Are American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz gay?

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz from American Pickers

On the popular History Channel show American Pickers, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz make a business of traveling around the country in search of hidden gems. What they don’t make a business of is talking about their personal lives. In fact, during the show’s four seasons, the men have only sparingly spoken about their families beyond appearances by Mike’s brother and Frank’s mom. Even their official History Channel biographies steer clear of any personal details.

As far as viewers know, the childhood friends spend 360 days of the year on the road together, unless Mike is dealing with a back injury or needs to attend a high school reunion. So two affable male partners traveling all over the country together antiquing with a bit of lighthearted bickering thrown in? As you might imagine, this scenario has caused some to jump to conclusions. In fact, there are more than 12,000 monthly Google searches for “are the American Pickers gay?” (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

We spoke with Danielle Colby, the Antique Archaeology office manager who co-stars with Mike and Frank. She confirmed she’s heard the rumors, but just gets a kick out of them.

“Ya know the whole are they gay, aren’t they gay thing really just makes me laugh,” Danielle says. “If Mike Wolfe was gay, he would shout it from the roof tops and probably be the most fabulous gay man who ever lived! It would actually be really good for his career if he was,” Danielle adds, laughing.

And what about Mr. Fritz? “I do not understand the Frank gay scenario??? Frank Fritz does not in any way whatsoever appear to be gay to me at all.” As opposed to Mike? “Mike is more clean shaven, hipster, fashionable dude but either way, that dog don’t hunt… Damnit!” she exclaims, “Now I wish they were gay, we might have more to talk about.”

“I have no qualms being a f@g hag, I was born to it,” Danielle admits. “Ya gotta love your gays, they certainly keep life colorful! My baby pitbull is named Vida Boheme, after all.” She then chuckles and adds, “I just find it funny that none of my ex girlfriends have been contacted.”

“In the end, if we are following the biblical law that God is love, and we should follow that example, whats the f***ing problem?”

Damn! Danielle is more frank than Frank!

American Pickers Mike Wolfe Danielle Colby Frank Fritz
^ American Pickers stars Mike Wolfe, Danielle Colby and Frank Fritz

Still, discovering the truth about Mike and Frank’s personal lives takes a bit of digging. (Seems appropriate for an American Pickers story, right?) But in the end, both Mike and Frank’s personal lives are just like their pickin’ styles in that they play it straight.

Mike Wolfe, the owner of Antique Archaeology, married his long-time girlfriend, Jodi Faeth, in September 2012. The previous year, both Mike and Jodi participated in an interview with the New York Times. Described as a laid-back accountant, Jodi said she has always accepted Mike’s love of picking… In fact, her only gripe is when Mike turns around and sells her favorite pieces.

“I’m happy to say things have changed and pieces are staying around longer,” Jodi said, adding the success of American Pickers has helped.

Even before marrying, Mike and Jodi were a family: They welcomed their first daughter, Charlie, in January 2012.

American Pickers Mike Wolfe's wife Jodi Faeth
^ American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe, wife Jodi and daughter Charlie

Recently, Mike wrote his first children’s book, Kid Pickers, which he promoted on Good Morning America with the help of Charlie.

In addition to picking, Mike recently became passionate about Operation Smile, a charity that benefits those unable to afford facial deformity surgery. The cause is near and dear to his own heart, as Charlie was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate, which was repaired at Vanderbilt’s Children’s Hospital.

Frank, on the other hand, guards his personal relationships a little bit more closely. He’s officially a bachelor, but has reportedly been in a long relationship with a mystery woman who has intermittently been referenced on the show. However, Frank seems to embrace the single lifestyle, which he has said allows him to be a better picker.

“I was in the position to be able to do it,” Frank told the Quad-City Times of his decision to quit working as a fire inspector to pursue picking full-time. “A lot of people in this world are smarter, have more money, know more about stuff, but they haven’t chosen the direction or come to that crossroads in their life.”

Even though he’s fond of women, the Bearded Charmer’s most devoted relationship is with Arby, his beloved cat.

“Hanging out with Arby today. My favorite pick… 12 yrs ago I picked him out of about 45 cats,” Frank recently wrote on a Facebook photo of Arby.

Be sure to catch Mike and Fritz as they platonically traverse the countryside finding great junk and even greater people on new episodes of American Pickers airing Monday nights on History at 9/8c!

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  • Slade

    Gee, what an awful article. :

  • tab

    why is this an article?
    who cares if they are gay?
    disappointed in you, starcasm. shame on you.

    • John Billings

      Phil Robertson cares

    • Jerry Smith

      why is the sky blue?

