VIDEOS Courtland Rogers says Jenelle Evans still uses drugs, he never hit her

Courtland Rogers talks about split from Jenelle on stickam

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier in the Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers fallout, both parties participated in live video sessions tonight on, Jenelle with ex Gary Head (click the link to watch the videos) and Courtland with a new girl named Tiffany Knabe. Courtland’s broadcast appeared to be from a hotel room in Cincinnati, Ohio where he says he has spent the last three days (with Tiffany). Here is a bullet point list of highlights and quotes:

Courtland kicked off his clip by saying, “This is f***ing crazy. Where’s Jenelle’s b*tch ass at? Gonna put Gary on here… Jenelle gonna sit here and take falsified reports out on me, and then go f*** Gary? Are you serious?” He followed that with a series of “I got you. I got you b*tch. I got you Jenelle.”

“Hey Jenelle look,” Courtland said as the camera panned down to his Jenelle Evans tattoo over his heart. “There it is. Say goodbye to that sh*t.”

“I am leaving Jenelle. F*** her,” he declares.

At one point he claims that he and Jenelle sold her pregnancy story for $20,000 and split the money.

Courtland says he isn’t sure Jenelle’s baby is even his, claiming she cheated on him with a guy named Kris.

A viewer then points out Gary Head (who is with Jenelle) is about to go live on stickam as well. “Gary’s about to go on stickam? Ooooooo. Oh no. Tell Gary to go stick his c**k in some damn roast beef.” [It should be noted that Courtland has started using the term “roast beef” to refer to one of his wife (and mother of his child)’s body parts.] “Hey Gary Head, b*tch! What are you doing little f***ot! How’s my d**k taste b*tch?”

“I bet Gary gives good head,” Courtland continues. “F***ing f***ot. Go listen to Gary? Yo, Gary can go suck my f***ing d**k, and I don’t give a f*** about him being live. And If y’all wanna watch him, watch him. F*** it. I’m jus trying to show y’all Jenelle aint’t the only one that can f*** something up.”

It seems a number of Courtland’s viewers were trash talking Gary supporters. “Gary would whoop my f***in ass yo? Tell him to come on right now then! How come everytime I call him out he don’t do sh*t? He ain’t nothin’ man! Some little f***ing retired vet! B*tch ass. Go***mned kicked out the Army for stealing a f***ing Hummer ’cause he was too b*tch ass lazy to walk a mile and a half. Dumb f***ing f***ot.”

The Camera pans down to his Jenelle Evans tattoo again. “I’m about to put a different name right here on my mother f***ing heart.”

So what about the abuse claims and the four charges of assault filed by Jenelle on Wednesday? “No I did not hit Jenelle I swear to God! I ain’t never touched Jenelle! She makes all that sh*t up and then runs to Gary’s house? Really? Now I have, like, four charges of assault on a female? F*** that sh*t.”

Courtland Rogers with his reported new girlfriend Tiffany Knabe

The camera pans over to Tiffany. “And this one right here, she ain’t crazy. I don’t have to worry about it with her. She don’t give a f*** about no money, about no fame, about Twitter, about Facebook.”

Later Courtland addresses the assault charges again by saying (sorry, I missed the first part when recording the video) “…and then you put like some little teeny pinky bruise on your cheek. If I was gonna go***mn beat somebody, there would be f***ing go***mn broken bones and f***ing, like, real bruises, not a f***ing pen mark.”

“I’ve never cheated on Jenelle, ever, swear to God!” Courtland declares. “I still haven’t!” he adds.

Someone must have made a comment about his teeth because he angrily says, “Everybody talking about ‘meth mouth?’ My teeth look bad to y’all?” he asks as he bares his teeth for the camera. “F*** no! Beautiful teeth. Gary Head started that little gay sh*t, his little f***ot ass.”

Courtland reveals a little bit about where he’s been the last few days. “Yo, I been here for like three days now, chillin’ with the same girl, because she actually f***ing makes me feel good, no matter what y’all say — not anybody.” He also said he first stopped in West Virginia to hang out with some MTV people (which I assume means cast members from Buckwild), but headed east when he heard Jenelle was hanging out with Gary.

Courtland Rogers new girlfriend Tiffany Knabe mug shot photo

Some Jenelle loving (or perhaps not) Twitter sleuths uncovered the above mug shot photo of a Tiffany Knabe, who was arrested in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2011 for disorderly conduct.

So what about Jenelle’s alleged continued drug use after getting pregnant? “Yeah, she’s still getting high,” Courtland says. She’s doin’ all types of sh*t.”

Someone then asks about Jenelle’s role in Jace’s life, to which Courtland responds with, “No, Jenelle does not have as much to do with Jace as she claims. Matter of fact, she goes over there just to take pictures, and then leaves. That’s f***ed up. I spend more time with Jace than she did.”

Then back to the drugs. “Right now she’s doin’ pain pills, Xanax and smokin’ weed,” he says.”

Later Courtland appears to get angry when someone calls him out for shacking up in a hotel room with another woman while he’s still married. “I’m not married!” says Courtland. “Why the f*** I’m gonna be married to some b*tch that cheated on me? F*** that sh*t. I’m sorry that I had a fallback that takes care of me and makes me smile and is going to be a f***ing awesome girl to me.”

