Report: Another Jenelle Evans fight caught on video a week before the infamous brawl

Teen Mom 2 cast member Jenelle Evans fight mug shot

This Jenelltdown 2011 stuff is getting out of hand!  The multi-layered she said, she said, lawyer said, district attorney said, Kieffer Delp didn’t said, madness of the infamous Teen Mom Jenelle Evans caught on video brawl may have an equal.  According to a report filed by Hollywood Life, Jenelle’s roommate Tyler is claiming that the endlessly in trouble Teen Mom 2 cast member was caught on camera by an MTV crew just a week before the now infamous brawl fighting with her other roommate, Tori!

In summary Tyler says that Jenelle and Tori got into it and that when he tried to break it up Kieffer Delp sucker punched him.  Tyler stated that he didn’t hit Delp back because he plans on filing charges.  Tyler goes on to claim that security guards were present in the house but let the fight continue so that cameras could get all the action.

Following this alleged Jenelle fight, Tyler and Tori asked Jenelle, Kieffer and the MTV crews to leave.  Hollywood Life states that they are in the process of contacting MTV for a statement.

We have an exclusive video of Jenelle smoking what appears to be a joint that she posted way back in the day.  She gets her groove on with a good buddy while taking about smokin etc…  Care to guess who the girl was?  That’s right!  It was none other than Tori, well we assume it’s the same Tori because the two have been tight for a long time.  Here’s an image from the video which you can watch here:

Jenelle Evans and roommate Tori whom she alleged has been in a fight with

So what do you think?  Is Tyler telling the truth?  Is he making this whole thing up to gain notoriety and possibly get a slice of some of that Teen Mom pie (although I don’t know how much you can gain from suing Delp).  Either way I think it’s safe to say that the wheels have come off in Oak Island, N.C. and that anyone connected to the Teen Mom has to at least be considered when they make some claim against Evans.

Mug shot: