VIDEO PHOTOS Leah Calvert and daughter Adalynn

Leah Calvert and daughter Adalynn Faith

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert gave birth to her third daughter Adalynn Faith via emergency C-section on February 4 and for more than six weeks she somehow managed to prevent any photos or information (other than Adalynn’s misspelled name) from reaching the web. That all changed last week when Us Weekly published the first photos of Leah and Adalynn (or Addy as Leah calls her) as well as Addy’s dad Jeremy Calvert and two older sisters Aliannah (Ali) and Aleeah. Now Leah has invited MTV video cameras into her home to share the first video footage of her new daughter and to talk about what life has been like since the new arrival!

“The girls have a new sister,” Leah begins. “Her name is Adalynn Faith. Jeremy wanted to name Adalyn Madison, but I didn’t like — because he wanted to call her Maddy, but I got him to change it to where we could call her Addy. And his middle name was Lynn, so we named her Adalynn.

“And then we wanted all the girls to have similar middle names, so then all ‘A’ names, so we named her Adalynn Faith. And then Ali and Aleeah’s middle names are Grace and Hope. With Ali and Aleeah [we were] in the hospital for a couple weeks, which is really, really, like — it was devastating for me. He would leave them in there, I wouldn’t be with them.

Teen Mom 2 Leah Calvert's new daughter Adalynn

“But with Adalynn I actually got to take her home within 48 hours. She was healthy and everything went really good.

“One of the big things that I’ve noticed with Jeremy is, with the girls, like, he had a relationship with them, but I feel like with Ali and Aleeah his relationship has grown stronger now that he has his own child, because he actually feels like a dad now.

Leah Messer Calvert and newborn daughter Adalynn just after her birth

“At first when Adalynn was born Jeremy really wanted to participate in every single thing. He wanted to get up at night feedings, he wanted to change her diaper, he wanted to be really involved with everything that was done to take care of her. And now that he’s gone at work it’s, like, I do everything on my own. But when he does come home he helps, and he wants to do it.

“Jeremy being gone six days a week, sometimes it does take an emotional toll on me because I just want my husband with me all the time. But I know he loves his career and I wouldn’t want to take that from him. So I support him in what he does, and I feel like that’s what a wife should do.

Leah Calvert daughter Adalynn's nursery

(Anyone else in love with Adalyn’s room?!?)

“The girls are so cute with Adalynn. They love her! Aleeah was a little bit sketchy at first. She wanted to play with her and hold, but she did not want to do anything with the diaper, she did not want to feed her, anything like that. She just wanted her for ten seconds and then let her go.

“Ali plays more mommy to her, she’ll take care of her, help me feed her, rock her to sleep — Ali wants to do everything. She’s like my little mommy.

Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer daughter Adalynn

“I know a lot of people might be worried about us having another child, and it, honestly it wasn’t planned, but we weren’t upset about it because we felt like we were stable and I feel like Jeremy would be a great dad and I’d be a great mom, and we didn’t really have any worries. If we didn’t have a home, or if our bills weren’t met financially, then we would worry, but that’s not the circumstances for us, so we actually felt happy and excited about it — that we were going to add a new addition to our family.

“And my decision isn’t the decision for every girl out there. This is my decision that I made. I feel like I was stable enough to have another child if I wanted that.”

Leah Calvert's new daughter Adalynn Faith photo

Be sure to catch more of Leah and Jeremy’s journey towards their happy ending on Teen Mom 2 airing Monday nights at 10/9c on MTV!

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  • DeeDeDee

    “Honestly, it wasn’t planned…”

    So MTV just edited it to make it LOOK like you were saying that you were PLANNING on getting pregnant? Oh, okay.

    • Maiko Higa

      …That was the baby she lost.

      • Jean

        No, with the baby she lost was planned too. She took out her mirena.

      • DeeDeDee

        I know she lost the first baby. But it seems odd to me that she would plan that baby, and then get pregnant so shortly after losing it and we’re supposed to believe that it wasn’t planned.

  • Andrea Elaine Bishop

    the baby is super cute and going from one child to two is the hard part two to three is no sweat

    • Hmm

      How would you know? You’re 21 with no kids, based on your Facebook page

      • Sasha Brewer Giraldo

        I disagree. Having my two boys wasn’t nearly as hard as when their little sister came on the scene. 3 just about did me in but they’re older now and am thankful for all if them.

  • Anonymous

    Uh-oh, Jeremy went back to work and left her alone? Countdown to Leah cheating starts in 10..9..8..7..

  • Goat Meat

    Not the ideal situation but it looks like she has a level head on her shoulders. I wish them all the best. I have 2 under 3.5 and it’s hard. If she can pull off three kids, 6 days a week on her own (one of them being a newborn), then I give her props. Parenting is the toughest job out there, they don’t lie.

  • awoman

    Despite her problems in desperately wanting everything now now now in her relationships, she’s always appeared to be a very good mother.

  • Maiko Higa

    I don’t know, there’s just something weird about how they said that Jeremy feels like a “real” dad now. I mean, I know not being a step dad is not the same, but isn’t Leah herself closer to her step dad than her biological father? I know that the twins’ dad is still there but its just weird.

  • Geniya

    why is she always wearing pounds of makeup

    • Dana

      Because she is butt ass ugly!!!

  • Jean

    “honestly it wasn’t planned”…”This is my decision that I made. I feel like I was stable enough to have another child if I wanted that”..

    We SAW you saying you took out your Mirena on MTV. What is with these conflicting statements? Man up to the fact that you planned to have another baby. We all know it. BOTH of your pregnancies with Jeremy were planned and I’m willing to bet your pregnancy with Corey was planned.You are just trying to protect yourself because in the eyes of America you look like an idiot have 3 babies, 2 marriages, and a divorce before you’re 21!!

