Nathan Griffith breaks up with fiancée Jenelle Evans, announces it on Twitter

Jenelle and Nathan

Uh oh! It looks like there’s some serious trouble in paradise for Jenelle Evans and fiancé Nathan Griffith. Just weeks after getting engaged, it looks as though the couple has had a serious falling out. Nathan made the announcement on Twitter stating, “I’m tire of constantly being disrespected and dragged down,” and then adding, “It’s public it’s official! Goodbye.”

Here are Nathan’s tweets from this afternoon:

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith break up tweet

Although it is unclear exactly what happened that set Nathan off, Jenelle responded with a tweet that may provide some insight:

Jenelle Twitter

I’m guessing Jenelle wanted to visit her friend Kaylin (@kdub_910h) in Long Beach, NC, which is just over an hour’s drive from Myrtle Beach, and for whatever reason Nathan did not approve, or else wanted to go along. Someone on Twitter responded to Jenelle’s tweet suggesting that she was using the trip to visit Kaylin as an excuse to see her ex-husband Courtland, who is a mutual friend. That might explain why Jenelle then tweeted a text from her friend Tori about Courtland Rogers offering Tori $10 to pose for a photo with him:

Jenelle Tori Courtland text

It appears that the photo they are referencing is this one, tweeted by Courtland:

Courtland Rogers Tori finger

Courtland responded to the $10 photo Tori text tweet (are you following this?) by telling Jenelle, “it wasn’t like that with tori jenelle stop worrying about that.I was just like take some pics with me damn why u stress me.” Here’s how the conversation went from there, which includes a rather shocking confession from Courtland:

TWEETER wait stop both of you … Why are you two worried about one another and who hangs with who and why they

COURTLAND because I still .. Nvm

TWEETER u still love her huh?

COURTLAND honestly ?? Yes there I said it yes I still love her

COURTLAND with all my heart 🙁

TWEETER CR Win jenelle back oh my gosh im gonna cry its like a sappy love story excuse me [cry face emojis]

COURTLAND how?? She hates me 🙁 there’s nothing I can do she would never that’s what hurts

[Several people pointed out Courtland’s troubled history with Jenelle]

COURTLAND I know but still y’all don’t understand how much she means to me but o well

Things have since gone relatively silent for now on social media. Jenelle tweeted and deleted a screen capped photo of a blonde woman in the shower wearing a bikini with Nathan’s comment, “I’ll show you how a MAN should be treated.” Jenelle wrote, “Oh really?” and tagged Nathan. There is also a photo that looks to be Jenelle’s naked posterior covered in bubble bath allegedly posted by Nathan on Facebook making the rounds — but I have no idea how it fits into this narrative.

Stay tuned. I’m sure we will know more soon.

UPDATE – We haven’t heard anything more from Jenelle or Nathan about the break up, but Kaylin did take to Twitter to address her connection to Courtland — or lack thereof:

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  • BcAtl

    I’m so confused by her life sometimes I swear I need to take a advele before her posts lol. On another hand she’ll have another son in an unstable situation. They were engaged for what 3 weeks, and now she just decided he was controlling? She always says that about her exes, they are either abusive or controlling. Maybe it’s just her!

    • violet Beauregrade

      Meaning she’d actually have to admit she has problems with herself and take responsibility for her own actions and problems? ehhh? I’m sure she’d rather jump into a lake of bubbling lava before that…

      • Pattipandi

        Where’s hot magma when you need it..

    • Brandy Nicole

      I have a cousin that claims this about every single ex of hers. I call bs!

      • BcAtl

        Usually if every ex “has issues” 9 times out of 10 it’s the exes lol. If things don’t work out that’s different but she claims that every ex is beating her and being controlling. In my eyes I think all her exes besides keiffer was trying to make her grow up and get herself together and she took that as control.

  • shebee

    Is this legit? Of course not. Isn’t there a new season of Teen Mom 2 on the horizon?

  • frontdoormom

    I dont even know what the flip is going on.

    • Pattipandi

      Oh just the usual jenelligans

    • ameliaBedelia76

      1. Jenelle got lip injections
      2. SHe went to see a friend that Nathan didn’t like
      3. She has been in contact with Courtland
      4. She posted a naked picture of her a$$ covered in bubbles for what I think is Courtland. Nathan found out & publicly broke up Jenelle, changed his FB status

      • frontdoormom

        Lmao wow I didnt get any of that off the article. Thank you!

        • ameliaBedelia76

          no way girl, i read their twitter too. I should read books more..

