PHOTOS Teen Mom 2’s Leah Calvert commits to a new career

Leah Calvert Beauty School

Although taking care of three young kids is enough to keep any mom busy, Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Calvert is tackling another big job: completing classes to become a cosmetologist.

For the past few years, Leah’s bounced around with part-time jobs as a dental assistant and at a tanning salon. She even enrolled in nursing school in 2011, but didn’t complete her degree. With all of those experiences and some soul-searching, Leah recently decided to go forward with her real passion…

“I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Beauty School (Cosmetology) I just wasn’t sure nurse, beauty, nurse, or beauty school? And I am proud to say I’m doing what I wanted to do,” Leah announced this month. “Thank You ALL for your loyalty, love, support, & believing in me.”

She began classes on May 12 and quickly got hands-on experience.

Leah also became a Mary Kay consultant earlier this year, which undoubtedly pairs well with what she’s learning in school… And, on top of it all, she still works part-time at the tanning salon. That’s one hard-working momma!

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  • Jen M

    I’m not trying to be a jerk, but if her face and hair are an example of her work, I don’t think I’d want her touching my face/hair. I hope she learns a lot. MaryKay only works out for some, I wouldn’t call it a career until she’s a few years into making money off of it, too.

    • Ashley

      I totally agree, I wouldn’t want her to do anything to me!

    • barbinop

      I Thought the same thing too…Lol the same goes for baby talking Chelsea. They both use way too much make up. Reminds me of Tammy Faye Baker. I wouldn’t let either groom my dog

      • Regina Marie

        Well its icky but that is how girls dress now a days. I dont like it but to each there own. Chelesa and Leah are beautiful people inside shines out. Im happy for them to find their calling in life.

        • frontdoormom

          This isnt Leahs calling. Apparently she has a lot of them, all of which last about a week.

      • Myndee

        Can you imagine how many makeup removing wipes Chelsea has to use before she can wash her face, multiple times before all that stuff comes off!

  • gofyourself

    I don’t feel surprised that she didn’t make it through nursing school. It is actually a pretty tough program.

  • P

    Probably just another “school” or “job” these teen moms claim to have when they probably actually just show up for and film for 5 minutes and they go back home… so little mtv 14yr old teen mom groupies believe they actually work for a living.

    • Puh-lease

      Same thing I was saying. Before every season, each girl either gets a new job or start school.
      And all the crap she claims she’s gonna do but never hear about it again.
      First it was the tanning salon. She claimed her and Jeremy probably found a building for it but after that we never heard about it. The the Ali foundation she claimed she was starting, never heard about that neither. Now it’s this which she is more than likely doing only because her bestfriend, Kayla, is doing it. Leah doesn’t know what the hell she wants to be in life. All she knows how to do is manipulate, lay down pop out babies and trap men.

      • spottedgiraffe

        I want to know how she is doing Mary Kay, tanning, and beauty school with 3 kids? She must be pawning them off on someone

  • frontdoormom

    Soooo Jeremy is sacrificing his family to wwork, but Leah can do as she pleases? Now i get he works out of town, but damn girl, let your man provide if he wants. Work is work.

    • Lyra

      I don’t get it either. Didn’t she harp the whole season about wanting Jeremy to work less and more family time. From what they said he makes enough money, that they don’t need extra income. She even said money isn’t everything.

      Jeremy and her had their fair share of marital problems this last season. Even when she finishes school and begins working, Jeremy will still be making the lion’s share of their income. He seemed to work a really long demanding job. If she’s working too, when they both come home, they both will be tired and still have to take care of three kids. I just see them getting into more arguments.

      • frontdoormom

        Exactly. My husband works 22 days out of the month leaving me at home with both kids. Yes its stressful not being with your spouse, or your spouse with your kids but its work. I have the priviledge of being a stay at home mom to raise and nurture my two babies. All this girl does is complain. She chose her life and im sure knew of jeremys demanding work schedule, now she cant handle it. Shes annoying. The way her hair and make up look alone do not attract me to want her to do my hair or face. Hope she learns a thing or two. I think she wants to be like Chelsea, now shes a girl who fits the cosmetology life.She knows what shes doing.

        • heyBale

          When she first got with Jeremy, she was snapping back at people on twitter with comments on what his paychecks are like… This girl will get ya coming and going cus she is a scatterbrain malcontent slob that brings people down to her level.

          High 5 to you & your husband for being a team for your kids 😉

          • frontdoormom

            Thank ya 🙂 at times i do go stir crazy being at home 24/7 with my kids but in the end, i wouldnt have it any other way. Mommy is their best friend as well as daddy.
            and oooooh leah just grinds my gears. I dont have a twitter nor keep up with this fried mess aside from gossip sites, but she is a lost soul. I dont care for her at all, she is not a good person. She has an ugly vibe to her. She will be alone in the end because no one will ever be good enough for her.

      • Myndee

        She says money isn’t everything then complains they don’t have enough when it’s time to buy a wheelchair or pay for medical bills. Maybe Jeremy should have kept his F-150 and not traded it in for an even more expensive 350 King Ranch, and Leah needs to stick with one car. She has that outrageous Armada and then on the next week’s episode she’s in a car! She goes through cars like she goes through men

        • sammi

          An Armada is my dream car. That b!tch!!! lol

    • Puh-lease

      Now you know in Leah’s world she’s above everyone and the same rules don’t apply to her. Buuut Jeremy said he found a job closer to home but it probably doesn’t pay as well. That is probably why Leah is selling Mary Kay, going to school and she tweeted works some where else too. They’re probably getting low on funds until MTV throw them their checks for season 5b.

