PHOTOS Teen Mom Leah Messer and the twins having fun in Orlando

Leah Messer and her daughters pose at Sea World Orlando

Leah Messer is dealing with some very difficult issues back home in West Virginia with her recent separation from husband Corey Simms and recent reports that he has already started dating someone new. But, the resilient Teen Mom 2 star was seemingly able to get a short reprieve as she packed up her twin daughters and trekked down to Orlando, Florida with a friend for a fun-filled (and much-needed!) vacation!

In the photo above Leah and her daughters Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace pose in front of a killer whale at Sea World Orlando. But you can’t make the trip to the Sunshine State without getting a little wet right? Right! Here are the girls partying down a slide at an Orlando water park:

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Teen Mom 2 Leah MEsser at a water park in Orlando with her daughters

And for all you Teen Mom 2 fans (like myself) who were worried Leah wouldn’t really be able to cut loose and have a good time, check out these next two photos which are bound to put a smile on your face – though not as big as Leah’s!

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Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer and daughter Aliannah at a water park in Florida

Teen Mom Leah Messer plays with daughter Aleeah in a pool in Orlando

And just like you can’t make the long trip to Florida without getting wet, you also can’t make the long trip to Florida without going to the beach, right? Right! Check out this wonderful shot of the the twins playing in the sand:

Leah Messer's daughters Aliannah and Aleeah play in the sand at the beach

I’m not much of one to put a lot of emphasis on how a person looks when talking about break ups and such. (You always hear that kind of shallow talk whenever some guy breaks it off with Kim Kardashian. Or, to explain it in Teen Mom terms, there was some similar talk amongst incredulous fans when Maci decided to call it quits once and for all with the very attractive Ryan Edwards.) All of that being said, Leah Messer has to take a little joy in showing off how great she looks in a bikini to the photographers knowing that the pictures would wind up online – and on Corey’s laptop!

Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer in a bikini in Florida

Holeah smokes! Ummmm… I mean… Leah looks very healthy here. I’m glad she’s taking care of herself. (She needs to call Farrah and get one of those motorcycle calendar gigs!)

All ogling aside – it’s wonderful to see Leah having a fun time with her daughters. I know she can’t comment specifically on the things going on in her life right now because of her contract with MTV, but I think these pictures say a thousand words about how much better she’s doing!


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