    • danger


    • Eric

      Obviously a lot of people care. I’m sure that disappoints you but then, who cares!

  • Charla

    I watched the show a few times and didn’t like how they were getting over on people, especially old people. They would buy things from them for pennies, with the elderly not realizing how valuable it really was.

    • LexiconD1

      Me too. But, I never thought, ‘gee, are these guys gay?’, ever. It’s just not that important to me.

    • LolaPops

      I am glad you said that. They do get over on the elderly. I don’t want to bring in the Judaic aspect into this conversation, but yes…It’s terrible how they nickle and dime the elderly. These two guys make a killing at what they do and they wanna argue about a dollar less to older customers? These sellers who seemingly have a hard time letting go of stuff they’ve had forever and these two schmucks are buying it not for the love of the item but to turn a profit. They could care less if the people who buy their items throw those precious items in a bon fire as long as these two queens successfully brow beat these innocent sellers of their life’s wares…Shameless pugs, both of them!

      • law

        Just a dumb show…get over is scumbag…

      • Bobby Grissom

        I’m curious, just which “Elderly” people got ripped off? I’ve watched the show from day one & I see everyone being treated the same.
        No one knows what they’ll get for an item so you ALWAYS try to get it as cheap as possible. Also no one forces anyone to sell their item at any price. Those “Elderly” folks are mostly collectors & know the game.
        Most of the things Mike & crew deal in is considered JUNK to alot of people & would sit until it turned to dust or go to the dump after the owners death.
        They’ve gone back & paid people more when they sold items for more than expected numerous times when they were under no obligation to do so.
        As long as the customers are content & don’t go to the authorities or the media making accusations I don’t see where anyone else would think they have the right to do so.
        Thats my opinion.

        • Linda

          It’s a scripted reality show people. THey don’t do this for a living, it’s called acting. Mike even directs and produces the show. He’s made his millions doing this. The shop is a museum of sorts to house their rare relics of the days when they did pick. Do your research. Google it.

          • Gungistoker

            Show me a link to one article that says they are just actors or that Antique Archeology isn’t a real business. I challenge you. Talk about doing research.

          • MrMurph

            Google “Linda”. Very short Wiki: “No life idiot”.

        • Kit

          Those old people know their sh!t. They are not getting ripped. Pbbly no one will see this cuz this conversation is old but those oldsters surprise me as to how “up” they are on what they should be asking and getting. Yup, it’s a show but it’s amazing how the ones who are criticizing/complaining are watching it. Those old folks are just looking to make a few bucks on their junk or THEY would be selling that stuff on e-bay or in the paper or however the hell you get top dollar for junk. The complainers are watching this show way more than the rest of us who are defending it. And WHO CARES if they are gay. We aren’t watching it for their love lives. Sheesh.

  • Hannah

    I hate their show, my Dad watches it and always jokes on how short they are. Especially the fat one. Who cares if they are gay or not though? I never even thought about it, until I read your headline.

  • Zm

    One of the guys are married it don’t matter how much our democratic gay loving communist media wants them and every other celebrity to be gay their not. Just watch Fox News guys they will tell u the truth an stop sluring them their just telling the facts of our jacked up government,media,and president who by the way is not even from our country. Wake up people we have so much more to worry about than two guys who are not gay despite how much you messed up people want them to be.

    • LolaPops

      Sounds like your wife won’t wear the strap-on anymore with you..Self loathing pug!

      • Holly Hunter

        good one pops

      • Eric

        You fudge packer’s are such a disgusting and amoral bunch.

        • LolaPops

          C ock lovere

    • frdb

      Your a smuck,and an idiot to, what the hell does foxs news have to do with this article dahhh,your the one that needs to wake up!!! fox is a bias lying comedy organization that only succeeds in brainwashing weak minds such as yourself, if that’s where you get your news. I feel sorry for you.

    • Linda

      He only got married a year ago. Do your research.

      • MrMurph

        OK. I will when you get a life. Deal?

  • rustygh

    Wouldn’t make a difference to me if they were gay. Love the show. Mike is cool. Frank is lovable. Danielle is a real American women and beautiful. Mike’s family pic is awesome! Love the way he sports those suspenders! LOL

    • pantysissy

      rustygh, please coat my throat with ropes of your hot sticky thick spunkslime. stretch me wide open and pump me full of your goo with that veiny throbbing meatpipe.

