VIDEO Return To Amish preview trailer and premiere date

Jeremiah Raber Mama Mary Schmucker swing

Breaking Amish fans rejoice! TLC has just released the first preview trailer for the new season of Return To Amish as the cast pays tribute to their debut by returning to the Big Apple on July 10.

Judging from the preview trailer, here are some things we can expect to see this season:

The Schmucker family continues to wrestle with having one foot still in the Amish community, and another foot out as Abe’s sister Esther looks to take a more prominent role.

Mama Mary Schmucker drinking

Mama Mary (for some reason I want to start calling her Mother Schmucker lol) continues to be the hilarious fish out of water in the big city while still playing matriarch to pretty much everyone on the show.

Rebecca considers getting a job at Orwasher’s Bakery, but that goes against Abe’s view of the traditional roles of husband and wife. Meanwhile, Abe’s job as a trucker begins to take a toll on him.

Sabrina High returns to share her struggles with drug addiction that caused her to lose custody of her daughter Oakley. [SPOILER ALERT: She does eventually regain custody after months of sobriety.] Also, Sabrina is VERY angry at Rebecca for something Rebecca did! Sabrina wrote a Facebook post revealing she had forgiven the person who initially reported her to Child Protective Services — could that have been Rebecca?!

Breaking Amish Return To amish Jeremiah Raber's children

Jeremiah Raber’s story line appears to be focused on him trying to build stronger bond with his children as he continues to bond with Mama Mary. (There was nothing in the trailer with Jeremiah’s new love — and now new wife — Carmela.)

Kate Stoltz looks to continue to live above the drama and has nothing to adjust to as far as life in the big city as she continues to kick ass as a professional model in her new hometown.

The new season of Return To Amish premieres Sunday, July 10 at 9/8c on TLC.

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