VIDEO The new Teen Mom 2 trailer is here! Premieres July 17!

Teen Mom 2 cast with Briana DeJesus

MTV is making sure NO ONE has to go without their Teen Mom drama fix! During the season finale of the current season of Teen Mom OG, the network debuted the preview trailer for the brand new season of Teen Mom 2, which premieres just around the corner on July 17!

I’ll shut up now…

That there was a lot of positive vibes yo! Well, except for the newest cast member, Teen Mom 3 transfer Briana DeJesus.

Here’s a transcript of the narration:

Starting Monday, July 17, it’s going to be a mother of a summer because it’s the biggest season of Teen Mom 2 ever! With one surprise proposal (Jenelle), four babies on the way (Jenelle, Kail, Briana, Chelsea), and the BIGGEST NEWS YET: a fifth mom joins the cast (Briana).

The narrator somehow forgot to mention… Aubree with a duck!!

Aubree Houska holding a duck


If you have somehow made it this far and are still wondering “When does the new seaaon of Teen Mom 2 premiere?” The answer is Monday, July 17 at 9/8c on MTV. Be there DUUUDE!

I feel motivated to share one of my favorite Starcasm animated gifs of all time in honor of the addition of Briana DeJesus to the cast of Teen Mom 2:

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  • FrontDoorMom

    Idc about this trailer. Im still in shock over how high ryan was driving! Omg

    • Hipster Doofus

      That was CRAZY!!! I knew when they showed the warning it was going to be something insane, but I never expected that. Still can’t believe Mack was more concerned about turning the cameras off instead of having him, I don’t know, PULL OVER!?!?!

      • SadDawson

        OMG I know!! Why the heck did she allow him to keep driving! I can’t open my eyes because of the sun? On the way to your wedding, insane!! And not forget this marriage is to get Bentley more so he can be in the car too?? Crazy but I guess he got his hair cut and washed in time!

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      I just kept thinking pull over and let Mack drive. He’s lucky he didn’t have an accident.

      • BabyDoll0984~

        They weren’t even wearing seatbelts. I was scared as hell just watching. I don’t understand this enabling Mackenzie and jen do. It’s sick.

        • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

          If I was her sons dad I’d be dragging her to court asap. I don’t understand what she sees in Ryan. He’s like having another child. Just look how he behaves. Plus not having a job. No thanks.

          • BabyDoll0984~

            What she sees in Ryan is the potential to lock him down. Her sickness is as bad as his. I just can’t believe she was under the radar. I knew I didn’t like her.

    • Cait

      Seriously! I can’t believe she didn’t make him pull over, he could’ve killed them or someone else. And they’re both mad at Maci airing his dirty laundry.. try not being high on a tv show you signed up for because we didn’t need Maci to tell us you’re high as a kite on camera…

      What a nice memory to have of the day you got married.. your husband being strung out on god knows what while his mother stands there hysterical crying (not happy tears) ..

      • Kaia Elle Murray

        I kept waiting for her to make him pull over so that she could drive. I just couldn’t believe it! He literally had to shake himself awake. I don’t get them bring mad at Maci, seriously! They’re delusional.

    • Regina

      My mouth was hanging open the whole time – I don’t understand! She was just kind of slightly concerned, wtf, like PULL THE F&CK OVER”.
      What a day to get married……..

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Looks like a whole lot of boring!

    • savannah

      Right? And its not like Brianna is bringing anything new to the table, another baby Daddy who isn’t stepping up? I can understand an accidental teenage pregnancy, but…a second one as an adult? DO YOU FORGET HOW IT WORKS? Jeeez.

      • Miss Mandy Lynn

        She’s prob just got drama and kinda trashy so now that the other girls have kinda slowed down MTV is grasping at straws

  • Miss Mandy Lynn

    Brianna was added for her drama simple as

  • bambiglanville

    I hope they cut jenelles segments and not the other girls for Brianna. Honestly.