  • LolaPops

    Sorry straight people, as an honorary ambassador of the gay community, we ask that you keep these two on your ‘team’…Please, we have better taste! Although, two straight guys spending most of their lives together antiquing, uh…yeah…ok..whatever..But, yeah, we don’t want them…We don’t even want Justin Bieber either when he comes up for gay membership which apparently will be soon..He is too annoying! So keep him also!

    • HD2007

      Hell we don’t want you gay people either. How about moving. Say to a deserted island somewhere

    • Adams Cta

      no, mj is yours, beiber is yours, and these two gold curtain closet cases are yours as well……madonna, gaga, cher, and all your true icons however are ours……they catch the rooster not the bivalve

  • WeirdlyGruesome

    I saw Fat Frank hanging all over a 20 year old goth chick in Iowa a year or so ago. That was attractive. So no, he is not gay. He does however have crone’s or something similar, and shats himself. That is a fact.

    • Tom Johnson

      That’s not from crone’s disease. Many gay men have that.

    • Me

      Was the goth chick into his attention?

      • MrMurph

        You jealous or something? Want yourself a little Franky?

  • Neice McKinney

    All I have to say is that gay people are very good people and I love them. Frank and mike, I have a 1965 old Mobil 98 for sale and I trying to get me something else.

  • Suzanna Keats

    Not true that gals weren’t mentioned on their shows. We heard it a few times about Frank’s either going to meet one or spend time with one.

  • Dee Bee

    Well, here’s the American way! Hate, belittle the show, he’s too SHORT and they steal from the poor! This is a SHOW folks not reality! The nay sayers should take a hike! If you Don’t like the show, Don’t watch it! Turn the dial or Push the Button and go your way! I love the show and hope they make Millions on it; (Like the baseball players who make 10 millions a year for playing baseball)! I’m sure these same nay sayers watch plenty of sports but never think that the fans, & (I’m sure there are elderly in this group)”, are being screwed at the park by paying $7.50 for a single glass of beer to help pay these athletic prima donnas! P.S. The gays don’t want them etc. Who cares “What” YOU want?

    • Me

      The probllem is how many mouth breathers think the show is REAL. The average American has been made stupid by television.

      • MrMurph

        You must be very average, then.

  • Tom Johnson

    I’m pretty darn sure Frank is gay.

    • Me

      Yep, he’s a “bear”. LOL

  • Quantumnerd

    The people commenting should be ashamed of themselves, picking on pickers lol. Just kidding seriously, I love the show and don’t worry about those “elderly” people your so worried about, they know what they’re doing. And they know that Mike and Frank end up doubling or tripling their money. It’s the sport of picking, the haggling of the price, the nickel and diming. I’ve seen many shows where an “elderly” person asked a ridiculously low price for something and Mike speaks right up and offers double or triple because he knows they are off base on the value. They are honest guys. I never would of thought that either of them are gay at all. And I think it’s great that Mike helps children with facial deformities, how can anyone say anything bad about him after he does this charity work.

    • Linda

      They don’t do this for a living, these guys are actors, directors, working on a scripted reality show. If you guys think they still do this for their living then I’ll sell you some junk. They made their millions acting. A little research on google would tell you everything.

      • Bayguy

        You just sold us some junk, Linda. Why so bitter over something that give some many a smile? Enjoy life, Linda. It has so much to offer!

        • Beth Bollig

          Amen. It is true that Mike produces the show, not sure if all the time but he has done episodes at the very least and I read an article tonight that tells of Mike creating a new show as well. I never thought they were gay anyway so this article made me laugh. I don’t resent them any of the money they have made from the show and they are pretty realistic about this being a ride that won’t last forever. I wish them all the best in the world. And another thing Linda, Frank has his own store he sells his picks in so while you’re on point with some details you’re wrong that they don’t make money from picking any longer.

        • Me

          I often smile, but I don’t have to watch fake realiity n tv shows to do that. Whether it is American Pickers, Hee-Haw or Dukes of Hazzard…….Never underestimate the stupidity of the American view.

          • Bill Owen

            u remind of a time in the past when for many yrs i was a huge fan of professional wrestling ….ppl would laugh and make fun of me for liking it tell me how fake it was…but if talked long enough and gentle steer the conversation in the right direction and get into movies they would go on and on about some superhero action movie….like man oh man was that batman movie great are what……yep thats really real…

      • Jrducky

        Indeed go to the site and Call the business. I have and it’s not a sham.

      • NormRx

        When you wrote this Linda I say this duo in Iron Mt., Mi. They were actively picking.

      • MrMurph

        Well, you DID try to sell us some sh*t. Is that the same thing as junk?
        You don’t know what you’re talking about, and aren’t bright enough to realize it.

