Bunny Blaze tries to push plastic surgery to its limits on Botched


Tonight’s episode of Botched on E! deals with adult model and avid cosplayer Bunny Blaze’s quest to further enhance the size of her already large chest.

Pretty much every episode of Botched involves someone like Bunny who has already had a lot of work done and isn’t necessarily “botched,” so much as possibly addicted to cosmetic surgery and body modification. Bunny, who also goes by the name Pumpkin Princess, says she got her first b00b job when she was 18-years-old. They put 850cc in at the time, which shocked Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif. “Putting 850cc implants in is downright wrong,” he said, while also noting that it’s controversial in and of itself to get breast implants at 18.

Still, 850cc wasn’t enough for Bunny, who wants to stand out in the world of cosplay. She currently has 2,000cc implants in to help her achieve the “the fake, unnatural” look she desires.

“In [my] world, usually when you see breasts like mine, they are heavily modicated (sic) with additional bras or padding, which is why larger implants would help me achieve the goal of being known in the cosplay world.” She wants more surgery on her chest because she says people still keep can be confused as to whether or not they are real or fake. Bunny’s goal is to have her bra size be so outlandish that no one ever asks her that question again.

“I will talk to every doctor in the world til I’m blue in the face to achieve the look that I’m looking for,” she said about her goals. Since Bunny painted her skin to dress as Amethyst from Steven Universe, she was already a bit blue in the face.

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Dr.Dubrow isn’t on board with her plan, however. He advises: “Don’t do any more surgery. This is as much as your body is going to tolerate. The next step from here is the implant thinning the skin, showing through, getting infected, and most likely turning you into a breast cripple.”

These strong words supposedly didn’t deter Bunny in the slightest. “I got a lot of information that is definitely helpful,” she said. “But I know what I want to achieve, and I have this image, and I really want to achieve that.”

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