Airline passenger performs sex show mid-flight for fellow passengers, gets arrested upon landing

Sexy show 1

A drunken airplane passenger both gave and got more than she bargained for when purchasing her ticket. According to British Airways, an unidentified 46-year-old woman caused a bit of a ruckus on an international flight from Kingston, Jamaica to London this weekend. Partway through the flight, the clearly intoxicated woman began using sexually suggestive language to other passengers, and, shortly thereafter, started to strip off her clothing, item by item. The flight crew did not realize what was going on until the woman was down to her nethers, at which point, according to witnesses, she began performing a “solo sex act” for the passengers.

Upon the plane’s arrival in London, the woman was arrested, and detained. (No word on how the good people of British Airways managed to get her clothing back on between restraining her mid-flight and handing her over to the authorities after landing.) The southwest Londoner was interrogated and released with “a caution”–and, presumably, a bottle of water to help with the massive hangover.


(Photo credits: Boeing and Gatwick via Creative Commons)

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