LHHNY Cardi B bites down on haters with brand-new set of teeth

Did Cardi B get her teeth fixed 1

Cardi B was unquestionably the breakout star of Love & Hip Hop New York’s sixth season, and received widespread acclaim for her hilarious shade-throwing ways. But one thing that fans didn’t hesitate to let Cardi hear about was her teeth–and their comments cut her deep. So, in between seasons, Cardi made a switch…one that now has haters doing double-takes.

Cardi discussed the nasty comments she got from those same haters during a Breakfast Club interview last year, one first reported on by BET. “It’s like, ‘damn fix your teeth, fix your mouth, you still ugly’ and it kinda breaks you down,” she said, at the time. Cardi added, “But it’s like, whatever.”

But it clearly wasn’t just “whatever,” because Cardi dropped some big money on a brand-new set of chompers. And after getting them, Cardi took to her social media platform of choice to show off her new set of teeth and let fans know that they do, in fact, exist. Surprisingly enough, she did so in understated, non-Cardi B fashion, choosing to say nothing about the teeth and instead talk about her upcoming attendance at a DC Pride event. But fans noticed the change:


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For comparison’s sake, here’s a quick before-and-after video:

Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 airs Monday nights on VH1.

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(Photo credits: Did Cardi B get her teeth fixed via Instagram)

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  • Alisson Leech

    Her teeth don’t make her look bad, how she talks does.

    • Fayecpickney

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  • Renee

    Her and Joseline will be good together!!! I don’t know who’s the worst, far as there speech goes!!!

  • ❤CardiB

    I love Cardi B, she is hilarious. I didn’t see a big deal with her teeth but haters will judge!! Take a look at all the rich azz actors/actresses with jacked up teeth and it’s not slowing them down. She is a product of her environment and the way she talks is one main thing that makes her Cardi B, it’s definitely entertaining. Her sister, on the other hand is worse than her and at the annoying level.

    • Alisson Leech

      Does her sister talk like that?

      • ❤CardiB

        YES!! She is a lot louder and even more dramatic…I hope she isn’t on the show much, or for that matter…ANYMORE!!

  • justatwist

    Last season cardio was funny & real! The girl is irritating me this season because of the way she talks and her mouth movements ” you know what I’m saying,” she also refers to white people as snow flakes and other stupid ways, yes I know that she is not intended to harm but, it makes her look unintelligent!

    • BostonGirl

      CardiB has always talked the way she does now even before she came on the show.

  • Christine Higgins Battaglia

    Carli me and my daughters love you ..your teeth were fine before .your gorgous and just a good ttrue peson…the haters want to be you..im a single mom of 5 kids, 3 i adoipted cause their mom didntvwant them…they have everything they need..ive wirked hard but forgit about myself…leaving me with nottin..i use to be hot like you.. Im ok now but need some fixin to face the world.tomost of al Il need my teeth fixed ..would you mind telling me whete you went and how much it cost ..they did them so good..so natural…it migjht take me years and years to save for it..but you are my inspiraration..your confidence. Is at an all high..itt shows in your face how much your teeth gave you more confidente. We lovedl you before now just the same now….the only time i get all my kids together is to watch you on monday nighjt thank you for that ?..email me if u even really read this now that your big time..? It wouId mean alott to me and give me a pick up..my brother overdosed in s.i ferry and I held his lifeless body for 4 hours before they came to get him..my mothet died 4 months later of a broken heart..really cancer..but… That did her in……im really deppressd and hearing from you wouldv mean so much..and if u ever need a secret place to stay your welcome here nice big house no bugs no dirt very clean andvyou can have your own bedroom bathroom…I sound crazy lol. But im not..unless i need to get it poppin …just love you i see your heart and hurt in your eyes..dont trust people ….we could be a second family..weird how a strLove ya!

    • Christine Higgins Battaglia