PHOTOS Kylie Jenner poses topless with Tyga for his birthday

Kylie Jenner topless

Everyone knows that age-old American male rite of passage: when you turn 27, your 19-year-old girlfriend straddles you while topless and posts photos on Instagram. Never one to eschew American customs, Kylie Jenner celebrated her boyfriend Tyga’s birthday by honoring the tradition.

All silliness aside, Kylie and Tyga we re looking damn sexy in the photos posted by Kylie today. The first one (above) was in full color and was captioned “happy birthday baby ?” by Kylie. The second picture is black-and-white and looks to be from the same photo shoot:

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

On the second photo, Kylie simply wrote “Irreplaceable” along with the ? tiger emoji.

Just for fun, and because I’m been practicing my colorization skill in Photoshop, here’s the second photo with color added to match the first:

Kylie topless with Tyga birthday photo in color

That oughta teach Kylie to take our color away! 🙂

The photo session looks to have been more than just a “Happy Birthday” topless party, however, as Kylie also shared a cropped Polaroided version of the picture on the Instagram account for her coming soon website

A photo posted by @thekylieshop on

Visiting the website brings up a countdown timer which, at the time of this post, was indicating that the site’s launch is coming in 20 days, 18 hours, 11 minutes, and zero seconds. That equates to 11AM EST (8AM PST) on Saturday, December 10.

Kylie has been sharing a number of provocative images promoting her new website, which will apparently sell lots of see-through lace bras. (I’m not sure if she will be selling those nipple piercings.)

I’m all for #freethenipple and Kylie continuing to grow her empire with her own branded fashion website, but her recent not SFW-ish Kylie Jenner Shop photos are nothing compared to this dorm room poster worthy picture in which Kylie is sporting a matching “sports bra and knickers” set from

Kylie Jenner underwear photo

Good gracious! ??

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  • Harper

    Attention wh0re. I wonder how many photos Kylie has of herself. I think it’s obvious that narcissism runs people’s genes.

  • Bruja

    The hand down the back of the pants is really classy. Shows deep respect exists between these two.

    I’d expect nothing less from either of them.

  • FR

    She is really unattractive in her candid photos, especially when she smiles. Her face looks ok when it is emotionless and frozen but it does really strange thing when she smiles or expresses emotion. Not cute.

    • Sunquest

      I thought pretty much the exact same thing as you’ve expressed! Had I not seen these pics already, if you were to isolate the image to just her face and then show it to me I would not recognize her – she looks like a different person smiling big and looking straight into the camera.

    • Regina

      Really? I actually liked the second photo a lot – it looks nothing like her but it’s nice to see a smile on the girl for once, she actually looks human.

  • Guest

    You can see her implants in the top picture. Look closely

  • Emmy

    Pretty obviously cheap and quick sweatshop sewing those knickers. Look at that elastic band not following the body (not sewn together under the right angle or/ and less quality elastic) and how the fabric has been attached to it (again, combined with waist elastic quality problem). Straight stretch stiching over a straight seam with a good fininsh on the edge isn’t that hard. It is when the worker is pressured to work too fast to create real quality.
    Very Kardashian, making money over other people’s backs and while being tacky and cheap.

    • Emmy

      Sorry… autocorrect is dyslex today.

  • twelfthnight

    Her face looks entirely different when she smiles. Like her face was sewn back together in a permanent and intentional pout and whenever she smiles she stretches it in a weird way it’s not supposed to go.

    EDIT: I figured out what she looks like. It’s the Joker.

  • cookie

    She looks like Jared Leto as the joker.

  • Yup, I said it

    Im so sick of these whores. Theyre like cockroaches theyre all over the place and impossible to get rid of.

  • Aussie cathie

    Id rather rub my weapons onto a rancid pigs face …