Gold’s Gym revokes Nathan Griffith’s membership after fat shaming photo

Nathan Griffith Gold's Gym membership revoked

Teen Mom 2 dad Nathan Griffith all but lives at the gym, and now he is all but homeless because Gold’s Gym has revoked his membership after he posted a fat shaming photo of one of the trainers there.

First off, here is the photo that Nathan posted on Snapchat earlier this week in which he drew a red arrow pointing to a trainer and wrote “When the trainer is fat than her client with no muscles!!!”

Nathan Griffith fat shames trainer Snapchat photo

The super insensitive selfie stirred up the Jenelle Evans “hatters,” who of course knew exactly what gym Nathan goes to, and they showered the Gold’s Gym social media accounts and email addresses with complaints. As you can see from these numerous response from @GoldsGym on Twitter, they DO NOT take this kind of thing lightly:

Gold's Gym Nathan Griffith tweets

After “investigating internally w/ the management of this franchise location,” Gold’s Gym announced that Nathan’s membership had been revoked. “We have a zero tolerance policy for this behavior,” the company tweeted. “This person’s membership has been terminated.”

Nathan has yet to respond on social media to having his gym membership revoked. But, just in case he needs some help, we have this recommended Snapchat photo:

Nathan Griffith fat shaming Gold's Gym trainer Snapchat meta photo

Is that too meta? #Nathinception (I swear I spend waaaaay too much time in Photoshop with these posts!)

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  • Honest

    He has no right to post a picture of that woman. As much as it sucks he is right in the fact that the wOman has to “preach what she teaches” however that’s something you whisper or think to yourself not shame them to the world.

    • AshleyBlack

      Maybe she’s in the process of changing her lifestyle and getting healthier? That doesn’t happen over night!

    • cali

      You don’t know anything about her though, she could of just had a baby among other things.

  • Oh

    He’s such a tool.

  • Flower Gypsy

    Kaiser is doomed. At least Jace has a chance being raised by Barbara. Hopefully her newborn daughter (you know the one she abandoned) doesn’t turn out like her, otherwise Jenelle will be in trouble 16 year from now

    • barbinop


    • Leah’s Cold Canned Soup

      No, I hope Ensley is a million times worse, has a baby at a young age and drops the baby to Chinelle

      • Yup, I said it

        Ensley is gonna be like a one of those Duggar girls,with a controlling father like David. The only way she will wild out like Janelle would be if David gets locked up while she’s growing up.

      • Flower Gypsy

        Chinelle couldn’t take care of a newborn even when she’s 50 years old. She doesn’t even take care of her own (she hires baby daddies to do that, duh dude)

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      What do you mean she abandoned her??? I haven’t twas anything yet.

      • Lauren

        I think they meant when Jenelle left her after a few weeks to go to LA because MTV “forced” her to go to the live show & she didn’t even end up going. Chelsea easily refuted what Jenelle was claiming.

      • Flower Gypsy

        she left the baby for around a week to go on vacation (paid for by MTV obviously). David joined her too so the baby was with a babysitter

        • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

          Of course!

  • kay

    Honestly I feel like he is suicidal and now him getting his gym membership revoked is going to cause havoc. I worry about him.

    • Brie Mode


  • Alisson Leech

    He didn’t learn after that other chick did it??

    • Bruja

      This dude has the IQ of moss. He probably figured if everyone was dressed, it’d be okay.

      • YourMom

        Don’t insult the intelligence of moss, please!!!! Lol ?

        • Bruja

          hehe! True, moss has to be smarter than this wad is.

  • AshleyBlack

    If he’s going to insult he should at least be proper. I don’t think someone can be “fat than” someone. But kudos for the proper use of than!

  • Dana

    He sure does have a problem with “fat” people doesn’t he. I’m sensing overweight as a child.

    • Jenn

      I bet you’re right because Kaiser is a little chubby thing, probably gets it from Nathan.

      • Dana

        I noticed that too. I think chubby kids are cute, but poor Kaiser.

  • Aussie cathie

    What an absolute tosser ????

  • jennyjustice

    As soon as he stops living at the gym, he’ll be fat too. I’ve seen that more times than I can count.

  • Adi Nu

    Maybe if he didn’t live in the gym burning off all the alcohol he drinks, he can focus on his son, and getting him from Janelle. Dear Lord, sometimes it shocks me that Janelle has full custody, but I guess she had to keep one of them huh. She better not piss David off, she tells him EVERYTHING.

  • savannah

    Its sh*t like this, that makes people who are already uncomfortable about their size, give up on going to the gym. Its highly intimidating to be around a bunch of fit people when you don’t have a ton of confidence, but then to be shamed PUBLICLY to all his followers, worse should happen than just revoking his membership. If I were this chick I’d take it further. How humiliating! The best thing for any of these kids, is for them to turn out NOTHING like their disgusting parents. And Jenelle is probably LOVING this too.