    • Jrducky

      Wake up!! Mike helps Mike.

    • Ina Springer

      and, he’s earned his bones over the years, like a soldier has hashmarks on their sleeve and rank on the collar. So he makes an honest, decent living riding the currently popular reality show wave, putting the work into it. They don’t produce themselves. Some folks just gotta be hatin…pity for them.

    • Prudence

      No they shouldn’t. The person that should be ashamed of themselves is the writer of this article. Why would she assume the worst of them? It’s no better than going around accusing someone of being a rapist. She goes on about how they don’t talk about their family/personal life..because the show is about the stuff they get and not them.
      If they aren’t married its because they know marriage is one the worst decisions a man can make. It’s why marriage is on the decline and men are refusing to marry because women are pretty much not worth the risk considering the laws heavily favor them when the divorce happens.

      • Minx Brodie

        Prudence, do you need a hug?

  • Bobby Grissom

    It really tees me off to hear people say Pickers rip off elderly people. The only elderly people I saw them deal with knew what was going on & even ask them to return. They have no idea what the items they purchase will sell for & if they hadn’t of bought them they probably would have turned to dust or be thrown in the dump after the owners death.
    Where are all these “Old People” anyway? I’ve never missed an episode & I have seen only a hand full & they always treat them with due respect, listen to their stories, & leave them feeling good about life in general.
    I sometimes wonder if they’re upset because they missed out on the deal themselves.
    You make it sound like all elderly people weak & gullible. They’re just people like you & me but older and most of them wiser.

    • Judy Duckworth

      The Ones I have noticed who rip off are the G&S pawn. I Have seen Mike and Frank make a lot of cash and only paid a little and they went back and split the profit with who they bought it from

      • Beth Bollig

        I saw the episode where they bought the Circus banners and went back to give the fella an additional $5g because they wanted to help him get his fun park up and running again.
        I agree with you about the elderly folks too. I have thought that Frank has ripped some people off but I think people say that he does that a lot because you see Mike tell people they asked too little and he pays them more.

        • Jrducky

          Once in a blue moon. I have also seen Mike walk away laughing cause he buffaloes some old man and makes a mint off him.

          • Beth Bollig

            sad isn’t it…I have noticed, since I recently watched most of the 6th and 7th seasons in what you’d call a marathon and the guys are both saying, “they were comfortable with the deal” type statements so I think they probably have paid attention to the folks saying they rip people off. I have also noticed they are paying more for things than they might have in the past. But a lot of those folks don’t factor in all the costs they have to pay to run their businesses as well. Granted the show pays well and they don’t have to worry about those issues anymore.

          • Beth Bollig

            I JUST watched an episode called FAST EDDIE and I got so ticked off I almost shut it off. He really got taken and didn’t even realize it. Mike did that exact thing.

        • Donna Crouse

          I would like to find Mike, & Frank cause my Fiance past away, & I have things I’d hope their interested in! That I need to sell to pay off his Debts.

          • Beth Bollig

            Go to any of their facebook pages or either shop page and there is a contact button and you can email them that way. I am sorry for your loss. I would recommend you research so you know what your items are worth before you decide to sell them to anyone.

            • Donna Crouse

              Thank you, & God Bless you.

              • Beth Bollig

                you are most welcome. I lost a boyfriend to a heart attack many years ago and more recently an ex but we were still friends. I remember that heartache like it was yesterday so I feel for you, Donna.I prayed for you. hugs from WI if you need them

                • Donna Crouse

                  My Fiance left me with a very lg., debt to pay on his behalf! He also left me the house, & his car; I:be never had any one do this for me: but he didn’t tell me what he owed, & I’m response able to make sure everything is payed for, – I know he would love for me to let them come to look at everything, & sell what they want. My Fiance love watching their Shows, & so did I & still do.thank you for your Condolences.

                  • Donna Crouse

                    Also I made a Promise to him that I would do everything in my powers to keep the house, & car, & our dog’s.

      • Jrducky

        Very few times

      • Donna Crouse

        I agree

    • Me

      Two people who have been buying and selling stuff forr YEARS have no idea what it will sell for? LOL You’re a reral special kind of stupid.

      • Joe Smith

        ” You’re a reral special kind of stupid.”

        Reral? And you call them stupid! LOL!

  • Bobby Grissom

    Really though, most of those “Elderly”
    people were collectors and had been haggling prices most of there lives. They know you’re only gonna get what its worth to the person you’re dealing with. All they had to do was say no.
    Also, I don’t see what gives people as rude & obnoxious as some of you the right to judge others. You are the ones to cast the first stone and probably cast it at Christ Himself.
    As usual, the ones that judge are those unfit to judge.

