CONFIRMED Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are back together

Chelsea Houska Kailyn Lowry Jenelle Evans NYC 2015 wetpaint interview

Just a few days after Teen Mom 2 mom and dad Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith were photographed together celebrating their son Kaiser’s first birthday, Jenelle confirms that the two are officially back together, although they are “taking it slow.”

Jenelle and her Teen Mom 2 co-stars Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry are currently in New York City doing press for the new season, which debuts July 9, and the JeNathan reconciliation confirmation came in an interview with Wetpaint.

“We are back together, we’re just taking it very slow because we don’t need to jump into it,” Jenelle says. “We don’t want to end up back where we were. So, we’re just taking little baby steps.”

But isn’t Nathan living somewhere else? “He does have his own place that he got, his own apartment,” Jenelle admits, “but he got that while we were separated, and now he’s been spending the night every, you know, two to three times a week. And, I mean, that’s good with me. Like I said, take baby steps.”

Jenelle says her emphasis has mostly been on her children. “I’ve just been trying to spend time with the kids, focus on the kids,” she says.

So did she wade into the dating pool at all while she and Nathan were separated? “Yeah, I did download Tinder and I had it for two months,” Jenelle says, as Chelsea and Kailyn laugh (top photo). “I went on one date, and it was, like, for two hours. That’s it. And I had many other opportunities, but honestly, I kept feeling like I was cheating on Nathan, so I couldn’t do it.”

In addition to her comments, Jenelle made it clear she and fiance Nathan are back together by proudly sporting her sizable engagement ring once again during the interview:

Jenelle Evans engagement ring 2015 NYC

Wetpaint then asks, “Do you plan on watching your ups and downs with Nathan this season?”

And, unfortunately for those of us who enjoy live tweeting along with Jenelle, it looks like she will be finding something else to do on Thursday nights. “I basically already told him I don’t want to watch this season, and I probably won’t,” Jenelle says, “And [Nathan] said the same thing.”

So–I guess we can all restart our wedding countdown clocks! One thing’s for sure — those Teen Mom 2 ladies are lookin’ damn good y’all! We shared some NYC photos earlier today, but here are a couple more, as well as a step-and-repeat video clip with Kail and Jenelle:

Reunited with this hotass @kaillowry

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The always exciting press day with these two honey bunches of oats @kaillowry @j_evans8209

A photo posted by @chelseahouska on

Thanks for having us @salonziba #salonzibanyc #grandopening dress by @hotmiamistyles makeup by @melangenyc

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Teen Mom 2 Season 6 premieres Thursday, July 9 at 10/9c on MTV.

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  • erb123

    1- if it’s baby steps why are you wearing an engagement ring? 2- she accused him of running over her with a car like….3 weeks ago 3-YEAH RIGHT at her not watching the new season. shes way to narcissistic for that

    • jen

      1st:yes. 2nd:yes..and 3rd:yes.

  • Pattipandi

    I can’t.

    • Bec

      I literally cannot either. I. Have. No. Words.

      • Bruja

        You guys!!! When life hands you lemons… you throw them at Jenelle!


        Do eeeeett!!

    • Bruja

      You can.

      C’mon, we know you can… and it’ll be hilarious when you do!!!

  • Bec

    Chelsea’s face in that top picture says it all.

    • ManBearPig

      I can only imagine what Kail and Chelsea truly think of Jenelle.

      • Sophie

        Seeing as Kail beats up on her husband, I bet she’s completely supportive of Nathan and Jenelle’s true love. Chelsea too. She did, after all pursue, her beloved Adumb for years before moving on, so she’s probably sympathetic. Leah’s MIA but she’d be for it too, even more so if Jenelle slipped her some oxy before the interview.

        • ManBearPig

          You make good points and you’re probably right. I know they all have problems, but what makes Jenelle stand out to me is that it seems as though she has zero connection with her kids. Even with all the issues the other moms have, they all seem to genuinely love their children and have strong bonds with them. I don’t think Jenelle is capable of feeling that, unless it’s for the men she dates. Maybe that’s not as off putting to other people as it is to me, though.

          • Lauren

            Exactly! Like last season when she had Jace when Nathan was in jail it’s glaringly apparent that she has no bond with him. And Nathan is always shown holding & caring for Kaiser. You can tell the other moms are completely bonded with their kids. I don’t know about Leah now though.

          • Guest

            I completely agree. She doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body.

      • Bec

        Well seeing as how kailyn and Chelsea are holding hands in the top picture and janelle is sitting off to the side, I’d be willing to bet Chelsea isn’t close with janelle at all. Which is good. Janelle is trash, king kongailyn has her issues but at least tries to put forth a “good mom” image

  • MM

    Kailyn seems to get prettier with age (thank goodness)

    • BreBreezieBre

      Her attitude makes her ugly

      • Guest


      • ameliaBedelia76


  • Lola

    Janelle looks amazing!

