Will Jenelle Evans fight Danielle Staub to avoid court for fighting Britany Truett?

Jenelle Evans had a trial date set for charges based on the March 2011 violent beat-down of Brittany Truett over their dubious suitor Kieffer Delp, but Celebrity Boxing founder Damon Feldman is doing his bit prevent the trial from happening while generating a little publicity for his brand.

He wants to pay Brittany $5,000 to drop the charges against Jenelle. In return for helping Jenelle get out of legal trouble, Damon wants Jenelle to fight former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub in the boxing ring.

Mr. Feldman’s Celebrity Boxing is currently promoting a match between porn star Gina Lynn and Jesse James’ first mistress Bombshell McGee. Michael Lohan almost fought Screech last year, but suffered a heart attack.

Jenelle is about to complete a stint in rehab, where she went to learn better coping skills than using drugs to deal with stress and anxiety, and Danielle recently quit stripping again. Both good decisions. We’re in Jenelle’s corner, and desperately hopes she focuses on the positive, owns up to mistakes, and moves forward for the sake of herself and her son Jace. If she were to get off this easily for brutally beating somebody else, it probably wouldn’t help her any.

But . . . if this Celebrity Boxing match were to actually happen, do you think would win?

Also, do you think it would be fair for Jenelle to be off the hook for this offense?