    • Linda

      It doesn’t matter if they cheat people or not, fact is this a scripted show and lots of these items are staged into these picks, just like Storage Wars, and all the other reality shows out there. These guys are actors and have made their millions being actors, producers, directors. It does seem and I have paid close attention to it that they haggle people to death only at the end of the show to reveal that they always double their money or more at times. I pay close attention to it. But these guys don’t do this for a living anymore, they act first, and Mike directing, and producing also.

      • Bobby

        Stop trolling.

      • Eric Haulenbeek

        Nobody likes a know-it all Linda, especially when she has little to say that means anything!

        From the authorized biography of Mike Wolfe: Born in Joliet, Illinois, Mike is the second of three children raised by a single mother. Though he began picking at the tender age of six, pulling old bicycles out of his neighbor’s trash in Bettendorf, Iowa, Mike has been working as a professional picker for over 20 years. (He logged time as a competitive bicycle racer and owned two bike shops before settling into his picking career). For most of those two-plus decades, Mike went about his business with little fanfare, putting some 60,000 miles on his cargo van each year as he traversed the country in search of cool finds. His anonymity ended in January of 2010, with the debut of “American Pickers,” a TV concept he pitched to various networks for almost five years before it was picked up by The History Channel.

        • danger

          It sound like you have your head so far up mikes ass its pathetic!

          • Eric

            How mature… so what’s your point?

          • MrMurph

            I’d kick your ass, but your head is in the way.

        • Jrducky

          When he discovered he would make more money on TV. Mike is a joke. Frank is the one that keeps me interested. Mike is a know it all or thinks he does.

        • Stefanie

          I personally know someone who they picked. A crew comes in before hand an goes over all the items that Mike and Frank might be interested in. The crew haggles the price – what you see on the show is just for the show.

          They don’t even drive that van except for filming. Just like most reality shows – it’s all scripted.

          • Bacon & Iggles

            That’s odd. The picked my old, super eccentric next door neighbors place 2 1/2 years ago & there was NONE of that. I was right there as my family helps take care of the old guy every day. And let’s face it, it was too interesting to NOT be there considering nothing ever happens around here. I’m not saying it didn’t happen the way you said it did at the place you know, but I CAN say unequivocally that’s not what happened at my neighbors.

            • Bill Owen

              the so- called cold picks cant be real. as shown…..yes that could happen someone sees something in ur yard and stops and knocks on ur door…..but if there is a camera crew along u will be asking whats going on

          • mike p

            Ok ..
            Stef sounds about right

      • Bacon & Iggles

        And here she is ladies & gentleman…
        Debbie Downer! lol

        • MrMurph

          More like Debbie Dingbat.

      • MrMurph

        Linda’s theme song: “Still Stupid After All These Years”.
        Get a life, little loser girl.

  • maxmason77

    ~Don’t care if they’re gay or not,..they are a couple of nit-picking nickle and dime carnie’s looking to score huge from other people’s addictions,..hoarding and sometimes misery…..Get real jobs instead of driving around like two teenagers farting and giggling like school girls…There must be a lot of sellers thinking these 2 idiots will buy the whole lot as one package to make their lives easier,..but instead they go through everybody’s items and pick and choose what they want and don’t even put a dent in the over-all picture…/

    • Linda

      These guys don’t make their money picking, this is a scripted show. Mike is an actor, he is the producer and director of the show. He’s made millions acting, directing and producing. They may have use to make their living picking but not since the show became a hit. Their store is a museum basically to house all their prime picks.

      • MrMurph

        And you’re a loser with no life. What’s your point?

    • Eric

      How does a knuckle dragger like you seem to know so much about people you’ve never even met? Is it envy that’s making you a miserable person or are you just angry at the world for missing your own brass ring!

  • Ron

    I don’t care if people are gay as long as they don’t get their AIDS on me.. as for Danielle.. she is a total toilet.

  • The Idiots are taking over!

    If you never thought once .. are these guys gay? Something must be wrong with you. Maybe you are a lover of the show glee and you don’t care that homosexuality is becoming accepted , and bullies are not. Be brainwashed some more , stupid stupid people , keep following like sheep.

  • iteach4alivin

    I agree with Bobby Grissom. I too have watched from day one. I’ve seen them offer more money when people vastly under value and object. They haven’t picked one item paying $4K-$5K for an item worth 20, 30, 40 thousand dollars… Rarely do they double their money or triple it. Prices are negotiated down in their stores. They have a number they want or think they can get and then there’s the number the customer will actually pay. They are not even close to ripping people off.

