TEEN MOM 2 Jenelle Evans vs. Barbara Evans is now officially lit


No introductions required as we bring you the latest in the fallout from the custody hearing for Jace between Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara Evans.

Babs came out today with her thoughts on what happened, (ICYMI – she regained primary custody but worked with Jenelle in establishing a parenting schedule that guarantees Jace’s mom time), in comments to US Weekly and Radar:

To Us on the outcome:

“I think that in the end, our whole family will be very happy. My main concern was that my daughter and I would have a very drawn out court battle, and luckily that was not the case. I love her and don’t want to fight with her in a courtroom! It actually went much more smoothly than I could have hoped.”

And on her (lack of a) relationship with Jenelle:

“It’s very, very strained right now, as it usually is. She hates me. I think as time goes on, it will get better between us. I have to believe that because she’s my daughter. I’m not sure why Jenelle doesn’t see that I have the best home to raise Jace in. … I do not think Jenelle is putting Jace’s well-being before her happiness. Of course she wants Jace to live with her, but she isn’t thinking that my house may be a better place, especially while she’s with David.”

To Radar:

“I am glad we settled. She didn’t want to go through that [a trial]. It would have been awful for her… I believe Jenelle really thought she was going to get custody of Jace.”

These reactions apparently pushed Jenelle’s buttons as she fired off, and then deleted tweets directly targeting Babs:


This is pretty standard Evans vs. Evans fare but the next bomb that dropped was super out of left field and perhaps highlighted the “plan” that Jenelle was referring to.

Not long after Babs’ comments appeared on Radar, the site shared a post (YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO HERE) featuring an “obtained from an unnamed source” video clearly made by David Eason in which Jenelle, in front of Jace and his cousins, accuses Barbara, who is walking to a car after leaving a restaurant on Cinco de Mayo, of being intoxicated and getting behind the wheel.


Things devolve, as they usually do between the pair, into a shouting match. Radar also “obtained a photo” (I mean – David filmed the video so I don’t think it’s a mystery as to where the image came from either) of Barbara sitting in the restaurant with a glass of wine in front of her.

Here’s what Barbara had to say about this situation:

“I had just sat down with my friends and had one sip of wine. I saw Jenelle standing there making a big scene. So I threw $40 on the table and got up and left. I was walking across the parking lot when [Jenelle and her fiancé David Eason] started filming me. They accused me of being drunk. I told them to stop filming me…  I asked Jenelle, ‘What is wrong with you?’ I knew she was trying to set me up. The kids looked at her like ‘She’s out of her mind.’ How dare she do this to me? Her 64-year-old mother. She had the audacity to set me up… I was furious with her.”

The terms of their custody agreement specifies that they can not belittle each other, use illegal drugs, or drink excessively while Jace is present.


  • melinehclassy

    How many forms of social media do these people argue on!? Good grief

    • FYO

      lol! Good question. Unlike a lot of people these days, at least they argue in person too so it’s not all just e-rage.

      • melinehclassy

        Don’t they get sick of themselves? Fighting on twitter, Facebook, iG, text, social forums. Holy cow

  • sysmjp

    Good lord Janelle is pure evil.

    • Lacy

      Plus she’s stupid if she thinks this is going to come off in her favor. She’s been arrested for breaking and entering, heroin possession, marijuana possession, assault, driving without a license, violating parole, disturbing the peace, communicating threats, violating a protection order, domestic violence, and more. But having a glass of wine with lunch is worth calling her mother out on camera and cornering her in the parking lot.

      • Jackie

        My favorite quote from the video “I don’t operate that way, I don’t drink and drive.” -Jenelle Well I guess it’s nice to know she has her line in the sand. LOL

        • savannah

          HAHAHAH riiiight? Thank goodness, Jenelle has such great standards for herself.

