Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith’s Teen Mom 2 Reunion meltdown, plus Nathan arrest update


The war of words between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith during last night’s airing of the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special part 1 got so heated and detailed that it’s worth a full recap. We’ve got lawyers talking about “painful” sex, a retelling of Nathan busting in through a window to break up a Jenelle and Kieffer Delp hook up, drug abuse accusations, physical assault accusations and more.

Dr. Drew: You guys were thinking about marriage. How long ago was that?

Nathan: Probably a year ago.

Dr. Drew: How did it go so south so fast?

Nathan: We were just fighting every day, it was toxic. I tried to make it work with her. I did want to go to counseling with her and stuff. It was just really toxic. You know when you have YouTube videos of beating people up and all these boyfriends are supposedly, you know, abusing her when she’s abusing herself… Might want to show them the little cut on your wrists too.


Jenelle: Wait. You didn’t choke me? You never put your hands on me? You never slapped me in the face when I poured water on your face while you were sleeping? When you decided to crash in my house when you’re drunk. No? Because Tori was there, we all saw it.

Nathan: Oh, you meant the time when she bit my back and you slit your wrists?

Jenelle: He met someone new. That’s what it is.

Nathan: Should I show them the picture of you and Kieffer [Delp] in bed? Oh, yeah, but I cheated on you.

Dr. Drew (smiling): Is Kieffer back in the picture?

Jenelle: Me and Kieffer are there at my house. He [Nathan] climbs in my bathroom window at 4am!? And bursts in my bedroom at 4am!? After he moved out.


Nathan: Hold on. Is it my house? Am I on the lease?

Jenelle: You moved out months before that dude.

Nathan: It doesn’t matter. And then you cried to me saying (in Jenelle voice), “Please, I’m drunk blah blah blah.”

Jenelle: It doesn’t matter Nathan. You moved on, I moved on.

Nathan: Was that the time that when you were talking to David [Eason] too?

Jenelle: Actually me and David met in September so…

The next scene was shown in full in the preview which we posted about earlier. The pair argue about what equipment and supplies Nathan has for Kaiser and it devolves back into insults after Jenelle laughs at Nathan’s inability to get his license back.

— On a side note, Nathan posted today via Facebook that he’s squared up on that front. “Driver’s license ✅ motorcycle’s license ✅… CDL and Pilot’s license next! Hehehe I’m gonna be a master from land, air and sea!!!! Muawahahahaha,” he wrote. —

Nathan then makes sure to note that the situation is not funny as he believes his son is living with “two drug addicts” who are incapable of taking care of Kaiser. Jenelle brought up Nathan’s lawyer listing Griffith’s sex with Jenelle as “painful” and he fired back by insulting Jenelle’s weight.

Dr. Drew: Has David been, from your standpoint Nathan, a stabilizing force?

Nathan: Listen, he can’t even see his own son for certain stipulations. And on top of that he should not be involved with my son. That’s our co-parenting job… Do you think this is mature? Somebody texting you (Nathan is actually reading the alleged text via his phone from David), “Because you’re a deadbeat and try your hardest to bring her down.” Or, “You’re a female and keep this stuff off the media” even though she blasts me and retweets articles every single day and I don’t say one thing about her.

Jenelle: You told CPS that David was a heroin addict and sold heroin.


Nathan: I did not say that. I said you are a repetitive heroin user and now you’re living in a town where you used to buy heroin. That’s a very smart move Jenelle.

Jenelle: You’re just trying to pick anything out of your a** to try and get Kaiser taken away from me and I’m telling you right now, it’s not going to f***ing happen.

Nathan: We’ll see.

That’s a whole bunch of pent-up anger and unresolved issues right there. What’s obvious from the back and forth is that neither “win” in any real way and the only one coming out on the losing end is Kaiser.


Online records are providing a little more detail in regards to Nathan Griffith’s arrest over the weekend in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Nathan was arrested on the 2700 block of North Ocean Blvd at 5:30pm local time Saturday. Court records indicate that his original charge code was for Disorderly Conduct, Public Intoxication/Impairment, danger to self or others and that his current charge code is for Disorderly Conduct/Loudly Breaching Peace.

