Teen Mom 2 preview videos for Chelsea, Jenelle, Kailyn and Leah

Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska nude Adam Lind photo

Last night’s Season 7 premiere of Teen Mom 2 did not disappoint, as Chelsea, Leah, Kailyn, and Jenelle had the drama train leaving the station at full steam! And, judging by these preview clips from next week’s episode, that train is just gonna keep on rollin’.

As usual, the good folks over at MTV have shared sneak peeks for each of the families, so we’re doing our usual thing by posting them all with brief descriptions for each. Since Jenelle’s clip was featured on last night’s live after show, we’ll start with that one.

“Kaiser’s first haircut”

In this clip, Jenelle absolutely loses her s**t when she picks up Kaiser after he had been with Nathan and discovers that her son’s hair has been cut for the first time. Adding insult to injury, Nathan’s new girlfriend Jessica is a hair stylist, so of course Jenelle assumes it was she who did the deed. (And, remember, this is the same girlfriend that Jenelle is facing assault charges against after allegedly throwing a water glass at Jessica’s head.)

As you would expect, Jenelle gives Nathan a call and the vocal volume quickly rises. Pretty soon, Jenelle has had enough. “You know what?” she says into her speaker phone, “I’m changing my number right now, and if you want to see Kaiser you can take me to court for visitation. Good-bye!”

“That’s his first haircut and I want to be there for that,” Jenelle tells her long-time co-pilot bestie Tori. “And I want to take pictures and everything!”

“Corey gains custody of the twins”

Corey Simms visits his attorney, Rusty Webb, and gets good news on his custody battle with Leah. “You got virtually everything you asked for,” Rusty says. “You’re going to be primary caretaker and primary legal custodian. She no longer has the decision making–it’s shared now. So you both have to share it.”

Corey seems shocked and overjoyed at the news. Rusty continues, addressing the issue of Leah taking the kids to school–which was a major issue on this week’s episode as Leah could barely get up early enough to drive her daughters 45 minutes to get to their school. “We’re hoping that if she only has one day to take them to school she’ll get them to school on time the one day a week that she has them,” Rusty explains. “So you’ve got them Monday through Friday. She’s got them Friday through Monday.”

“It’s amazing,” Corey says at the end of the clip as he begins to get emotional. “We’ve fought for so long. It’s hard to hold back the emotions, but–I mean, I really didn’t expect it, you know? But, for the girls’ sake, I’m tickled pink that I have them.”

“Javi’s pending deployment”

Kail reveals to Javi that Jo’s pregnant girlfriend Vee is currently in labor. “Yikes,” is all Javi says. After a bit of a pause, Kail adds that when the baby is born she plans on taking Isaac to meet his little sister. “OK,” says Javi.

After that Javi reveals he also has something he wants to talk about. “I got some news today that I might have to go overseas for a little bit,” he says. He adds that the deployment isn’t a certainty yet, but he should know for sure in a couple of weeks.

“Do you know where you’ll be going?” Kail asks. “And how long would you be gone for?”

“I don’t know, babe,” says Javi. “All they told me was the possibility that I’ll be sent overseas. Usually it’s for, like, six months or more. Once we know for sure, we’ll address the kids.”

“How are you feeling about it?” asks Kail.

“With me possibly leaving, I just want to make sure I spend my free time with the ones I care about, and enjoy it,” responds Javi. “I’m not really worried about going to dinner with Jo and Vee; that’s not what I want to do on my free time that I do have.”

“That’s fine,” says Kail. “I definitely don’t want to fight about Jo and Vee with you. I’m just trying to get along for Isaac. I have to deal with him for the next 20 years. I hate being caught in the middle.” Kail also says she doesn’t want to fight about small stuff and she begins to talk about their plans for dealing with Javi’s potential deployment as far as Lincoln and Isaac are concerned.

“Adam’s professional photo shoot”

Chelsea has lunch with her friend Britnee and becomes completely giddy when she gets to show Britnee some professional photos that Adam had taken of himself. Chelsea laughs as she shows Britnee the now-infamous nude photo of Adam in which he recreated Adam Levine’s Cosmopolitan photo. In both pictures, the fellers are completely naked, their baby makers covered up by a woman’s hands. Here’s a censored version of Adam’s photo–click to see the full Monty:

Adam Lind nude photo shoot - click to see the uncensored version

Who’s hands are those?” a shocked Britnee asks.

“Probably one of his girlfriends,” Chelsea guesses, before asking: “Would you want to bang this?”

“Nooooo!” says Britnee.

“I feel, like, dirty looking at it,” says Chelsea.

That does it for the Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 2 preview clips! But, in case you missed it, here is the Season 7 preview trailer with even more of what we can expect to see this season: