LHHATL Who is Joseline Hernandez married to? Alleged real husband of 19 years surfaces

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Who is Joseline Hernandez married to? Is she even married at all? Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans have asked those questions for years, thanks to persistent rumors that her marriage to Stevie J exists solely for the purpose of VH1’s cameras. Their six-month “split” became permanent this past spring, shortly before a flame war between the two went positively nuclear and Stevie J admitted in a radio interview that he had never actually been married to Joseline.

Now, a new report claims to have identified Joseline’s husband. The EmpireBooBooKitty dispatch alleges that the truth of the “Joseline Hernandez married” comes in the form of one Matthew Lewis Tremellen. Documents unearthed by that site claim that Matthew and Joseline (whose real name is further alleged to be Shenellica Bettencourt) were married in Broward County FL on March 21st, 1997. Here’s a screenshot of the pair’s alleged marriage record, from the website of the Clerk of Courts for Broward County:

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Additionally, here’s a photo of the pair together, taken courtesy of EmpireBooBooKitty’s website:

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Numerous other sites, including the IB Times, have since run with the EBBK story. Of course, rumors and gossip about Joseline’s real name have been a part of the pop culture universe for quite some time. Early in 2016, TMZ went high-profile with footage of a TV pilot from 2007 involving Joseline, who was billed on-screen as “Shenellica.” A 2015 Inquisitr dispatch noted that Jessica Dime first appearance on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta involved accusations about Joseline / Shenellica’s past. And, whether the allegations are true or not, they really broke open in 2012 and 2013, when a long string of sites shared reports on what was alleged to be Joseline’s “real” background.

In addition to the allegations about Joseline’s real husband, a new Enstarz report claims that Joseline is, in fact, really, honestly, and truly pregnant, and that the story of her pregnancy is not simply a hoax intended to drive up ratings for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s forthcoming premiere and two-part reunion.

The proof? A recent Instagram post by Joseline’s personal trainer, who referred to Joseline’s “pregnant a$$” in a public post:

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s tumultuous fifth season comes to a close on Monday night. Following that, the first two Mondays in August will see the season’s high-intensity reunion special.

(Photo credits: Joseline Hernandez married via Instagram; h/t to EmpireBooBooKitty.com)

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