Nathan’s girlfriend Jessica Henry posted a bond of $262 on Sunday and Griffith appears to have been scheduled for court in regards to this latest arrest this morning.


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  • jlt0102

    Honestly, these two deserve each other…..

  • Demona

    Dr Drew is so smarmy with his “Is Keiffer back in the picture?” You know he’s hitting Nathan up for those pics after the show

  • LoLo

    Jenelle drives me nuts. She bashes her mother for years to anyone who will listen but then when she wants back up she says “bring my mother out here” & wants her mother to fight with Nathan. She NEVER says thank you to Barb for saving Jace from foster care or worse. She tells everyone, even Jace that “Barb took him from her”. Not that she was unfit. I feel bad for the day when Jace will see this show & see his mother choose men over & over again over him. She makes the worst choices in life & continues to make them. She gets with Nathan who doesn’t have custody of his kid, they then plan to have a baby together instead of working on getting their own children back in their lives. Now, she’s with another one that doesn’t have custody of his kid & has multiple baby mamas & says they want to have a kid together. So that would be 3 baby daddies for Jenelle & 3 baby mamas for him. Both are losers.

    • Amy9512

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    • NJJuls

      Due to job perks, I have been offered a spot in the audience a few times for the these reunion shows. I have turned them down very nicely every time. THIS is why! Listening to Jenelle, I’m afraid I would fly out of my seat, grab Jenelle smack her in the face , & tell her just what a horrible “mother” she is. Then I would slap her some more while yelling at her just how terrible a person she is. I know would end up in jail, but I sure as heck would feel better knowing I got to Jenelle. :)

      • the underground train

        But you would get plenty of applause

      • LoLo

        Yes you would wind up in jail while Jenelle the repeat offender gets a slap on the wrist over & over. Her answer about why she hit Nathan’s girlfriend was “she was pushing my buttons”.

    • Micah Smith

      You are 100% correct!! I can’t stand her! Idk how anyone even puts up with her bs. I haven’t liked her since Day 1 of 16 & Pregnant because I could tell she was going to be MAJOR trouble. She acts like a bipolar narcissistic disrespectful foolish classless immature person.

      • LoLo

        Even when Barb shows care & concern somehow it pisses Jenelle off. Then when Barb doesn’t jump for her she’s a terrible person.

    • Emmy

      Oh really, she wanted her mommy there the help her?
      The same that did not ever nourish her, or whatever dude?
      She told her mom she wished her mom would just die so she could get Jace back but the next moment, she orders her mom to be brought out to help her fight her ex boooooyfriend?
      MTV edited that out but multiple audience members who were there say Jenelle told her mom she should die.

      • LoLo

        I could not imagine wishing death on anyone, even someone I hate. Unless they harmed my child. I don’t know how she goes to bed & does not self reflect as most of us ‘normal” people do. It’s always her mother’s fault. I understand Barb may not be the best person in some cases but she’s been there for Jenelle & Jace. She has to play nice to the losers just to see her daughter.

        • Emmy

          All the sleepless nights Babs must have. Worrying about Jenelle, worrying when Jace is in her ‘care’.
          She went trough a lot with her kids. But at least Jenelle’s sister really changed, she did get her son back.

          • LoLo

            A few episodes back when the douchebag called the cops on Barb, I thought Barb had every right to be pissed that Jace was playing outside without adult supervision. Jenelle has zero common sense. I could not imagine any reputable doctor or hospital hiring her.

  • shebee

    This girl will never grow up. Jenelle goes from man to man hoping someone will love her all the while neglecting the poor children she had in the middle of all this chaos. It’s like she has had the same endless, argument for years with different guys all centered around the same issues (cheating, abuse, drugs, custody,etc.). Jenelle is always the victim. You never hear her take responsibility for her actions. It is never about the well-being of Jace or Kaiser. How can someone be so selfish?

    • LoLo

      Every season is her saying she’s doing good & going to school. Then an arrest, a new man, a baby & poor Jace that she only wants for the camera. Everything comes before him from men to concerts, spring break & sleep.

