Jenelle Eason denies pregnancy rumors with flat tummy pic

Jenelle Evans pregnant baby bump photo February 2018

Every few weeks there is a photo (or photos) of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason posted online that inspires someone to comment that she looks like she has a baby bump, which in turn inspires a cavalcade of articles speculating whether or not Jenelle is pregnant again.

2018 is no exception as a series of photos from Ensley’s first birthday stuck to the news-making script exactly. OK! Magazine picked up the story by quoting a commenter for their title: “‘I See A Baby Bump!’ Fans Are Convinced Jenelle Evans Is Pregnant Again After Seeing THESE Photos.”

Here are the photos in question:

Jenelle took to Twitter to dispel the rumors with a photo of her seemingly baby bumpless tummy:

Jenelle Evans not pregnant tummy February 2018

“Now the @theinquisitr is FASELY [sic] trying to report that I’m pregnant with baby 4 and has @ok_magazine convinced and also writing FALSE statements about me once again,” Jenelle tweeted. “So kill your curiosity, I’m not pregnant.”

To clarify, I should point out that OK! (and Inquisitr) aren’t “writing false statements” about Jenelle because they are not stating that Jenelle is pregnant, merely that fans are speculating that she is based on a series of photos — which is true.

“I’m not sure how you have time with 4-5 kids to take selfies and monitor social media 24/7?” one follower asked. “When you have friends and family texting and calling asking if I’m pregnant. 😑” Jenelle replied.

I understand Jenelle’s frustration with the perpetual pregnancy rumors. Heck, when I searched on Google for the specific OK! article Jenelle was referencing, I had to make sure I got the right post! I’m still not absolutely certain there wasn’t a more recent one lol.

But, in the defense of media outlets (like ours on occasion), Jenelle’s pregnancies seem to always be revealed via baby bump photos or car accident reports or whatever — all while Jenelle continues to vehemently deny being pregnant. So, it’s the broken clock theory at work with the bolstered effect of believability given Jenelle’s previous pregnancy reveals. (Who could ever forget the infamous Target shopping photo?!)

So is Jenelle pregnant again? I doubt it. I’m like all the other savvy Teen Mom 2 fans in that I will not perk up until The Ashley says its true. 😉

UPDATE – It looks like we will be getting some tea from The Ashley soon, but it won’t be announcing that Jenelle is pregnant:

On a sidenote, are we the only ones referring to Jenelle as Jenelle Eason instead of Jenelle Evans? Making the change wasn’t any harder for anyone else (except Jenelle herself) than it was for me, but her name is Jenelle Eason now, right? I still remember transcribing Jenelle’s 911 call back in November and having to rewind it when she told the operator that her name was Jenelle Evans lol. Oh well, I will continue to stick with Eason.

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