KUWTK is in a ratings death spiral but Kris Jenner thinks an animated spinoff would make the family relevant again

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Apparently the Kardashians’ days on TV may be numbered. According to a new take at The Blemish, the show’s producers are in a tizzy because ratings are way, way down–like, Real Housewives of Potomac-level down. Despite the fact that the current episodes deal with Kim’s Paris robbery and the emotional fallout therefrom, only around 1.4 million people are tuning in this season on average, compared with over 2 million to this point last season.

“This sucks,” said the alleged unnamed source (could the same unnamed source be giving quotes for all the Kardashians’ tabloid stories?). “These were big episodes and they were supposed to bring in big numbers. This is bad.”

But don’t be too quick to celebrate. (“Too late!” -Everyone.) For starters, it’s not like the Kardashians even need their TV show to remain embedded in the public consciousness like a cyst under an eyelid. Every one of the family members is a marketing locus unto herself (plus Kanye), and the power of their huge social media followings won’t diminish in the slightest if Keeping Up With The Kardashians gets the ax. Kendall Jenner has become one of the highest-paid models in the world based largely on the fact that more people follow her on Instagram than voted for popular vote champion Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election. As of this moment, Kendall’s got 77.4 million followers. And she doesn’t even have the biggest following in her own family: both Kylie and Kim have more.

There’s also the matter of the $100 million contract the Kardashians signed with E! in early 2015. The four-year deal means the family will stay the face of the network through at least 2019. And it covers all spinoffs–which is handy, because Kris Jenner is reportedly pitching an animated version of KUWTK. The “primetime pitch” is reportedly “not for kids,” and is said to involve “the entire family,” minus Caitlyn. So, if you’ve ever thought that the Kardashians’ exploits seemed fun, but not cartoonish *enough*, your niche is about to be exploited Momager-style.

(Photo credits: KUWTK ratings canceled via Instagram)

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  • Victoria


  • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

    Wtf is still watching this?!?!?!?!!! Please stop watching this chit so they can leave already. It’s been 10 years! What did we do to deserve this?

    • savannah

      Its soooo awful! I admit…I watched it back in the day…but it just kept getting worse and worse!

      • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

        I watched until Kim juked Kris H. Once he revealed that the show is scripted and Reggie Bush said that Kim would call the paps, that’s when I fell back.

        • savannah

          I watched here and there until the three older sisters had a vagina smelling contest. they all wiped it with a cloth and smelled each others. That was about the most vile thing I have seen on TV…That was the end for me. Hideous, vile humans. All of them. Their Dad would be so embarrassed.

          • BooBooBaby

            Omg! Yessss! That is when I stopped watching it too. It makes me Nauseous just thinking about that episode.
            Weren’t they in a Restaurant when they All did that and smelled each other’s Va-ja-jays on the Napkins!? That is making me sick just thinking about it! They’re Gross!

          • Carrie

            I often wondered what their father would think. They have never really an aurthoritative figure to guide them with dignity.

        • Adi Nu

          Yep, this is where I stopped as well. LOL at falling back.

    • Adi Nu

      Actually my sister was just watching the recent episode about the robbery. She loves Kim.

  • cookie

    Just let it go already!

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  • FYO

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out..

  • savannah

    PLEASE GOD! Let this stupid animated show be the missile that finally takes out the KarTRASHians for good! PLEASE

  • BooBooBaby

    Who is watching this still!??

  • Carrie

    I think the Kardashians is way past its use-by date. The show is repetitive, so a spinoff will make little change to its ratings. How much money can this family amass before enough is enough?