    • Linda

      This is crap, I was watching older shows last night that I had taped and it caught my attention that he haggled this man and said his famous quote “there’s not much meat left on the bone” and at the end when it shows what they gave and what they were going to ask, he more than doubled his money. So I started watching for this and each and every time, he always doubled his money a lot of times more than doubling it. Haggling over 25 bucks and making 5,6,7 hundred dollars and lots of times it went into the thousand and over. They do rip people off but this isn’t their jobs. Their jobs are actors. They do a scripted show that bases it from a store which is just a museum of their rare finds of when they did pick for a living. Mike worth more than 6 million and earns 500 thousand a year. He is an executive director, producer, and actor. So whether or not he actually buys and sells items still or not, it shows he does. The bulk of his money he makes acting, producing, and directing or writing books. Yea he is married now, only over a year ago, it’s not like he’s been married that long at all. It says they have dated 17 years but there is no woman on earth that would have put up with him being gone on the road 300 days out of each and every year for 17 of those. NO WAY.

      • Gotchalksr

        I take it Linda does not own a business. If they didn’t double their money, they would quickly go under and not be able to do this, regardless of the cameras. Your average plate at a restaurant is marked up 3x the plate cost to cover overhead and make a profit. lol. Too funny Linda. Too funny. PS—I live in Gettysburg where Mike and Frank have been. 🙂

        • Linda

          Yes my family has had a business all of my life but I do know that they haggle people for the items they want then they sometimes sell these items for 5 or 6 times of what they paid. I hate to see them haggle an elderly man or woman out of it in the first place but for a little of nothing knowing their gonna make a fortune reselling it. Thats why I don’t like it. You do not have to take people for nothing, give them a little more for it, you know what your going to get from it. I hate to see these people taken. and thats what their doing. GREED

          • Bill Fold

            Linda, you’re an illiterate tool.

          • Pullman Strong

            Are you a ward of the government? Profit is paying people for what they do best. Even a prostitute knows that. Don’t be such a liberalcrat! Profit is good, it pays people, so they can feed their family!

          • Ina Springer

            Despite massive bank fraud during the oughts, there has not been a single prosecution of any significant person involved.
            The pipeline industry rakes in $1 billion a year by collecting one penny from every American every day. It got itself exempted from the corporate income tax but still collects it from consumers.
            .00043 percent of the corporations in America own 80 percent of all business assets.
            In 21 states, state taxes withheld from workers’ paychecks can be kept by the company. Not every employer gets the windfall, but 2,700 big companies do.
            Your anger is terribly misdirected.

          • MrMurph

            Linda the Loser. No friends, no happiness, no purpose, no life. Sad…

            I won’t argue your idiotic points except to say this: no matter what, ALL these people had a right and opportunity to say “NO”. Moron.

        • Waldopepper

          Linda is a troll, and I’ll bet she doesn’t get offered many bones with much meat on them either.

          • Me

            What a coincidense….your mom is gnawing on my bone right now

            • MrMurph

              You’re gnawing on mine right now.
              (BTW- the word is “coincidence”. Idiot)

        • nobody

          Who gives a crap where you live?
          Linda is right. Thise guys like to haggle over a measly five dollars, then the fat one has a habit of saying ‘5 bucks isn’t going to make or break me’.
          I say that they are gay, no matter what anyone else says. (and that was sugar coating it)

      • Joe Smith

        If you take away the costs of travel etc, they did not actually double their money.

        • Me

          Their main source of income is the SHOW, not the crrap they buy and sell, moron.

          • Joe Smith

            Why would they have 4 stores if that was the case and how did they make a living before the show existed bigger moron? Also, how does what you said make my comment that they did not double their money on the items they bought after you take out costs anything other than correct?

          • MrMurph

            And what, pray tell, is YOUR main source of stupidity?

      • Dave

        Linda if you think their actors on a scripted show then why are you making a big deal about what price they are paying for items? Have you nothing better to do? If you like the show and find it entertaining like I do, then watch it. If you don’t like the show and don’t find it entertaining, than don’t watch it. Simple as that.

        • MrMurph

          Oops! She didn’t think THAT one through!