  • twelfthnight

    I was hoping by the picture she had chosen ‘nurse’. How useless is a cosmetology job for her? She has a severely disabled kid and I’m sure most places in the US that hire cosmetologists don’t give out health insurance.

    Costmetologists and makeup salespeople need to actually look nice to sell their product. Leah is a mess.

    Any of this remind anyone of LuAnn on King of the Hill going to beauty school and failing at it?

    • Brandy Nicole

      Depends on where you work. My salon does offer insurance but in a female dominated industry insurance is not cheap. If I got it through my company I’d be looking at $350 a month and that’s not happening. Cosmetology doesn’t pay well unless you have been doing it awhile and have a good clientele. She will not be happy with the money she makes.

    • gofyourself

      Maybe Jeremy’s job has benefits.

      • twelfthnight

        They’ll get a divorce eventually, and the twins are not his kids. He would have no financial responsibility to any kid but his own unless he legally adopted them in the event of a divorce.

        I’m thinking long-term here. Leah will probably be on about her fourth husband 10 years from now and there’s a decent chance he’s going to be a total deadbeat and she’ll be making her money by asking people if they want fries with that. She thinks she’s some kind of trophy wife, but she isn’t.

        She has to look after her children’s needs ON HER OWN instead of relying on her husbands and exes to do it for her.

        • connie

          look u r strong smart can do this so alley girl u can do this

    • LexiconD1

      I wouldn’t want her anywhere near me as a ‘beauty’ consultant. However, I’d be absolutely terrified if she came at me as a nurse. Especially, when she began talking to me.

      I think all those who rely on nurses, are glad she’s not one…

      • twelfthnight

        That’s absolutely true too. She doesn’t seem fit to be a nurse. Though didn’t she work at a dental office way back when? Some job her mom got her?

        Even THAT would be a better job than whatever ‘beauty school’ is going to get her.

    • Leah Dawn RN

      If I was admitted to a hospital and had a nurse that used phrases like “I was bath-ing my kids” or “Is the schools good here?”, I would immediately request another nurse. lol I really could see her mixing up the meds because she’s too busy thinking about Jeremy or Corey or Robbie or some other man. She another one of these girls that seems emotionally stuck in high school. Even with 3 kids and two marriages behind her, she still acts like a dramatic 15 year old.
      But seriously, a really good friend of mine just completed nursing school and Leah wouldn’t have made it through a month without quitting. It might be different from state to state but where I live not just anyone can just up and decide to be a nurse, the licensing requirements are pretty extensive here. Maybe she could have been a CNA. And even that position might be above her intelligence level. I agree though that I would never let her touch my hair, just because her hair always looks unwashed to me. And at the very least someone getting into a beauty career should look clean if they’re going to be touching people all day. But I will say that I’ve seen many hairstylists with horrible, tacky hair that did a really, really good job on their clients hair.

  • Myndee

    I agree with another comment in the thread, I wouldn’t want Leah OR Chelsea coming anywhere near my hair or face with the way they look. Leah’s hair is so fried and crunchy, I’d be worried that’s how my hair would turn out. And she had said before she quit that tanning salon job after she went to the conference in Vegas, so she could focus on opening her own salon. Another failed attempt at a career. I hope, but doubt she will finish this one.

    • frontdoormom

      I would trust Chelsea more than Leah. Leah just seems like shes still trying to find what she wants to do. Girl needs to stay home and take care of her kids, especially after bitching about all the time Jeremy spends at work.

      • Sara

        I would also trust Chelsea, but not Leah.

      • Myndee

        Leah will never figure out what she wants. I think she’s tired of being a mom to three kids so she’s attempting school again just to get out of the house.

      • Renee L

        I’d also trust Chelsea more. She’s been into packing on makeup for a long time.

  • kacey

    Mama’s hooked on Mary Kay, Brother’s hooked on Mary Jane and Daddy’s hooked on Mary two doors down.

  • Lovinlifetothefullest

    Always judge a hairstylist by her friends haircuts!

    • frontdoormom

      Or her daughters’ hair? Her girls’ hair is always nappy.

  • Aubree

    Sorry Leah there can only be one Chelsea.

  • heyBale

    Well at least she isnt working around men. …cus ya know

    • frontdoormom

      Lmao. True. But Leah is always gonna look for the BBD, Bigger better deal.

      • heyBale

        Shes a pisser

  • Renee L

    Did she see the way she did her girls makeup for that cheerleading photo? They looked like mini trollops. Especially the blond one. I thought they were going to hit the bar after cheerleading practice by the way she looked. Leah is not gifted at putting on makeup.

    • Farmer Todd

      The only thng leah needs to focus on is closing her fing legs so she does not have another hideous and deformed beast of a child like Aliannah again.Ali is such a freakshow and one of the scariest looking beats i have ever seen w/those cross eyes,club feet and deformed legs and torso.Leah needs to put this creature in a cage and lock it in the attic for life.

  • Chellz

    I’m glad to hear that !!!

  • LaLa84

    She’ll have a clientele of all strippers, have you seen her hair!!

    • Myndee

      Strippers have better hair than her!

      • Renee L

        So zebra like!

  • sammi

    That hair style on that head is so out of date. How do I know? Because I wore my hair like that in 98 when I was 12 lol. Oh Leah…nobody’s worn twisties with spiral curls since the 90’s. Leah’s hair herself is very 1984 country bumpkin lol