Jenelle Evans insists Kieffer Delp isn’t Ensley’s dad


Jenelle Evans has addressed the recent rumor that her infamous ex Kieffer Delp is the father of baby Ensley.

This got started after the Teen Mom 2 firebrand and fiancé David Eason each took to Instagram to share an adorable photo of their daughter in a heart pattern onesie and hat. The darker skin tone from the photo had some speculating that Delp was the dad.

One fan wrote on Jenelle’s post, “Everyday she looks more like Kieffer. Told him he should ask for a DNA test” while another chimed in, “She’s not David’s anyone can see she is mixed.”

Thats my lil sunshine!

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The Dirty reached out to Evans and she said:

“That’s ridiculous… Not true… The filter made her look dark.”

When folks started questioning the same on David’s share, he had the following reply:

“The shadow makes her skin look dark lmao. She is white as hell!”


While the negativity garnered the attention, the most frequent comment on the post was that Ensley looks just like her older brother Jace.



  • TA

    I’m not one to ever defend Jenelle, but that baby looks exactly like Jenelle and Jace.

    • twelfthnight

      Well to be fair, they both did come out of Jenelle. It’s not like she’s the debatable parent here….

      • TA

        … except that people are saying she looks like Kieffah, and has dark skin. Jace has two very white patents. Ensley has two very white parents, both children look like their mother, not like someone else of mixed race. Although she isn’t the debateable parent, the baby wouldn’t look almost identical to one of Jenelle’s other children with a mixed father.

        • twelfthnight

          Why not? These kids are clearly taking after Jenelle regardless of who the father is, Jace and this kid look just like her. You can have the complexion of one parent and the features of another.

          Genetics are so weird, nothing is ever concrete. When my mother was born, she looked like a Native baby, despite having two white parents. Black hair, dark skin, dark eyes. She doesn’t look like that at all now.

          Genetics aren’t a straight unfrayed line. That’s why some kids don’t definitively resemble either of their parents much but are the spitting image of some long-dead great aunt. It’s also entirely possible that this kid is David’s and still has a darker complexion than both of them. Things happen and nothing on a newborn is set in stone. Her eyes, hair and skin tone can all change drastically.

          • Alisson Leech

            That baby is white!!

    • barbinop

      Totally agree with you. She’s as cute as a bug. Spitting image of Jace. Jenelle has strong genes.

      • Thelma

        Except Kaiser is just a clone of Nathan!

        • barbinop

          There’s no denying that is Nathan’s child. Let’s just hope Kaiser doesn’t end up like him… axxhole, drunken looser.

          • Thelma

            LOL agreed. Kaiser is so cute but my mind just can’t deal with him being cute and also looking like Nathan. It’s just wrong.

  • Stacy

    Wtf really? She looks JUST like Jenelle. People are dumb.

    • Amy

      No one is questioning if she is Jenelle’s baby. We all know she is hers.

    • Jojo

      Really? You’d put it past that spam purse tramp to pass off someone else’s kid as the spawn of who she’s with today? Of course the kid looks like her, check out that chin! She’s got strong genes. Then again, she does love a slide in the soul pole

      • Bruja

        “Then again, she does love a slide in the soul pole


        Mad up-voting this. ?

        • Regina


    • twelfthnight

      Yeah… She came out of her uterus. Nobody is unsure whether this kid is Jenelle’s, LMAO. You’re right, some people ARE dumb.

  • Ali.P

    Stop it, you guys! Now David is going to get even creepier. Jenelle just lost the privledge of going to the bathroom alone. Everyone knows that he controls everything. Jenelle wouldn’t have the privacy to cheat with that creep following her like he does.

    • Regina

      Exactly what I was thinking….

  • kiki

    Of course she would look like Jenelle, Jenelle’s her mother… what would help her case is if she looked like David or one of his kids. No derp kids from the same mom might all look like the mom.