Jenelle Evans husband Courtland Rogers with rumored new girlfriend Tiffany Knabe

AND back to drugs again. “Yes, Jenelle is on dope. She goes to Dr. Demas on Dawson Street in Wilmington and gets 90 Percocets and 90 Lorazepams a month.” It was at this point Jenelle reportedly began crying and had to leave the room where Gary was broadcasting from.

“I haven’t cheated on her. Tiffany tell them!”

“Nope,” Tiffany says. “I swear to God,” Courtland repeats. “And a kiss ain’t sh*t. That ain’t nothin’, so f*** it. It’s all good, you know what I mean?”

Wow. I don’t know quite what to say. That was my first prolonged exposure to the wonderment that is Courtland Rogers’ verbal prowess!

UPDATE – Here is Courtland Rogers and Tiffany Knabe’s stickam session in its entirety split into two parts. WARNING! These clips do contain some profanity, as you could probably tell from the quotes above.

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  • Charla

    Two meth heads in a hotel

    • :))))))))

      They can say what they want but we all know it was a motel.

  • Rx2003

    Holy s*** are they high! Quality people. I am sure this is a more true picture of Jenelle’s true life!

  • Meg

    Wow. Tiffany must be proud to be his “fallback.”

    • 1GrayGal

      She’s hoping to be upgraded to “baby mama” status. ***rolls eyes**** These people are pathetic and MTV should stop giving them a forum to pollute the rest of the world. :(

      • Geniya

        then don’t give them any form of attention like this comment. thsese articles and people commenting are just more fuel for them to keep going

  • omg

    I think this proves neither one should have custody or visitation with any child. I really hope her pregnancy is fake. Raising a child is hard enough, nevermind a child that has any type of disability. Hopefully her ob doctor is seeing this and drug tests her throughout her “pregnancy”.

  • gigi

    If you have a backup, chances are, you knew the marriage wasn’t going to work. Therefor, you pretty much just said you did it all for publicity, fame, money and everything else your “fallback” (supposedly) doesn’t care about. Moron.

  • glk900

    i still do not think there was EVER a pregnancy…they sold the story for drug money and pulled the wool over Radar online, who i hope investigates and sues them. My big question is who was using who…was Courtland using JE, or did Courtland and his baby mama Taylor manipulate the entire thing together, OR my most recent theory, JE is behind it all. She found a guy DUMB enough to fool into marrying her by telling him she was pregg, faking it with some sonogram that shows NOTHING, got him to sell the stories since she cannot under MTV contract, took 1/2, or more, of the payout and setup his dumb ass for abuse (she is a pro at this by now since this is her third go round on abuse bs)…w. Courts other pending charges she figured it would be a slam dunk to get him convicted and walk away w/ all the money. No more MTV paychecks coming her way so the grifter has to make drug money somehow. AND why, if as she told someone late last night on Stickcam, Gary H exgirlfriend’s brother, if she was having a miscarriage would she drive hours to GH house????? Man, she finds the dumbest guys to manipulate.

    • Miss-Mandy Lynn

      They should of got proof before running the story.. so they cant sue

  • Geniya

    keeping up with Jenelle and roger is starting to feel like a new job that i don’t get paid for.

    • Sam

      Bahahaha! Yes! Thats exactly what I was thinking. OMG not another Jenelle story. This is getting exhausting! *sigh*…. Well lets click on it to see what it says.

    • DramaQueen

      You mean Jenelle & Courtland.

      • Geniya

        i don’t think think his name matters since she changes them so much and they are all low lifes now i will just refer to them as roger 1 roger 2 roger 3 (no offence to normal people named roger)

  • Norah

    I can’t help but worry about their poor child. If I was pregnant with that loser I’d get an abortion.

    • Pauly

      Jenelle should be forced to get an abortion. Both are unfit as parents.

    • Sam

      Right. So better to kill something that already has a heartbeat (if the pregnancy is real) then to find a family that would give anything in the world to have a baby, but can’t conceive. Nope lets just off it. Much easier than having to deal with it. Thats one thing that is wrong with our society today. Everyone is looking for the short cut and easiest way instead of actually putting in the work to correct a mistake.

      • Katelyn421

        Not everyone is pro-life. Get over yourself.

        • Sam

          And not everyone thinks that just because the adult wasn’t responsible enough to take care of business that the baby should suffer the consequences. So how is my post any different than saying someone for sure needs to get an abortion. Not everyone is pro-choice. Get over yourself.

          • Mia003

            The baby will suffer with Jenelle that’s why she should get an abortion.

        • Sam

          And part of that comment was that our society has become lazy and is always looking for the easy way out, one of which is abortion.

          • Jessa

            Why do you think God created the people who invented abortion? Because people like Jenelle are too selfish to give their baby up for adoption. The aborted baby is safer in God’s arms.

      • Sweet Venom

        You’re entitled to your opinion but not everyone is pro life.

