New Jenelle Evans mug shot photo, plus all of her previous mug shots

Jenelle Evans mug shot August 2015 arrest

As we previously reported, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was arrested Thursday and charged with assault after allegedly throwing a drinking glass at Nathan Griffith’s girlfriend’s head. We now have Jenelle’s latest mug shot photo from her booking, which further expands her rather infamous collection.

Here are all of Jenelle Evans’ mug shot photos to date — that we know of:

Every Jenelle Evans ug shot photo to date as of August 2015

Jenelle will reportedly be spending the night in jail while awaiting arraignment and a bond hearing, which should be early tomorrow.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reached out to Jenelle’s manager, Johnny Donovan, who summarized the incident by saying, “Nathan provoked her. That’s what he does, he tries to make her look bad and he succeeded today. That’s pretty much it.”

Johnny made sure to point out that he wasn’t there when the incident took place, so he couldn’t confirm or deny that Jenelle threw a glass at the head of Nathan’s girlfriend, whom we assume to be Jessica Henry.

There are rumors that Jessica was also involved in prodding Jenelle. “The Ashley hears that Jessica may have first poured water on Jenelle before Jenelle picked up the glass and hit Jessica with it, but that has not been confirmed yet.”

Police are expected to release the arrest report later today (Friday). If past history is any indication, I assume we can expect the 911 call audio soon after that.

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  • SeasonedBackdoor

    I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but her skin looks pretty bad and I know a lot of times that’s synonymous with meth/heroin use.

    • Bruja

      I thought the same thing when I looked at that mugshot.

      It’s hard to say definitively with these kids sometimes. You root for them, but man, they just face plant themselves. It’s hard to have any sympathy or empathy for Jenelle.

      • Lauren

        Right? She continually makes poor choices & doesn’t seem to learn from them. The only ones I feel sympathy for are the kids. Especially Jace.

        • Bruja

          Yeah, that little guy. What to do for poor Jace. 🙁

          My daughter lives in Myrtle Beach, mayhap I could friend up Babs and impress Jace with my sports car, my sweet new ’15 Mustang and take him trollin’ for chicks with his sunglasses on and mamaw in the back.

          hehehe. He’d dig it, mamaw might not, but I wouldn’t go without! Poor little boy. I really feel bad for him.

          • Brandy Nicole

            I’ll go with ya lol

            • Bruja

              hehe! Yaaa!!! We’d have tons of fun!!

        • savannah

          But when she gets Jace back…boy oh boy. Babs will NEVER see him again…

          Right. I hope they take the baby away as well, no children should be in her care. Ever. They need to have court ordered and administered birth control for women like this.

      • Aussie cathie

        Oh honey !!! You do know that” root” in Australia means fuuuuuc…ng!!! I laugh every time I see it written !!

        • Bruja

          Oh doh!!!


          The more you know!!

      • Brandy Nicole

        I keep rooting for her and she keeps letting me down. Ugh.

        • Bruja

          I know, it’s sad. But what can ya do? These girls are givin’ every chance.

    • Ellie

      It makes me sad to say I’ve seen that face before, on friends who were doing meth. They would fidget and pick at their faces, causing those almost burnt looking scabs.

    • Sara

      She is hanging around Kieffer again.

      • Brandy Nicole


        • Bruja

          I giggle every time you do your “Babs” =-)

    • Says she doesn’t want to jump to conclusions then jumps to conclusions..

      • Dummy

        Hence the BUT

      • SeasonedBackdoor

        It’s not really far fetched, and I certainly wasn’t the only one thinking it. I would love to give Jenelle the benefit of the doubt, but her track mar.. I mean record, makes it hard to do.

    • Anna

      I’m also disturbed by how pale she looks. It even looks like she’s got a yellow tint to her skin, but that could just be bad lighting. I don’t know what she’s doing but she needs to stop. Her body has taken more abuse than most 23-year-olds and drug addicts don’t get old.

    • N T

      Well that’s what happens when ya heng out weth key-fah!

    • T

      That was my first thought, too, when I saw the photo. That she’s back on drugs. And her eyes are so glazed over.
      I hope I am wrong. I really want Jenelle to get her life together.

    • Brandy Nicole

      I zoomed in just to make sure. Proactiv isn’t going to clear that up lol

    • ManBearPig

      Not to mention the recent weight loss. She is just as thin now, if not thinner than she was when she was on heroin.

    • Starla

      I was coming to say the same thing.

    • Sweet Venom

      I think the same. And she was hanging around Keiffer again who was the one that got her started.

    • MarvelousBeauty

      I just thought the same thing. She has to be using again. Those poor babies. I know I’m in the 1% but I really want nothing but the best for Jenelle. I was honestly proud of her…finally. Don’t get me wrong, I have always liked to laugh at her for being so ridiculous but I really thought she changed this time. I guess that makes me the sucker.

    • Shari

      Her face looks slimmer, her eyes have a “glassy” look to them, and her pupils look huge. I wouldn’t put it past her if she was using again.