      • TrashTV

        Yeah but her kids seem to be doing fine! (sarcasm of)
        They are not on drugs so far and all.
        (Read comments below)

  • TA

    I said yesterday that Jace should remain with Barbara. Maybe I was wrong… he shouldn’t be with either of these crazy women.
    He can come live with. I have 4, what’s one more? He deserves love and stability.

    This is all just heartbreaking. The immaturity is mind boggling. And Jace is the one that suffers in the end.

    • Bruja

      4?! How do you do it? Hat off to you. I have 2 and think I’d have gone nuts (earlier than I eventually did at any rate, lol) with 4.

      This is getting silly though, isn’t it? If they can’t just sit down and stfu for the sake of Jace, I’m gonna agree and vote you get him. ?

      Seriously though, I love Barbara for all she’s done for Jace (and her ungrateful daughters by raising their kids) but she is old enough to know she needs to rise above the pettiness and perhaps slap Jenelle with a restraining order if she keeps up antics like these.

      • FYO

        The secret is in the spacing. Have 4 one after the one is asking for hell but having them a few years+ apart is a different story.

    • Lacy

      I don’t know. I think Barb was in a tough spot there. She had 3 kids to get into the car, so it’s not like she could just hop in and lock the door real quick. Plus Jenelle had her bf there who’s screaming that she’s assaulting him by telling him to turn his phone off. And even if she got in the car you know they’re just going to stand behind her and not let her back out, and say she tried to hit them with her car or something.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      I’ve been willing to take him and Kai for awhile. I’ve got 3 already.

    • FYO

      It amazes me anyone thinks Barbara is any better than Jenelle in any way. She’s raised 3 kids so far, all 3 were f-up’s before there were old enough to buy a lotta ticket. Barbara is a HORRIBLE parent.

  • starlight02

    I’ll just leave this little gem here as quoted from above ….. “especially WHILE she’s with David.” haha i love Barbara

  • Guest

    He’s clearly doomed with either of them. Poor kid.

  • twelfthnight

    So much for not talking smack about each other and keeping it civil. Poor Jace. He had a shot at a normal life with Babs but Duhnelle just won’t let normal happen. It’s like she wants kids as a collection of “look how good I am” not because she actually has a mothering bone in her body.

    • FYO

      What are you talking about Jace had a shot at a normal life with Barbara? Do you not know who Barbara is? If you don’t like Jenelle you need to remember that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Barbara has 3 kids. All 3 are fhuck-ups. What does that tell you? Jenelle is a sh|tty parent because she was raised by a sh|tty parent. Sh|tty parenting is all that family knows.

      • twelfthnight

        Still better than Duhnelle, no matter how bad she is. Even if Barb is a shit parent, she hasn’t (that I’ve heard of) done drugs while pregnant, done drugs around her kids, brought her kids around a number of violent or convicted men…

        • FYO

          Barbara has a past history with drugs and alcohol herself. Where do you think all 3 of her kids learned it from? And no surprise she was married to a fellow alcoholic. And no surprise that was an abusive relationship. Barbara is guilty of everything she criticizes Jenelle for having done. Like I said, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

          • twelfthnight

            My mistake then, thank you for the info!

      • Lauren

        Babs may have her shortcomings but Jenelle isn’t some perfect parent just because she’s settled down for the moment. There’s a lot of reasons in Jace’s case on why Jenelle didn’t win. Jenelle doesn’t just deserve custody back on a platter.

  • Cait Sith

    So they’re already violating their custody agreement. Nice.

  • Val

    Please put the little boy I boy in care care… give him to a family that will love and teach him him. None of these two sorry excuse of a mother deserve this kid, or jenelles other 2 kids as well. CPS really needs to intervene lol like asap.

    • FYO

      I assume you mean foster care. All the kids Barbara has raised so far have turned out to be criminal drug addicts. Jenelle’s other kids seem to be doing okay so far.

