EXCLUSIVE Kailyn Lowry explains the symbolism in her new arm tattoo

Kailyn Lowry's tattoo under her left arm

Earlier this evening Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry tweeted a couple photos of the latest addition to her skin art collection — an intricate design incorporating roses, an anchor, a skull and a stopwatch that nearly covers all of the underside of her left arm! (I feel obligated to say… “OUCH!”)

Kail shared the image above first, along with the tweet, “Under arm. #sleeve #tattoos sickinkstudios.” She followed that with this next photo in which she revealed she’s “Halfway!” done:

Kailyn Lowry's anchor stopwatch skull and roses tattoo on her arm

For those who have been following Kail’s escapades under the needle (links below), you know that she is big on integrating objects that have symbolic meaning in her life, and this new tattoo is no exception.

“It’s an anchor (for all those who have kept me grounded through my journey with MTV),” Kail tells us. “And the pocket watch reads 10:05, the day I met Javi. The skull is for my past (skeletons in my closet).” And what did she mean by being “halfway” done? “The second session will be the other side of my arm,” she reveals.

We can’t wait to see what lurks on the other side of the arm, which some might consider to be more valuable real estate given that it’s what most people will see whenever Kail isn’t raising her hand to ask a question 🙂 I’m assuming it will have at least one reference to Isaac, and possibly the word “starcasm” spelled out in thorny vines. (Just a suggestion!)

Kail later tweeted another photo from a little further off so you can see the scale and placement of it better. “Yeeuuuupppp. sickinkstudios,” she wrote.

Kailyn Lowry's tattoo from Sick Ink Studios

Of course the pictures have spawned the inevitable flurry of negative comments, to which Kail responds by tweeting, “I love when people think I want/need their approval to do something.”

Do you like Kail’s new tattoo? Would you like to see more tattoos like it? Then hop over to the Sick Ink Studios Facebook page and check out the amazing, eye-popping work Jesse Probus has done in the past! (And the future if you click “Like”)

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And in case you wanted to know what that left arm (and pretty much all the rest of Kailyn) looked like prior to getting covered up, here’s a Kailyn Lowry bikini photo! (That’s worth clicking even if you don’t care about tattoos!)

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