  • BreBreezieBre

    Jenelle needs to just focus on her and her kids forget about being in a relationship taking it slow or not! These two don’t belong together they can’t make it work. Not being a hater but I’ve been in a situation similar I was not hooked on drugs and getting arrested but I kept going back to someone I knew wasn’t right and I finally smartened up and realized if I’m constantly crying having to defend him why are we together

  • Bruja

    Well good, now there is a really good chance Bab’s will never have to give Jace back.
    Jenelle, you’re the worst mother that kid could ever hope to have.

    • Ruby

      I second this. I don’t understand people complaining she still doesn’t have Jace. She shouldn’t have any kids! Keep them far away!

  • Shaquifa

    God these girls be ratched. That Jenelle girl be going thru mans like nobodys business. That nasty redheaded trick needs to take that nose ring out and put her tongue back in her mouth. The king kong girl needs to chill the **** out and stop preachin’ when she don’t know s***.

    • Brandy Nicole


      • Bruja

        Oh hell yeah. I just recently watched “Airplane” again and have been dying to say this..but with a twist for this situation!

        Excuse me, Miss. I speak Shaquifa.


        Lord, these females are a hot mess. Jenelle is a loose moral female. Chelsea would look so much better if she didn’t have her nose pierced and stopped posing like Miley Cyrus in photographs. Kailyn should really calm down, and only talk about things she is well informed of.

        • Guest

          Chelsea also needs to ditch the spray tan. It makes her look much older than she is.

        • Brandy Nicole

          Thank you so much. Have you considered looking into employment as a translator? They make bank lol

          • Bruja

            Anytime! =-)

            Nuh uh, cause the side effects would likely be a brain aneurysm after reading too much Shaquifa. ;-p

  • Wtf

    Let me preface this by saying that I cannot stand Jenelle and I wish she would go away….but she actually looks good for once. Maybe it’s just the makeup.

    • ren24

      I’m glad you said it first! lol I agree she looks amazing and super fit! I actually think she looks great most of the time.

    • jlt0102

      She still has the vacant eyes though….

  • Brandy Nicole

    I called this a couple days ago! Countdown to a new bandaid baby. Her and Leah are going to be in competition#

    • Myndee

      Throw Kailyn in the race, she needs to lock down that child support, I mean bring the marriage closer together with another fix it baby

      • Brandy Nicole

        I don’t think she’s at the bandaid baby stage yet though. They are still holding it together, not well but together. Leah and Janelle are already in crazy break down town.

        • Myndee

          I think she beats him if he is at all honest about how bad it is at home. My husband and I have a couples friend who each secretly told us their marriage is worse than a soap opera, it’s like all of Leah’s marriages had a love child with all of Jenelle’s relationships, and that’s their relationship, but they put on an amazing loving front because divorce is not an option, and neither is letting the real world know that life isn’t perfect behind the manicured lawn and perect front door.
          I really think since they’re building this new perfect dream home, they’ll throw another baby in to “bring them closer together” because it worked so well last tme

  • Kat

    Jenelle doesn’t know the meaning of the word “slow”. You don’t “take things slow” by putting your engagement ring back on you idiot. This is the same guy you had a baby with 1 month after meeting him. You two will be calling the cops on each other by the end of the week. Who are you trying to convince that you’re a stable human being,the world or yourself?

  • Turd

    Translation: Nathan has run out of money. And Jenelle couldn’t find a d!ck that what’s her.

  • Lauren

    I don’t believe they’re back together. They’re promoting the new season & Jenelle is a notorious liar trying to make herself look good. The fact that she’s wearing the ring again shows that she is delusional.

  • Charla

    MTV really needs to stop exploiting these young adults and let them get the help that they need. Yes, Jenelle is a wreck, but she deserves true help and counseling and an opportunity to grow. Not have everything she does, good or bad, be broadcast for the world to see. Those girls are too hooked on the money to see that reality TV is the worst thing for their personal lives and growth.

  • I called this month’s ago lol. This is a typical Jenelle relationship just wait a few weeks for one or both to get arrested and break up again.

  • ann marie holohan

    It’s funny a friend or hers says they have been back together for weeks yet Nathan was seen at a bar Sunday night with his GF Jessica and has been seen in church with her on multiple occasions, so he’s either playing Jenelle for the money etc or she’s lying. Taking baby steps would be starting to date again etc not putting the ring back on which conveniently she only wears when not around Nathan

  • Courtney

    Seriously?! She joined Tinder for two months after she “ended” her engagement?! Why do these girls have to be in a relationship 24/7? All of them need to be single and focus on themselves before finding a healthy relationship. At least Chelsea was single and learned how to be ok with it before she met Cole.

  • savannah

    THANK GOD, what would we ever have done if they had stayed apart, grew up, got some therapy, and became contributing members of society…. SMH

  • Original A

    They are way too toxic for eachother! They can give it a shot again but I’m 1000% sure it’s just not gonna work out. Not hating on her, just being honest