PHOTOS LHHNY Peter Gunz baby mamas revealed in new pics from the man himself

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And now for something completely unexpected: the reunion of four of the Peter Gunz baby mamas for a smiling photograph, which Peter himself shared! The Love & Hip Hop star shares photos of his children on the regular, but, based on a handful of interviews with Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly, it seemed that the mothers didn’t necessarily get along. (With the births of Gunner and Bronx earlier this year, Peter now has ten children–you can see a photo gallery of them all in our feature here.) Things may be changing though, as four of the six Peter Gunz baby mamas smiled and struck a pose for Gunz’s lens.

First up was Erika, mother to ten-year-old daughter Phoenix, who’s with her parents in the photo:

Peter Gunz baby mamas 1
Every now and then a friend thinks they are helping you by throwing something negative out to the blogs when truth is it would only lead to a disgusting backlash for the person you supposedly love… Again I’m good with the mothers of my Kings and Queens including @emdiggs3 Aka supermom down in New Orleans my 2nd home.. morning world !!!

Next came Amina with her two youngest children, Cori and Bronx. Holding Bronx on the left is Gina, mother of Peter’s 16-year-old son Brandon:

Peter Gunz baby mamas 2
Bronx, Cori @aminabuddafly and the Beautiful mother of my son Brandon Prince @ms._gina !! Told you love is in the air.. stay tuned

When sharing a picture of Amina and little Gunner, Tara’s baby–in a photo that Tara snapped, no less–Peter made clear that he wants all of his children to have relationships with each other:

Peter Gunz baby mamas 3
Sad how people talk shit about a photo that @iamtarawallace took… My kids will know and love one another as long as I’m alive no matter how adults feel about one another or me for that matter… love is in the air don’t hate on it embrace it.. goodnight world

Finally, Peter showed some love for all four of the mamas under the same roof:

Peter Gunz baby mamas 4
Not that I’m the best dad it’s that they have the best Moms !! 4 of the Beautiful mothers of my Kings and Queens…

Love & Hip Hop New York‘s new season will premiere this fall on VH1.

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(Photo credits: Peter Gunz baby mamas via Instagram)

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  • Alisson Leech

    Its good they can get together like that.

    • LoLo

      Yes, it’s good that they can be cordial & put the kids first. Sad, the example they have set for their daughters to accept being treating like that & for their sons to follow like dad. I hope this is not the case. I do not respect a man that is a part time dad & continues to create more children. I don’t feel bad for women that sleep with men without protection knowing he sleeps around.

      • Alisson Leech

        His story with Tara and Amina don’t make sense. They can’t be that desperate!!

        • LoLo

          Exactly. They both know he messes with them both. They both purposefully got pregnant. I feel bad for his kids. I don’t feel bad for either one of them.

      • Ruthrrobbins1

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  • Che

    I’m surprised it’s only 4 baby mamas.

    • ling

      He actually has 6 Baby mamas . There was just only 4 in that photo .

      • Che

        Lol thanks !

      • Yup, I said it

        The other baby mothers had too much respect for themselves and their kids to demean themselves in this “Gunz Family Circus.” If a woman had a mess like this going on no man would partake in the foolishness. Men act funny about being with a single mother of 1 child, they surely wouldnt fool up with a serial baby momma with a long trail of baby daddy’s behind her. Yet some women pat Peter of the back for juggling is gaggle of chirren.

  • Anna

    He’s clearly effing irresponsible to have so many kids with so many woman but at least he’s involved in their lives, something that can’t be said for a lot of dads these days.