      • Ina Springer

        Who are you to be the valuation expert on another person’s time, energy, talent, expertise? Or the moral authority on the ethics of a negotiation? So what if the shows are scripted…duh. Yeah they are a form of entertainment…horrors.
        Why not be angry at the crooks in government, big white collar criminals and thieving banking and insurance indusrties? Where is your outrage at the packaging, drilling, fracking… crammed down our throats that is choking our environment? why not be incensed about girls being genitally mutilated in some god-forsaken part of the world?
        You remind me of the preacher wannabe on the street corner with a megaphone…a noisy irritant.

      • MrMurph

        Linda Loser: geez, get a life.

      • sukahn mai poohole

        linda do you always buttf**k your cats with the patio hammer or just when the cheese is regular? how tall are the shirts anyways…its like sometimes i cant even upside down where its porous. so opaque. so translucent. what if the cashmere was abrasive? what then Linda…what then?

        im coming for you Linda, and im going to tongue-punch your fartbox, with or without your consent.

    • Jrducky

      Take off your rose colored glasses

  • Kenny

    They don’t get over on anyone or hustle anyone.
    The shows producers contact the sellers before the pickers and cameras show up and discuss prices. They pick specific pieces and then if the sellers don’t come to an agreement with the show producers, then they won’t show up to shoot.
    Many have come forward to say this happens. Also they seed the picks with items they bring from other locations to make the show more interesting. Some of those seeded items you will actually see making the rounds on several of the History channel shows. It’s 75% entertainment and maybe 25% edited reality.

    • Beth Bollig

      I noticed items on multiple shows as well. The Back to the Future cars was on Pawn Stars and one of the Auction shows that is no longer an active show.

  • John Billings

    The things I would do to Danielle.

  • Hedder

    I don’t understand the mentality of people who insist that since God is love then everything is permissible. You love your kids, but you don’t, or shouldn’t, let them run around unsupervised with no restrictions. God is more than love. He is also just, and He is absolute truth. Sorry, totally off topic, but that’s a soap box issue for me!

    • Joe Smith

      I don’t believe in magic

  • Trevor Ware

    I have a bunch of old stuff but they haven’t shown up

    • MrMurph

      They don’t buy piles of old, dry feces.

  • Eddie Preas

    Both guys are awesome and fun love them both god bless u both

  • Adams Cta

    beloved cat?…………more gay than liberace and elton john kissing to a boy george song wearing thongs and feather boas under a disco ball surrounded by cucumbers and bananas……why do you think their van has a gold curtain covering the back?

    • Jerry Smith

      so frank and mike can go behind the curtain and relieve each other !!

  • steve1

    Saying “there is nothing wrong with being gay” is stupidity in America. Sure there is something wrong its called sodomy a felony charge by the way. Shows nobody reads the bible America will fall if no one follows Gods rules. God destroyed the earth with floods because of gays(it killed 800 million in the flood). Heathernized America will crumble into the sea. The great babylon will fall.

    • The Last Prepper

      Oh look. It’s a right wing nut. Someone get the nut cracker out.

      • Me

        Have to admit one thing, the suicide rate for gays is waaaaaaaay higher than the suicide rate for straight people (you know, non-perverts)

        • MrMurph

          Does that mean you’re on the verge?

    • Kit

      What????? What does this have to do with the show???? Worry about your own love life, buddy and quit worrying about others. It’s not up to YOU to judge, or did you not read THAT in the good book?.

  • Tbone

    First off they both act gay. Also, they are into “art” stuff. Mike likes motorcycles, but in a gay sort of way. He likes the old leather caps and puts the stuff on and asks “how do I look?” You can’t be much more effeminate than those two guys.
    If they are gay, Frank is definitely the bottom guy and Mike the top.

    Also, these two shameless tricksters go around swindling old folk out of their money. Watch how coyly Mike picks something up that he knows is worth a lot of money and says “What do you want for this thingy?” .. as he waves it around in the air by his gentle wrist motion.

    He full well knows how much something is worth then he tries to chisel them down even when he’s already getting a good price.

    A real couple of swindlers these two. They almost gleefully leave knowing the bilked some old timers out of their hard earned collectibles.

    • Al Eng

      You assume the old timers are dummies. Who are you to make that critique? It’s called business and it’s done millions of times a day in America. So obviously you are not an American so mind your canadian business.

    • Kit

      Nobody held these old timers down to make them sale. They wanted and got their 15 minutes of fame. That’s what they really wanted.

      • MrMurph

        There ya go!

    • pjh

      I would love for you to be the one to determine my sexuality! I have very short hair, wear jeans all the time, love to drive bikes and fast too, I am a collector as well, love football, ran track, played basketball. Oh by the way I love opera and reading really good books,. My best buddy is my dog.