          • Pattipandi

            That sight is hysterical

  • J

    Just a ploy for attention schemed up by the both of them because knowing their maturity level they probably get a kick reading everybody’s comments about them. Besides, that would mean he would have to get a job and support himself, sooo… I call bullsh!t

    • TA

      he has 100% disability from the government. he gets paid, tax free, from the government every month. he probably doesn’t need a job, and the disability limits strictly how much a person can work anyway.

      • Kip

        and living with/being engaged to/possible eventually married to someone who makes several hundred thousand dollars a season on a television show isn’t violating those strict limits? I’m only going what Amber’s court documents stated a couple years ago before she went to prison that she made $275k-ish a season… so I assume a few years later it’s even higher now.

        • TA

          probabably not, since he’s not doing any physical type of job being on a TV show. plus, they’re paid as contract employees, they have to pay their own taxes, so maybe he gets around it that way.
          I’m not defending him or her, I’m just explaining why he doesn’t have a “regular” job.

        • Lyra

          In the eyes of the government you’re either single or married so being engaged is still considered single and all of Jenelle’s money is hers. She gets taxed for it, not Nathan. That’s why a lot of people that use the system don’t get married!

          Also most government handouts are based on your income and have no basis on your housing expenses. The reason being is if they gave you more money to accomodate the fact that you have a bigger mortgage/rent then everyone would just go for the bigger apartment/house. On the flipside if the person was struggling to make ends meet they might move in with their parents, a person that was on a MTV show, or get a room mate to lower the housing expenses, if the government gave them less money nobody would do that. If your homeless they can help you with subsidized housing, shelters, etc but that’s completely separate from welfare, food stamps, disability, medicaid etc.

      • violet Beauregrade

        That moron actually BRAGGED about how much disability he gets on twitter. Why? because his “I completely refuse to work one day in my life” lazy butt is not disabled and he’s scamming the government and getting away with it.

        • Nik

          yet he is physically capable to workout and lift weights. I’m assuming the “disability” is mental.

          • jlt0102

            and play football and do mma….

          • Lyra

            Didn’t he have brain trauma or something from when he was in the service. I thought I remember them saying something along those lines on the show.

        • TA

          it’s difficult to get a 100% disability rating. very difficult. I’d really love to know HOW he did it. because he sure doesn’t look or seem disabled to me. an idiot? yes. but seems perfectly capable of working, he’s at the gym all the time…
          my dad served in Vietnam and has a 100% disability rating due to PTSD, but it took 30 years for him to get that.

          • jlt0102

            This is what I’ve heard too, that it’s very hard to get!

            • Lrayne

              My father had kidney failure, he was blind in one eye and glaucoma in the other, had advanced osteoporosis, heart valve replacement and STILL had problems getting 100. Wth is up with this loser getting it?

              • jlt0102

                This is kinda why I just think he’s probably lying….but I have a hard time believing anything he or Jenelle says….

          • yep

            He also attempted and failed at a MMA career while claiming he had PTSD and a TBI. Anyone with a traumatic brain injury would not be trying to start a career in MMA. The VA needs to look into him because I’m sure he’s scamming the hell out of them while veterans with actual injuries/PTSD wait forever for help.

          • LexiconD1

            Didn’t take me long to get it for my father. Took a total of 30 minutes.

        • Janak

          I would hope that any and all disability payments would stop once the recipient gets his third DUI.

          • LexiconD1

            The first ought to disqualify him. Heck, this show should.

      • Ashley

        He has disability yet can go to the gym everyday?

        • Dena

          Not saying it’s right but it could be a mental issue that got him the ssi? I mean he was dating a psycho! Has to be one himself kol

  • TA

    of course it’s real, and it’s probabably not even for TV ratings. this is her life. she has constant conflict with everyone. she doesn’t know how not to.

  • Adrian

    Gawd, every one of those young people associated with Jenelle, including Jenelle, are all trash. My only thoughtis…poor, poor Jace.

    • lily

      She does have two children now, don’t forget poor kaiser as well.

      • Guest

        Kaiser has Nathan and his family. Jace only has Barbara.

  • Pattipandi

    Ooohh I’m going to grab my wine and popcorn!

  • Courtney

    We could all see that this was never true love. We have all seen the way Nathan and Jenelle treat their exes that they have kids with. They fight evil and immature just trying to bash/bad mouth and compete with their exes making their children an object that they just want to win and threaten to never share. Poor kids. I just see Jenelle and Nathan repeating this pattern with every relationship in their lives and this is only the beginning. They need anger control or someone’s really going to get hurt one of these days. If N & J stay broken up we are going to hear and see ALL the bad things they did while they were together because they are going to air every piece of dirt they have on each other…and publicly!