    • Jenn

      Agreed!! She’s a total liar. I cannot stand this girl anymore. I have ZERO respect for her.

      • LexiconD1

        This is the same girl who said (paraphrasing) that, “People on welfare need to get jobs”. I lost all respect when I read that. This is coming from a girl who only has a high school diploma, never held a full time job (or paid for any of her kids with money at a job SHE worked), and if MTV hadn’t picked her for Teen Mom would be on welfare, right now, herself…

        • Jenn

          Or if she didn’t marry rich she’d be on welfare!!

          • LexiconD1

            He’s not rich. It’s one of those jobs that you get paid well for, ONLY if there are jobs available. It’s not a constant stream of money…
            Once they split, and let us be honest, they will. She will no longer have access to that either.

        • catelisul

          That comment (if she said what was paraphrased) shows how little she knows of the real world. Most people on welfare DO have jobs.

          • LexiconD1

            exact quote, can be found easily on Google, ” Government assistance?? They should get rid of it.. Then maybe people will WORK for a living! .. Idc”.

            Yes, she is very delusional. Wonder who paid for her girls hospitalization when they were born, or Ali’s on going health issues? Does Corey’s job cover it? Medicaid IS welfare, so are food stamps. Wonder if she used those when she and Corey split the first time, before they married, because I doubt he has a job that could pay for both households, without her working and contributing a red cent. If she hasn’t used welfare before, I bet she will be dependent upon it in the future when MTV and Jeremy are long gone…

            • jess

              She is still young enough to be on her parent’s insurance, and you can stay on it even if you’re married.

              • LexiconD1

                I doubt her trashy family has insurance. Her mother works in a dental office, but I doubt she does anything but answer phones part time. The bald guy named Lee, her mother is married to, is her stepfather, so no coverage there, they don’t cover step kids. Did you see what a loser her real father is…so where is that insurance coming from?

                The twins are, probably right now, covered by Corey. Leah is probably covered by her husband for now, but that will go away when she gets caught cheating on him, she’ll no longer be covered once the divorce comes.

                But all this is just speculation…Bet the shit hits the fan when Teen Mom 2 finally get the ax…it can’t come soon enough.

    • spottedgiraffe

      All of her pregnancies were planned without the guy’s consent lmao.

  • Amanda

    I am just so proud that that isn’t me.

    • spottedgiraffe

      I know whenever my parents have something to complain about I show my mom clips of those teen sk@nks on Maury but now I will show my mom this article.

  • Hayzii

    At least the potato chips her child was eating were in a bag and she didn’t have to eat them off of the floor like with their other main staple, cheese puffs.

  • LaLaLa

    Cute kids!

  • teenwolffan

    I honestly feel like Leah life is going to be so hard. Jeremy was just laid off so he not making money. Like he used to Leah just get a job at a tanning place. Three kids just a high school degree Leah life does not look good. I hope she was smart with her mtv money. I don’t get why anyone would pick this life kids are blessing. But does mean you can have them does mean you should. At sure a young age I remember a while back Leah and her family. Brag about how much money Jeremy makes. Now what is Leah and Jeremy going to do to support their family together

  • Ace

    “wasn’t planned”? Yea right, lol! Does she think we are all as thick as her? Or is she really that thick she got pregnant, miscarried, and then a couple of months later forgot how to use birth control again?
    I love how many times she says ‘like’ in the interview, so typical of her. I can’t stand watching her on TM2 because she says ‘like’ every few words.
    And no, I think the room looks tacky, but that’s just my opinion.

    • GumballGiggity

      The room does look tacky. Animal print for a child’s nursery -_- no.

    • Dana

      LOL, agreed with everything you said, LIKE OK? LIKE,LIKE,LIKE,LIKE? wow she is stupid.

  • pepper2010

    So let me get his straight, doormat let you change the name he wanted for his daughter, so it could match the name you gave to the childs you had with another guy. One word : pushover.

  • Anna

    The baby’s legs are so thin! No baby fat. Hope she was wise enough (responsible enough, selfless enough, etc) to not smoke thru this pregnancy.

    • Hmm

      I think it’s because the baby was over a month premature so it’s still just littler. Not necessarily caused from smoking

      • Sasha Brewer Giraldo

        My you youngest was 5 weeks early and only weighed 4 lbs 12 ounces. I never smoked . Heck, I wouldn’t even drink caffeine. Some babes born early just look like this. I’m honestly a bit envious at how Leah loses her pregnant weight so easily.

    • Andrea Rose

      Who knows, she may have had preeclampsia.. Anyone can get that.

  • Taytay

    Is it me or does she look like she is 14?

  • Huh

    Why are her pupils sooo huge? Especially when they have lighting on her for the camera. She looks tweaked out.

    • Sasha Brewer Giraldo

      When tweaked out, pupils are actually extremely small

  • tab

    crap. the stupid hair is back.
    also, you’re financially stable because you got knocked up on your first date with corey and MTV gives you money to be on TV.
    you’re a loser.

  • lindsay

    she should be under the definition of delusional.

  • Kara

    Who are we to judge them? I wish them the best.

    • Dana

      Because she put it out there for people to judge?
      She made the choice to bring the world into her life! She asked for it, she can’t have her cake and eat it to!

  • Ashley

    This has nothing to do with her.. But I saw she was rocking the baby while feeding it. I don´t have any kids and don´t know anyone with babies. But should you rock your child while you feed it? If I was swung around like that my dinner would come right back up xD

    • Sasha Brewer Giraldo

      When I nursed, my kids love to be gently rocked and sang to. I guess it depends on the child.

  • Sasha Brewer Giraldo

    They should’ve named her triple A .