      • Fed up

        They are toddlers and babies. Give it time. If Jenelle keeps leaving her pot gummy bears around they will pick up her disfunction in no time. Oh say hi to Babs for me jenelle

        • FYO

          Only time will tell. If Jenelle fails to raise good kids then she deserves what comes along with that. But that hasn’t happened yet, whereas with Barbara it has happened with every single kid she has raised so far. But this isn’t about Jenelle. It’s about people foolishly thinking Barbara is some kind of great parental figure. Her track record says otherwise but people willingly ignore that fact simply because they hate Jenelle so much. Hate them both, they both deserve it.

  • Caty P. :)

    I know Barbara isn’t perfect, but damn, just think how much better off Jace would be if Jenelle just left them alone. Like, get out of his life permanently. But that would be a selfless act, and I don’t think Jenelle has that in her, at all. 🙁

    • FYO

      Barbara has raised 3 children. All 3 were drug addicts and criminals before they were out of their teens. She has a 100% failure rate as a parent so it’s pretty disgusting to imply Jace is in good hands with Barbara taking care of him. She has proven consistently to be a horrible parents. Anyone who thinks she is a good parental figure for any child is either incredibly ignorant or incredibly stupid.

      • Caty P. :)

        Always nice to see you, Jenelle. Thanks for stopping by!

        • FYO

          Don’t be dumb, and don’t put people like Barbara on a pedestal just because you hate Jenelle. Neither of them are good parents or good for Jace, but Barbaras track record is far worse unless Jenelle has 3 criminal drug addict children we don’t know about.

          • Caty P. :)

            Hey, I’ll give you this @ FYO, at least you’re an amusing troll. I’m done feeding you, though. Have a nice Sunday, and try to smile sometime.

            • FYO

              You need your head examined.

          • Lacy

            Wait a second… so because Jenelle smoked weed and had sex as a teen, Barbara is a terrible parent? Guess like 75% of Americans are terrible parents.

            But obviously she must be much better off now that she’s been out of her mother’s house and influence right? Oh yeah that’s right, all she’s done as an adult is been arrested tons of times for everything from heroin to assault. Jace is much better with a person that’s doing heroin and getting in physical fights right?

            • FYO

              What are you talking about? I neither said nor implied *anything* you just talked about. Everything you said exists only in your imagination. And, what does Barbara’s utter failure as a parent have to do with Jenelle in the first place? I’m not talking about Jenelle. We can talk about Jenelle’s failure in another post, this one is about ignorant people praising Barbara as some kind of savior when her track record is 0/3 raising kids. Every kid she has raised turned out to be a serious f-up, and you think Barbara is a good parent? You’ve lost your mind. Barbara is just as much of a f-up as Jenelle, only Barbara has a much longer history being one.

      • Of course, that’s just good reality TV!

  • Beba

    Can CPS just take those cute little innocent babies away from them already.

  • TrashTV

    Such a shame the judge forgot to add that they were both not allowed to speak badly about each other in public.
    Jenelle started it per usual and I see she is present or represented here but Babs should not have made a statement like that either. I get that she must be frustrated as hell and that she had to withstand a lot of false gossip about her for years, brought to this world by Jenelle but this does not help Jace.

    • Lauren

      Agreed. She shouldn’t rise to the bait because they’re trying to get a reaction out of her. At some point stop the craziness and either slap them with a restraining order or get her for violating the custody agreement. We can all see that Jenelle instigated it.

  • Lauren

    It’s amusing to think that Jenelle thinks this kind of behavior will come out in her favor. All it shows is how petty & immature she is and the judge made the right decision regarding Jace. If you were really concerned about her drinking you wouldn’t corner her into a parking lot & film it. It’s just Jenelle wanting to put one over on her mom by claiming it’s for Jace.

  • mamabird

    Maybe its time to end the family cycle of dysfunction once and for all by taking all the kids away from both Barb and Jenelle since it seems that neither one of them are going to be mature enough to put the best interests of the kids first..The constant fighting and bad mouthing of each other that they both do can not be good for the mental well being of any of those poor kids since they choose to do it in front of them most of the time..