    • Posh☮

      I know I can’t wait for juicy stories

  • Sara

    I’ve never liked Nathan, but I truly believe Jenelle loves him and wants a future with him.

    • Smiley

      oh ok.

    • violet Beauregrade

      I swear i’ve seen this comment word for word with Courtland, Gary, Kieffer, and Andrew’s names in it at some point.

      • Pattipandi

        And that guy she lived with as a ‘roommate’ for like a month

    • 900009

      then you are nuts…she used him to “clean up her image” & he used her for a paycheck..Jenelle loves no one but herself

  • Jessica

    Why can’t this be discussed via private text messaging? Why be immature junior high kids and talk about it via social media?! Ugh.

    • Brandy Nicole

      Because then it wouldn’t be as fun lol

  • lol

    I miss “Keefa”

    • Pattipandi

      I miss his green hoodie and his dirty face

      • Renee L

        And the grassy knoll. And his stoned eyes.

  • A.C.C

    Honestly, it would be way more exhausting living your life like this versus acting like an adult.

  • Tabitha

    It really frightens me that people with the emotional maturity of a 13 year-old can bear and raise children.

    • Brandy Nicole

      13? Your giving her a lot of credit lol

  • Hey there

    Nathan posted a nude photo of Jenelle’s backside

    • Pattipandi

      He’s a little late on that since we’ve all seen her front spread sandwich from courtlamd

      • jlt0102

        ~shudders~ the roast beef pics…I was trying to forget :/

        • Pattipandi

          Yes. After seeing those, her ass with bubbles is vanilla.

      • frontdoormom


  • cin

    Wow even her engagement with Gary lasted longer. Just 3 weeks? Also who is she kidding with her “working hard to get Jace back” comments? The kid will be 6 years old this year and she’s had no custody since six months. It’s painfully obvious you stopped trying a long time ago and have zero interest in him at all unless its to hurt your mother or prove to the h8rz you’re a good mom. I hope Jace gets old enough to see that for himself and gives you a well deserved middle finger.

    • savannah

      If the bill hadn’t been footed by MTV there would’ve been no engagement at all. They needed a story line to ensure their job security…

  • KirstGari

    He wouldn’t dump her. He’s only known because of her. She gave him fame and money. They’ll be back together before you know it.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    why would Tori hang out with this junkie? if she was a real friend to Jenelle she wouldnt be anywhere near this dude. These poor children involved with this extremely disfunctional couple.

    • Pattipandi

      Because you are who you hang with. They’re all a bunch of riffraff.

      • sammi

        Wow, I havent heard that word riff raff in years lmao. My mom would say that.

        • Pattipandi

          I guess I’m kind of an old soul. Plus I was trying to think of a more tame term other than dirty dope slugs or something like that.

          • sammi

            I love it. It made for a good laugh and brought back memories lol

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  • TA

    can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and see the mug shots for both of them being arrested for domestic violence. I just hope baby kaiser roll is with Nathan’s mom tonight.

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  • Katie’s FUPA Tattoo

    He’s just so tire of it!

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  • savannah

    GASP!!! I’m shocked! I’m so shocked they broke up and its all over twitter!! Insert Babs voice here: “Hey Juhhnellle…I heard ya broke up with ya boyyyyfriend!”

  • Lauren

    Jenelle has a pattern. She’s happy for awhile, something happens or is tweeted, & she goes running back to an ex. When she was with Gary it was Kieffer, Courtland it was Gary, Nathan it’s Courtland. The only difference now she has Kaiser. But I can see Nathan taking her to court for custody of him because he actually has a family support system behind him. I’ve said it before, poor Jace. All he has is Barbara & she constantly is giving Jenelle chances hoping she’ll grow up.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      she also was talking with Keiffer when Nate was in jail b/c she couldnt be alone for 30days while pregnant with another mans baby…oh wait..she was dating Nate before she murdered her & Courtlands baby

  • Demona

    They’ll be back together before Vday. They have children and need to grow the hell up. Not that I think these 2 are Prince Charming & Cinderella – but MTV is still writing checks so he isn’t leaving yet!

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  • Dibaby1979

    Twitter is going to bring about the fall of mankind. Instant share of emotions is not a good thing for anybody.

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