardashian will refrain from any other social media attacks.

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  • Says the stripper..

    • kb

      Being a stripper doesn’t make you a bad person, she’s just on a whole level on her own.

      • No, but she is a bad person. And being a stripper means, your naked ass has been seen by thousands, this video was nothing in comparison to what we’ve already seen. She’s just a baby trap.

  • FR

    Yes. I ALWAYS send my baby’s father photos / videos of myself kissing, moaning and rolling around in the “marital” bed with some thug wearing my “husband’s” robe with the intent of him “leaving me alone”. After all the money he spends on her, I’m sureeee that’s what she wants, right? She has never had it so good and probably never will again. Anyway, if you want a man to leave you alone, just say so, ladies. Remember, female empowerment and all that feminist stuff. Hoo rah.

    I never noticed before but she has a massive underbite. All that money she spends on appearance and she didn’t get that awful malocclusion corrected.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      right on!

    • Thoughts

      They haven’t been together for months

    • Thoughts

      It sounds like she did tell him to leave her alone?

    • Malibu_Gurlie

      Yaaasssss Honey chyld u r so right..

  • FYO

    The only thing she is devastated by was her trademark application for “Angela Renée Kardashian” being denied.

  • Bebe

    I think that was lousy of him to do (to ANY ex), but I don’t think she was the least bit devastated by it. Even in talking about it, she sounds robotic and like she’s making it up on the spot.

    • Thoughts

      It’s all a play to win this revenge porn lawsuit. The whole thing is going to be highly publicized… they both have celeb lawyers

      • jayanna

        Yes, both are loving the publicity. With the Klassless Kardashians, any publicity is good publicity. Rob loves documenting ALL his feelings. He’s a big man baby. I feel very bad for their daughter, who will grow up screwed up, thanks to her crazy parents. The fake outrage by BC is laugh worthy.

  • MsJ

    Blac Chyna and Rob’s relationship was dysfunctional from day one. They both benefitted financially from this toxic relationship . Rob’s behavior was inexcusable and bratty, and he has form for obsessive, retaliatory behavior once dumped by his girlfriend – Adrienne Baillon scores of texts until her boyfriend had to intervene , and tweeting about Rita Ora’s unprotected sex with over a dozen partners whilst in a ” relationship” with Rob. The truth is all 3 celebrity girlfriends probably dated Rob for the wrong reasons, more publicity and pity included. Rob knew about Chyna’s past- she appeared trashy during their relationship and continues to be so. Remember, the Kardashian fortune stemmed from his sister’s sex tape being published online for millions to see.