      • MachoWoMan

        Don’t forget “we never fight or argue”. She says that about every boyfriend and then the next episode she’s got the cops there filing abuse claims. The delusion is so deep with this one.

        • Natalie

          And she sings the Jace song every time she gets a new man. She’s going to try to get him back and take Barb to court. She’s been singing that song for 5 years.

      • the underground train

        I’ll never forget her Kesha concert dilemma

        • Leesa

          Hahaha right !!! Dude she had thise feathers in her hair for the concert and everything….

        • LoLo

          Oh yes…Kesha came before everything. This season she chose Spring Break over the chance to spend a few days with her son while Barb was out of town. Then she had the balls to say that Barb shouldn’t help her other daughter. Really? She raises your son & she can’t spend a few days with her other daughter. I would love to hear Barb’s other kids opinion of Jenelle.

  • TA

    Obviously they still have feelings for each other, and they’re both extremely jealous of one another. If you truly hate someone and don’t care what they think or say, you don’t get angry. You just let it slide off. Only someone you truly care about can make you that upset.
    Such a sad situation. I can’t imagine being such an angry and vile person, they both must be miserable all the time walking around with so much anger.

  • DoogieHowser

    Herion addicts shouldn’t have kids. If your having bare sex with a known herion addict to make a baby, your already a terrible parent. It wasn’t even a half a year inbetween the conception of Kaiser and the abortion of a pregnancy with a completely different guy. These people are instable, they are loosing custody of children, they are violent, they abuse a variety of substances; why in the world do they think pointing fingers and blame at anyone else would make a difference in gaining custody of any child? No matter how much screaming, insults, lies, accusations and even truthful statements they throw at each other, it cannot erase their track history.

    David knows how to play Janelle and his interest in her kids is creepy and sets off uncomfortable suspicions about him. I am episodes behind because I watch on hulu, but I cannot deny that david comes across as an abuser of different varieties. Janelle already has drug abusing tendencies but I feel like he is encouraging them so he has more opprotunities to abuse. :(

    • DanaD

      I’m also episodes behind because I’m watching on Hulu and I think he is SUPER creepy! He moved in immediately and has stopped working because jenelle’s sick???? I’m pretty sure she’ll be fine while he goes to work but more than anything I think she is pill shopping. The laundry list of symptoms but she manages to go spring break and ish. 🤔

      • Leesa

        That bitch is not sick she goes out and parties and flies to bday parties and spring break. Fkn tramp.

      • Emmy

        He stopped working cause she is ill? Bahahaaaa. He didn’t have a job and she didn’t have an illness.
        Those two are horrible together.
        Maybe he is putting al this nonsense in her head, to make her dependant.
        I don’t want to know how this relationship will end. I will be surprised when there never has been abuse and happy when it ends before she gets pregnant.

  • Murphy

    Can you even get a CDL with as many DUIs as he has?

  • cookie

    So she threw water in his face while he was sleeping and didn’t expect him to do anything back? Not saying he was right to hit her, but she was wrong in what she did. She’s always playing the victim, but she causes 99% of it.

  • LookAtAllTheCrap!

    Prediction: This time next year, braindead Dave will be sitting where Nathan is, and he and Jenelle will be fighting over who’s the better parent to their new baby Stryker (or Blayzon or Makayah or some other stupid name). Kaiser will live with Nathan’s mom. Nathan and his drag queen/girlfriend will have their own line of fitness makeup and pre-cut t-shirts. Jace will have been expelled from school for screaming expletives and beating the $hit out of a kid over a pack of gummy worms. Babs will drink two boxes of wine a day and attempt homeschooling. Who am I missing?

    • DanaD

      I don’t know but I laughed my butt off especially at the box wine and gummy bears. Hahaha 😭

  • Booty Fingers

    Radar has a story about Ferret (Farrah) releasing a new lezbian s3x tape. Where is the story on that Starcazim

    • Caty C.P. :)

      Ewwwww! I don’t care that it’s girl-on-girl or whatever, it’s just I wonder what girl would want to do the deed with Farrah????? :/