    • Me

      Yes on Mike and the biker leather fetish he seems to have. I wonder how many pairs of assless chaps he has at home.

    • MrMurph

      Frank is bottom, Mike is top. And you’re in-between?

  • intrigue curious

    Frank is the “bearded charmer” according to them.
    As in a snake charmer? Wait, the thought is making me sick.

  • Mike Stewart

    I have to watch this show with the sound off. Mike is perhaps the most obnoxious babbler on TV – he’s so good at enthusiastically stating the obvious, the repetitious, the stupid, the corny, and most of all the unnecessary. He presents information to his viewers with the presumption that they are retarded, blind and deaf. The IQ level of this show is in the low double digits.

    • Kit

      Is that why you watch?

      • MrMurph

        LOL! Now THERE’S a question!

  • ClobberDobson

    I’d like to get me some of Danielle. Break her off proper.

  • John Kruger

    im from South Africa and i think Danielle is the most beautiful woman to work the face of the earth, id even travel to her home town just to spend an evening with her.

  • Mike Bridgewater

    Stop talking dumb. These guys may be making more money then you and I don’t think they are gay. 10 thumbs up guys you go.

  • susan

    They are soooo not gay, what would make anyone think that??
    So sad 2 guys on the road with a hit show and America thinks
    gay, gay guys don’t wear tee shirts and baggy jeans- get a life people!!

    • Deathbyillusion

      Actually I’m gay and I wear t-shirts and baggy jeans. So are you saying I’m not gay? Not all gay guys are into fashion lol.

  • Jerry Smith

    i think what they pay for some crap is crazy




  • topsoldier

    2 crooks to the hilt..They brag about ripping off the poor folks the “steal” from..I saw them buy a Cigar Poster…on paper…today – that I would gladly have given a grand for – and the turds gave about 70 bucks for it.. They stimk..

    • MrMurph

      Just because you’re an ignorant asswipe doesn’t mean they have to be.

  • Friday

    I’ve seen them sucking face at a bar in Sarasota

  • Joseph Kool

    That Danielle chick is nasty, I bet her vagina smells like a sewer hole.

  • Straight, Gay or Half Way the only thing that matters is that they’re straight in their dealings with people.

  • Charles_Miller

    Of course American Pickers are gay. Even my gay friends shake their heads and say, “American Pickers? They are SO gay.” Beyond that, they’re just unlikeable. For myself, I don’t like any of those stupid, scripted “reality” shows wherein the foppish stars screw people out of their property. Same thing goes for Pawn Stars.

  • Nick

    I love the show. Whether scripted or not, most of this stuff would rot in barns or attics because most people don’t even remember that the stuff is there. So, if they can give some people money for stuff that isn’t ever going to get used, what’s the harm?

  • Bill Owen

    about the homosexual.thing when the are featured on a show i change channels

  • Tbone

    How would you like to have these two fart knockers show up at your granny’s door to low ball her out of her life collections?

    They toned it down a little. They seem to be showing some sympathy now that they’ve lined their pockets on TV money.

    I’d like to see them do some fart jokes. You know with all those hours driving in that truck and Mike eating all that Mexican food there would be some good humor on that.

    I like it when some old koot knows what his stuff is worth and it takes the wind right out of their sails.

  • Livian Reads

    There is no doubt they enjoy picking, but this show is not real. Although, I would rather watch it and learn about some history, then to watch the Kardashians. And they have probably made a few dollars picking, but their mother load of money has come from the show! They are millionaires now, but I am sure they still enjoy “the pick”.

  • Dee Espinoza

    Who owns the business

  • GrimReaper

    they are not gay, just scammers! If I walked in to their store & said I was a picker, I would demand picker prices just like they do…but nope…they only scam to sell it at retail prices…so pathetic using the “picker” angle here

  • marbl

    If this is true somebody needs to go in and fix the Wikipedia article on American Pickers.

  • djdiym

    I’ve watched this show for years the thought of them being gay never crossed my mind. Someone asked me so I searched and found myself here. Who cares anyway!?!? On a bigger better note Danielle is smoking hot!! What’s her preference and availability???

  • jd

    I don’t understand why people feel the need to label or just question anyones personal life. Its a great show and you either watch it or you don’t. There is no need to dig into anyones personal life. If they want you to know about it they would put it on tv. What the hell people, live and let live. They are good people with honest hearts. Not many can appreciate that these days. That’s the real issue.

  • Michael Mad Mike Park

    Pounding a dudes ass is not for me.

  • marbl

    If Mike isn’t gay he missed his calling.