    • Regina

      I think she looks a lot like Maryssa

  • AshleyBlack

    I think the only dumb people here are the ones saying that the people saying she looks like jenelle are dumb. Babies usually favor one parent until they start getting features. If someone says she looks like jenelle they’re saying that they don’t see David (or any other) guy in her at all. They know she’s jenelle’s kid. My daughter came out looking like me. Didn’t mean that people thought she wasn’t mine when they said “oh my god she looks just like you!” ?

  • jeff

    Jenelle would’ve aborted the crap out of that baby if there was a chance it was Keiffer’s. She already aborted Courtland’s baby, with rumours of other abortions previous, she’d do it in a second.

    • BooBooBaby

      Exactly! I was thinking the same thing!

  • knsbbdoll

    Well, the filter/shadow may have made her skin look darker, but if David has blue eyes like Jenelle, and that babies are as black as they look in the photo, a DNA test might be wise. JS

    • Mimi

      He’s got green possibly hazel eyes (literally just looked up pictures lol).
      But you’re correct, blue eyes and blue eyes CAN’T make brown eyes.

      • Jessica

        Uh what?! Yes 2 blue eyed parents CAN make a brown eyed child. As long as one of the parents carry a brown eyed gene and it carries over to the child at conception then yes it is possible.

        • Stefani

          Some people are so oblivious as to how this works hahaha. My mom and dad both have brown/hazel. My eyes are blue. Both of my grandma’s had blue eyes. Unlikely? Maybe. Impossible? Not at all!

          • Mimi

            The exact genes would have to match up EXACTLY for two blue eyed parents to have a brown eyed child. Oblivious? Please, I do MY research. 😉

            • SweetTeacher

              Kids can definitely have brown eyes if both their parents have blue eyes. Google it and a million articles come up. Unfortunately, genetics isn’t as simple as high school biology portrayed them.

        • Mimi

          Blue eyes are recessive. To have blue eyes you have two recessive genes. If your partner has blue eyes they have two recessive genes. Brown eyes are dominant. You can have blue eyes and carry the brown eyed gene, but the likelihood of having a brown eyes child is slim to none.
          I paid attention to genetics in school. 😉
          And I get my fair share of sh*t because my daughter has blonde hair and blue eyes and she’s half Mexican.

          • Jen

            My baby has blue eyes and my husband and I are both brown eyed. Only blue eyes are my maternal grandfather’s. Crazy how genes work.
            If there is even one person in DNA line with blue eyes and everyone else brown, it’s still possible to have blue.

      • Nicole

        Wow that’s he lie I’ve ever heard

      • jamorgan6

        That’s actually not true. It goes much deeper than brown eyes being dominant and blue eyes being recessive scientifically speaking; it is fully possible (and has happened many times) for two blue eyed people to produce a brown eyed child.

  • BooBooBaby

    Omg! She looks just like Jace!

    • theStevieJBus

      a mixed version of Jace, that baby is black. Both David and Janelle are very fair skinned, if they had some Italian in them I might buy it. Keffa YOU ARE THE FATHER!!!

      • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

        Uncle David doesn’t let Janelle out of his sight long enough for her to cheat unless she cheated while he slept

        • theStevieJBus

          LOL, that is probably exactly what happened. Didn’t Nathan say he caught Keefa climbing out of Janelle’s bedroom window?

          • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

            Yea but they were broken up at the time so Nathan was just being an angry buffoon.

  • Jean

    The baby is just cold. If you look closely her arms and legs are a patchy purple that happens when babies are cold. Anything for a cute photo right?

  • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

    I think Ensley has her own look, I don’t see Jace, Janelle, or David. She is pretty cute though. For Janelle to have a potato head, her kids all come out cute. I guess it’s always a mixed bag when your kids are always by different men.

  • Bebe

    People are reaching ?

  • KayJayBee

    Time will tell…

  • Regina

    I think Ensley looks a lot like Maryssa so I assume she’s David’s.

  • Che


  • Alisson Leech

    Ensley looks like an adorable Jenelle!

  • Aussie cathie

    She looks like her mother and brother. Not a fan of juuuneeelle but I can hear babs now … You been with that keeffferrrr

  • Ashley

    Everyone is saying the baby looks just like Jace…Do we all not remember that Jace has a different dad…who is white as well? ??