      Which is sad. She has two kids, talks a lot of talk about getting custody of Jace, yet can’t even keep her own self in line. I know her chances of getting him were very slim to none to begin with, but shit like this will never help her step up and get at least 50/50. They won’t grant it if she keeps pulling this crap, acting out in anger and getting arrested. If anything, she’s going to end up losing custody of her other one if she doesn’t get help. I’m not talking about drug help/rehab, I’m talking mental help. This girl needs to grow up and get her head on right and realize she is a MOTHER, albeit a crappy one, but she’s definitely not a teenager anymore and needs to get over the fact that she isn’t.

      Sidenote: holy shit the chin. I never realized how huge and pointy it is until seeing that side-profile shot. It’s like a crescent moon.

      • SeasonedBackdoor

        i noticed her chin too! 5th row, 1st picture in. wowza. and 17 mug shots?! i don’t even have 17 selfies. that’s absurd. you’re right, she needs mental help if she ever wants to get Jace back.

  • awoman


    She’s never going to get Jace and she’s going to lose Kaiser. She needs to get into rehab NOW.

    • Heather

      Rehab won’t do her any good until she wants to change. 🙁 I feel so bad for her boys.

    • orionsbelt3

      She never planned on getting Jace back, though. She even said so earlier this year. Loser.

  • Lauren

    Damn. Jenelle is looking pretty rough. I sincerely hope she isn’t using again. Her skin looks pretty bad synonymous with meth/heroin use.

  • awoman

    What the hell was she doing around Nathan’s girlfriend? On the night an episode they knew would feature them fighting/separated?


    • awoman

      Okay, I just saw Nathan was the CLOWN that went over there with his girlfriend. Ugh. Stupid decision.

    • SeasonedBackdoor

      what’s with this whole notion lately that Barbara should have Kaiser? she made it clear when Jenelle got pregnant that she was NOT raising another one of Jenelle’s children.

      • awoman

        This comment was on my original post which suggested Jenelle made bad decisions if she went around Nate and his girlfriend on a night she knew conflict would be depicted on television especially, and that because of those decisions, Babs should have Kai.

        While probably Jenelle does need rehab, at least she wasn’t literally LOOKING for trouble. Nate’s a moron. Yeah, Jenelle shouldn’t have done what she did, but what the hell was he doing there with his girlfriend….at her house.

        • SeasonedBackdoor

          ah, i gotcha. it’s just that that’s the second time i’ve seen something today saying that Babs should have Kaiser. i don’t think she’s volunteered for that shit again, lol.

          pretty dumb to take your gf to your ex’s who has a history of violence though, you’re right.

  • awoman

    I thought her lawyer was just saying the usual, “he provoked her” excuse
    nonsense, and it is still no excuse for literally throwing a glass at
    the head of another human being, but seriously, what was Nate doing at her house with his girlfriend, especially on a night where it would air them fighting on national television? I honestly believe he did provoke her as was said, but you can’t throw a glass at someone’s head. Ugh.

    • Bruja

      Heck, if a man brings a woman to my home to provoke me, a glass would be the least of her worries, especially if she’s throwing water at me..

      I’m an armed woman and I do not play games with people instigating with me. If they can’t act maturely, they may leave with a handshake and a smile. Swiftly. Or I will escort them off my property with a little help from my Steyr .40 or the Walther 9mm attached to a holster. Need never leave that holster.

      A nice, safe, see ya later for all involved.

      But see, my husband wouldn’t put me in this situation because he knows exactly how it would go after 17 years together. 🙂

      • Aussie cathie

        My hubby reckons one look from me can castrate a man ….

      • Stacy.

        You really shouldn’t be proud of that.

        • Brandy Nicole

          Awww are you afraid of guns?

        • Bruja

          But see, I am.

          I don’t have to fly off the handle and flip out. I can be perfectly calm, and keep everyone perfectly calm by making it clear that threats of violence won’t be tolerated. Either way.. from me, or from the other person. You can’t carry and be unreasonable, that’s a recipe for disaster, so cooler heads must prevail.

          Very simple. I just make it known there is no room for arguing and violence as far as I’m concerned. We can play nice or not at all. No need for anger and confrontations.

          Again. I’ve never had to worry about it. Most folks don’t go tossing glasses at me, or throwing water at me either. 🙂

  • Aussie cathie

    Lord she is a dirty looking little slapper !!

    • saseblon

      I just spewed coffee reading your comment! Best comment on this thread! 🙂

      • Aussie cathie

        Thanks lovie! Can you imagine the stench that comes from her noonie….. ???

        • Bruja



  • Kara

    But don’t worry guys she’s like TOTALLY changed. She might even actually take responsibility for throwing a glass at a human being. You know instead of saying they instigated it. (Sacasm)

    I think it’s ridiculous people are defending her. No one forced her to throw something at that girl. If she has changed like some people say she has, she would be mature enough to not let the situation get the best of her.

    • Myndee

      If the girlfriend really poured a glass of water on her, she should have locked herself in another room and called the police then, not hit the aspiring bodybuilder with a glass. Kudos to the girlfriend though for not beating Jenelle after being hit with a glass.

