PHOTOS VIDEOS Jenelle Evans attends Miley Cyrus concert in Raleigh, takes Jenelfie with Miley

Jenelle Evans and Miley Cyrus Jenelfie

Thanks to Jenelle Evans’ infamous “feathers in my hair” comment on Teen Mom 2 pretty much everyone is well aware of how big of a concert fan she is. So just imagine how stoked she was to have front row seats to the Miley Cyrus show in Raleigh, North Carolina Tuesday night!

Jenelle has been sharing excited tweets for what seems like weeks now, and yesterday she seemed barely able to contain herself. “I GET TO SEE MILEY TOMORRROWWWWWWWW !!!!!!” She tweeted along with a string of happy emojis.

Jenelle’s excitement was tempered a bit by the real potential of a cancellation, however, after Miley was forced to cancel Monday’s night’s concert in Charlotte due to flu-like symptoms, with some speculating the death of her cherished dog Floyd also contributing to her being unable to perform. Jenelle remained optimistic — and supportive:


We had a little fun with the potential of a Miley Cyrus no show and Jenelle’s previous “feathers in my hair” Ke$ha comment and shared it on Twitter:


Despite the potential disappointment, an optimistic (and quite pregnant) Jenelle and her fiance Nathan Griffith made the trip to Raleigh — and Miley Cyrus did not disappoint! The show did go on, and Jenelle documented the entire thing with photos and videos — including the historic Jenelfie above with Miley Cyrus on stage in the background!

Here is a timeline of highlights from the rest of Jenelle’s evening with Miley. (Jenelle’s instagram captions are included beneath the corresponding photos and videos. I’ve embedded a number of tweets with instagram links just to save space — most all of them are video clips.)

Jenelle Evans Miley Cyrus concert photo 1
Miss Miley we made it !!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Jenelle Evans Miley Cyrus concert photo Raleigh
:) :) :) omg I’m stoked! So many people !’




Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith Miley Cyrus concert photo
Miley is about to come onnnnn! :)






FU !!!!













Jenelle Evans Miley Cyrus concert photo hot dog
Miley on her wiener lol

Jenelle Evans Miley Cyrus concert photo Bangerz Tour
#NoFilter Miss Miley

Jenelle Evans Miley Cyrus concert photo 7
I was so close to her !

Jenelle Evans Miley Cyrus concert photo Jessica Rabbit
Forgot what song this was… But awesome pic :)

Jenelle Evans Miley Cyrus concert photo marijuana suit


Jenelle Evans Miley Cyrus concert tour shirt photo
One of my dope shirts I got from the concert.

Miley Cyrus concert tour shirt photo
Another shirt.

Jenelle Evans Miley Cyrus concert tour panties photo

I not only feel like at I was actually at the show now, but I feel like I went with Jenelle! LOL

Thanks to Jenelle for sharing all the great photos and videos. :)

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  • Katie’s Stomach

    Did Jace design that t-shirt?

  • glk900

    not in the front row…lied as usual

  • frontdoormom

    Jesus miley needs a new hair do.

  • Sara

    What the heck is up with these kids and Miley Cyrus?! They’re excited as if they were going to see some huge star or something. She’s irrelevant to me.

    • awoman

      So how do you define huge star? “Stars” are just performers that people are drawn to. With nearly 18 million twitter followers, she seems like a pretty huge one these days. (Not a fan, just saying.)

      • Sara

        I can’t really answer that question since everyone has different taste in music. I just meant someone who has been more popular and around for longer, such as Madonna, Celine Dion, Elton John…I don’t think you can compare Miley Cyrus to any of them, even though I’m not a fan of their music in general. I really don’t know how to explain my point of view better than this. :)

  • Stokely

    She’s like 6 or 7 months pregnant at a damn Miley Cyrus concert.

    • ren

      I’m no fan of Jenelle but what’s your point? We’re supposed to stay home and wait for baby? Life continues even in pregnancy man. ; )

      • Erica

        Exactly im 6 and a half months and am allowed to still do Very light jogging.. its not uncommon for us pregnant people to do active things and plus all she did was watch a show its not like she was at a rock concert going in the mosh pit! haha (btw i don’t like miley OR jenelle)

        • ren

          Congrats Erica! I’m actually pretty surprised at the amount of thumbs up Stokely’s comment is getting. Interesting! Is it just because it’s Jenelle or is it because people are naïve when it comes to baby growing?

          • Erica

            Thanks Ren :) i think its baby growing! lol i know a bunch of people who did know you could have sex or go horseback riding or jogging or a lot of different things! there are women that do cross fit while pregnant! now i couldn’t do that mostly because i would die of exhaustion but i mean if you ask any OB they tell you jut don’t do anything your not used to doing so if you go jogging all the time continue until you feel uncomfortable or if you ride horses you can continue just don’t get on a bucking bronco ! haha i know my first trimester i was scared to have a miscarriage during sex from all the movements and all that jazz so i straight up asked my doctor and she giggled and told me not to worry about it! ( i felt ridiculous asking but had to)

      • amberc88

        THANK YOU!!! im 7 months pregnant, and already a mom of a 3 year old, that alone is probably more of a work out than going to a concert!! lol pregnancy isnt a handicap lol life still goes on and i dont want to be confined to my house or bed for 9 months, i will still be out and about up until the day this kid comes! Im honestly a lil dissapointed i wont be able to go to a KISS concert coming up here, and im only NOT going because its on my due date lol

      • Stokely

        My point is that it looks irresponsible.

        • frontdoormom

          Irresponsible??!! Wow. Someone isnt a parent. Dumbest thing ive read…ever.

    • mommyof2

      I was 8 months pregnant at a Jason aldean concert. As Long as you’re not drinking I don’t see a problem.

  • Jules

    I don’t ever want to go to a Miley Cyrus concert if that’s what she’s wearing… Yikes. Could that white body suit ride up any higher?! That t-shirt looks terrible. The scalpers out front were probably selling nicer merchandise. How much attention was Jenelle actually paying to the concert since it seems like she spent most of her time on instagram?