PHOTOS Teen Mom 2’s Leah Calvert commits to a new career

Leah Calvert Beauty School

Although taking care of three young kids is enough to keep any mom busy, Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Calvert is tackling another big job: completing classes to become a cosmetologist.

For the past few years, Leah’s bounced around with part-time jobs as a dental assistant and at a tanning salon. She even enrolled in nursing school in 2011, but didn’t complete her degree. With all of those experiences and some soul-searching, Leah recently decided to go forward with her real passion…

“I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Beauty School (Cosmetology) I just wasn’t sure nurse, beauty, nurse, or beauty school? And I am proud to say I’m doing what I wanted to do,” Leah announced this month. “Thank You ALL for your loyalty, love, support, & believing in me.”

She began classes on May 12 and quickly got hands-on experience.

Leah also became a Mary Kay consultant earlier this year, which undoubtedly pairs well with what she’s learning in school… And, on top of it all, she still works part-time at the tanning salon. That’s one hard-working momma!

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