  • Hey STARCASM fix this!

    once again, there’s no responsibility taking.

    it is NOT Nathan’s fault! he didn’t put a glass in her hand or force her into attacking. furthermore, SHE chose him! That would make her responsible for her own choices, including having a baby mere moments after an abortion and meeting Nathan. She needs to be locked up and have supervised visitation

    ALSO STARCASM WHY US YOUR SITE ALWAYS DIRECTING ME TO http:// ads.mobvertising .net/mobiledirect/?aid=37635&uid=1669&cwsid=ZTcyYWUwZTQ3Yzc1ZmE2ZDM2YjNhNzgwODUyOGViOTc

    • BlahBlahBlah

      Exactly people are saying “why did Nathan bring his new gf along?” Pffbt Why can’t Jenelle act like a grown woman and just tell Nathan to leave his gf at the car!

  • Sara

    They’ll be back together by the end of the year.

    • Brandy Nicole

      End of September lol

  • Chewy

    Sad that people like her are fertile. I’m sure baby 3 will be coming within a year.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Well when his name is on the lease, he has the right to come in with whom ever he pleases, it is up to JE to control herself. Obviously something she lacks.I hope she actually faces some consequences for her actions this time.

  • BlahBlahBlah

    Whoa.. She looks like she’s back on meth O_O

    • orionsbelt3

      Wait, was she ever on meth before? I knew she was doing coke and heroin… but meth?

  • Giggity

    You know what’s so funny about all this? She has never changed since she was a young teen. You can watch her old videos on youtube and watch how stupid her and her friends acted. So all this is no big surprise,

  • Mia


  • redheaded stranger

    They’ll be back together in 3….2…..1

    • Alisson Leech

      Yup! Engaged and all. Jenelle WILL NOT let him go, because she doesn’t want to be single.

  • Tamtam

    How sad that she’s reverted back to kiefer ways 🙁

  • I used to try to root for her and be proud of her, and she was alright for a while by going to school and sticking with it and completing her program, but she can’t seem to stay out of trouble. She’s got custody of one child, why is she trying to screw that up. :/

    • violet Beuregarde

      She only has custody of one child because she had another one, not because she got her crap together and earned it back. Her and Nathan aren’t together anymore so I don’t think Kaiser really is at the forefront anymore. Jenelle had him with the intention of keeping her and Nathan together she said so multiple times on the show.

      • I agree with most of that except “Her and Nathan aren’t together anymore so I don’t think Kaiser really is at the forefront anymore.” two parents don’t have to be together to be thinking of what’s best for the child. My mother walked out on me and it made our family better.

        Also, Nathan was pretty violent and loud, I wouldn’t really want him around my child either.

        She’s being pretty immature though. Wish she’d grow up.

        • thea

          And ,Jenelle is isn’t violent and loud, as well? Are we watching the same show? She usually starts the fights from what I’ve seen…

          • Of course she is, but Nathan’s stronger and therefore more dangerous because he could cause more damage. I’d be more worried about him around my child than her.

  • Anna

    I guess we know why she cakes on the foundation now.

  • N T

    LOL at the two free remaining mugshot spaces!! We all know those will be filled in soon.

  • Liza

    Jenelle should know by now that she should ALWAYS have make up on. The risk of a new mug shot seems to always be present.

  • Melissa

    Yeah I hate to say this but those aren’t just pimples, those are scabs. She has to be on something : ( That just makes me so sad…just get it together! I feel the same way with Jenelle as I’ve always felt about Lindsay Lohan…you want them to be ok so badly but they just keep acting bratty and doing stupid stuff. HOWEVER, I will also say that Nathan is an absolute idiot and I’m sure he’s not some poor innocent bystander here.

    • Alisson Leech

      Everytime I look I want to puke. Idk her face had gotten that bad.

  • Mimi

    Well, she’s obviously on drugs. Those poor babies will never know what it’s like to have a decent family.

  • aimsless

    Same Jenelle, different day.

  • BreBreezieBre

    Is it really necessary to keep posting all her mugshots every time she gets arrested yes we all know by now jenelle has tons of mugshots out here and that this isn’t her first or second go round with getting arrested! Jenelle can’t even handle herself how is she ever gone be able to handle her kids

  • Candy Cane

    That’s the face of a meth addict, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

  • Myndee

    Someone looks like she’s been smoking more than reefer with the Kieffer, or should I say reeeeffffaaa with the Keeefffaaaaaa like Babs. Wonder if she was high as a kite when Nathan came over

    • rvOvuM

      Love it! The Barbara reference is so spot on!

      • Myndee

        Hahaha thanks! I can’t get “High. High. High. Ya boff high!” Out of my head now

        • rvOvuM

          LMAO! She is hilarious to listen to. And sometimes, difficult to figure out.

  • creativeusernamehere

    ooooooooh meth.

  • BEBE

    I’m not surprised, but disappointed.

  • Philly_Jeff

    Meth scabs, for sure