      • Miah

        When a person like Jenelle gets pregnant, the best decision is to take the easy way out.

        • Sweet Venom

          lol True.

      • Ace

        Ah but that’s the thing, Jenelle won’t ‘deal with it’. Just like she didn’t ‘deal’ with Jace yet, has she? 3 years later and she still is like a distant cousin to him, she’s not a mother. Now if she put it up for adoption, great. But she won’t do that. If it’s real, she’ll think she can keep it, and then within a few weeks off the birth it will be off to Babs again. You think that’s fair on her mother? Would have been better if someone had sterilised Jenelle first to prevent the problem in the first place, so she doesn’t keep getting pregnant on purpose and handing off her kids to someone else.

      • Mia003

        The probably would not get adopted. There are way more babies that need homes then adoptive parents. There are a lot of kids that spend their whole life in foster homes. It would go into foster care and on all of us tax payers or Barbara would take it and poor Barbara would be raising two babies in her sixties by the time she would be done raising kids she is going to be eighty. That is not fair for Barbara or all of us tax payers.

        • K

          Is it too late to abort Jenelle?

      • Ashley

        The fetus (if real) has more than likely already been exposed to drugs and will continue to be exposed to drugs throughout the pregnancy….putting the baby up for adoption when it is born will not prevent it from suffering from Jenelle’s immaturity and stupidity.

      • Goldie Treasure

        How about you contact Jenelle and offer to raise her baby. A baby that if she truly is knocked up will probably be born addicted and with medical problems from her drug abuse. Oh no, a-holes like you would never do that, you just like to run your mouth spouting about how abortion is murder and when the baby is born f#cked up to parents like those 2 you are nowhere to be found.

      • Demona

        I’d normally get what your saying here but is it really fair to eff a kid up with drugs & drinking an entire 9 months, birth it with who knows what dependence issues, birth defects, brain damage and then find some poor, infertile, hopeful couple and dump it on them like it is the blessing they always dreamed of? Really?

  • Jayson

    Can either one of them find a mate that doesn’t have a mugshot?

    • sarah

      Too funny!

  • ohhhhno

    Good god, I can’t even understand half of this because there are too many ***** to bleep out all the dang curse words! This guy really needs to expand his vocabulary.

    • Guest

      Even comparing their voices… just makes me cringe. Lol

  • ohhhhno

    Also, Starcasm. Next time you compare a loser like this to a “modern day Bob Dylan”, you will lose a very dedicated follower.

    • ohhhhno

      Even comparing their voices… lol… makes me cringe!

    • Katelyn421

      I know, my mouth dropped when I read that.

      Starcasm, please don’t ever compare such disgusting trash to a legend.

  • Caty C.P. :)

    @Starcasm: I would never have the time to keep up on Jenelle’s antics without your updates. I don’t even know why I care about this trainwreck, but for whatever reason, I do. I guess I just hope they will change their ways, even though it’s a long-shot at this point.

    I truly hope all the children pull through ok. I wish all the best for poor Jace!!

  • Sara

    Why do we even care anymore? She needs to be put in a mental hospital.

  • Sweet Venom

    I was wondering who Jenelle would run back to…I guess now we know it’s Gary. It’s obvious Courtland was cheating on her with this Tiffany person, either that or he found her pretty damn fast after “ending” things with Jenelle.

    • wow…

      thats what im saying this tiffany chick popped up like super fast and now hes in a hotel with her saying he hasnt cheated on jenelle…comeon garys screwing this girl and jenelle is screwing gary

      • wow…

        sorry i meant courtland is screwing this girl**

  • wow…

    First of all i usually never comment on these things but seriously..where did this Tiffany chick come from? I couldnt even watch the while video becuase I found her blowing kisses and just being obnoxious rather annoying. I dont know whos trying to look like the “victim” here but there both acting dumb as hell (Jenelle & Courtland.) This looks like its all for publicity and none of it was real to begin with, but it makes for good drama and something to do when your bored..just watch the Jenelle & Courtland show to pass the time..

  • Kayla

    This just keeps getting better and better. Where’s the popcorn?

  • Bebe


  • meg

    these two are nothing but babies themselves, like he said two can play this game, shows their maturaty pretty well considering this is their lives and jaces and another baby that will suffer. not a game! loser scumbags.

  • Feisty

    Jennelle got high when she was pregnant with jace, it was caught on video. NO reason for her to be clean this if she is infact pregnant again, which I hope she’s not. She’s one selfish immature b!tch. With all that drug use she probably will rot her insides and won’t EVER be able to have anymore children.

    • micro OP

      There is video of her getting high while pregnant?!

  • K


  • Mickey

    “i haven’t cheated on her yet”, so he spent 3 days in a hotel room with this chick (who isn’t after fame even though she’s making sure her face is in the camera the while time) but they haven’t had sex? Oh, but they’re under the covers because they’re cold -.- i believe that about as much as i believe Janelle is just at Gary’s to hang out and not get high

  • msjohnson426

    I wonder what Keefa has to say about this?! I know its none of his business but his commentary would be entertaining.

  • Kelly

    Trash needs to be sterilized.Wheres natural selection when you need it.