Kim Kardashian on pregnancy weight gain criticism


Pregnant celebrities are often criticized for their weight gain, (or in some cases, lack of weight gain,) but it’s compounded when they’re someone like Kim Kardashian, who basically made a brand out of every waking minute of her life.

Kim Kardashian, who is now almost six months pregnant is 5’2″ tall and according to her, so far she’s put about 20 pounds on her non pregnancy weight of 120. According to the reality star there are numerous reports out now that she currently weighs 200 pounds.

She told OMG Insider:

“It says that I’m like 200 pounds on there. That’s like, definitely a good 60 pounds off. It’s ridiculous. Obviously you don’t want to be called fat, but I’m pregnant. I would hope to gain some weight.

What’s so funny is I love junk food and I love fast food, I love sweets, ice cream. I haven’t been able to eat any of that since I’ve been pregnant. I am so sad that I’m not craving like In-N-Out and Taco Bell. None of it. That’s what I was craving before. I’m craving like carrots and celery with ranch.

I wore this like leather skirt and by the way it’s a maternity skirt that I had made. Like everything is bigger. And they’re like, ‘Oh you can’t wear anything tight. That is ridiculous.’ They have pregnancy Spanx that are tighter than the skirt I’m wearing. I want to feel good about myself and still feel fashionable. That’s who I am. Happy mommy, happy baby.”

Pregnant Kim is often snapped by the paparazzi exiting the gym, and according to an US Weekly report, Kim often walks on the treadmill at home, or uses one of Tracy Anderson’s strength-training DVDs. She recently blogged about her efforts to stay fit, and eat healthy while pregnant.

What do you think? Is the criticism of Kim’s weight out of control?

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  • Amber

    Honestly I think she is making awful choices in what to wear. It looks like she is trying to take what she would wear before getting pregnant and make it maternity, and its not working and does make her look heavy. Too bad she doesn’t take her sisters advice, she always looked adorable pregnant. Kim has been wearing clothes that make her look bulky and her waistlines have been wrong in the placement making her look frumpy in pictures.

    • ohmygeez

      Her waistline keeps inching up higher as her bump grows and it’s only making her look bigger and more square.

    • Amber

      & sadly the picture above is one of her best maternity outfits. Did anyone see the black and white dress she wrote recently? Or the taupe/camel color stress? They were just poor choices. Being so short and voluptuous she has to be more careful with her choices

  • sevv

    I won’t criticize her for the weight gain; pregnancy is hard on the body. But there is no way based on her photos she weighs 140 lbs. I am the same height and I weigh 135 and there is NO WAY based on the photos that she only weighs 5 more lbs than I do.

    • awoman

      I’m the same height and am 125, but have been as much as 150 outside of when I was pregnant and had the same reaction. I would have guessed her pre pregnancy, given her hips and bottom, was about 145. I’d peg her closer to 160 to 165 in her most recent pictures.

  • ohmygeez

    Can she ever speak without “like” being used every other word? That’s like so very annoying. 😉 And she really needs to ditch the tight clothing because it’s not flattering.

  • Geniya

    now you are a celebrity, mother nature is not suppose to make you fat while you are pregnant.

  • tab

    nothing is off limits when a person chooses to be in the spotlight. people can, and will, judge her. she’s such a waste of space.

  • anjealka

    It is ironic that she the current season of her show is focusing on Kourtney losing the baby weight. Kourtney is 1 inch shorter? and said she normally weighs 95lbs (and Kim was commenting constantly on Kourtney not being in shape, looking frumpy and needing spray tans to look thinner etc) and Kourtney weighed 112? Kim is admitting she is normally 120(how that can be a size 0 is beyond me) and she was teasing Kourtney for being 112 2 months after having her baby. I hope Kournety gives it right back to her.
    Also I love how Kim says she hasn’t been eating junk when there have been so many pictures of her coming out of ice cream and frozen yogurt stores.

  • Mickey

    It’s not her weight, it’s about how disgusting she looks trying to wrap all that weight in clothes that are meant for people half her weight.

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