TEEN MOM 2 Courtland Rogers dishes out sobriety advice


Courtland Rogers, the ex husband of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, is out of prison and sharing insight he’s gained while doing his best to walk the straight and narrow following a crippling addiction to heroin.

In a series of video posts to Facebook since his release in March, Rogers has taken the time to answer fans questions and dole out his own advice on how he’s approaching a life of sobriety.

What made you decide to get clean before going (to prison in November of 2015)?

CR: I had a lot of drama going on in my life for myself and my active addiction and there was a lot of dead ends and I was going nowhere and I was scared of the actual end result. I didn’t want to lose my life. I had my daughter with me and I didn’t want her to see her dad like that.

What’s your sobriety date?

CR: September 11, 2015.

CR: I got involved in a drug called heroin that was insane. It destroyed everything. It got so bad I started thinking about not wanting to live no more… It took me going away to a bad place to realize what I had when it was gone… I did around 18 months in prison in a North Carolina penitentiary. I had to go there due to my drug use and…it saved my life. I can’t honestly say I would be here today if I wouldn’t have went.

CR: In your life if you have a problem you need to fix it. You need to admit to yourself that you have a problem. You need to figure out how it’s going to get taken care of.

CR: I’ve gone through withdrawal probably 20 times through my addiction but that last one… I will always remember that last one and I’ll remember that one to the point where, because of it, I wouldn’t dare ever, ever in my life, to ever have to feel that pain on myself again. I cannot do it…

Courtland recently shared a photo with his beaming daughter Jordan and even tweeted news of a recent run-in with his famous former mother-in-law!


The Teen Mom world is filled with folks who have had to learn many of life’s lessons the hard way. It’s part of what’s made the show so compelling. We hope Courtland’s able to keep his sobriety up and that his becomes a story of perseverance and redemption.

— If you’re struggling with drug addiction or you know someone who is and you don’t know where to turn to for help, you can click here and here to find Narcotics Anonymous -NA and Alcoholics Anonymous – AA meetings near you. —