Courtland Rogers opens up about drug addiction, rehab stints

Courtland Rogers and his 'Teen Mom 2' wife Jenelle Evans

Rumors have been flying about Jenelle Evans’ husband Courtland Rogers since the two started dating. From accusations of heroin use to a video leak detailing his Xanax use, things haven’t been easy for Courtland since he became “almost famous” (like his super cool back tat). But now, Courtland is taking matters into his own hands and detailing his addiction issues and his stints in rehab.

“I am not perfect, but I’m working really hard now to live a good sober life for Jenelle and for my daughter,” Courtland tells Radar Online. While Courtland may be on the right track now, things haven’t been easy for him and it all started with a near fatal car accident.

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans' husband Courtland Rogers

“I was 15, and I got in a car wreck, and I messed up my hip, and the doctors put me on prescription pills, and I started abusing them.” Courtland’s mom had previously talked to press about the accident, explaining that he had been prescribed Oxycodin after suffering from a broken pelvis and crushed foot.

“I figured out you could get high from the pills, and I abused them for five years, until I was 20.” Courtland recalls first entering rehab when he was 19 where he tried to kick his drug habit, but had no luck. “It is hard, I did rehab, and then I had to go again a few years later. It is hard, but I did it a second time.” The second time, Courtland admits, was court ordered.

“I’ve sobered up now, and I want to do right for Jenelle. I am a great guy with a good heart!”

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  • Miranda

    hey, it’s oxycontin…thought you may wanna fix :)

  • steven

    you probably meant oxycontin, or oxycodone im assuming. this is a very common story, same thing happened to me so no judgement here

  • Nicole

    I really do believe that he tries to be a good guy, but the drugs and Jenelle have his head so messed up he comes across cheesy and a liar (because he does lie, a lot). I’m not going to judge his drug abuse because I’ve seen it happen to people I care about, but I hope they both get the help they need for their childrens sake.

    • dev

      I really like this comment because I mean I am NO Jenelle fan, but the things he’s said even to people he couldn’t stand (Keiffer for example) makes it seem like he really is trying. He doesn’t seem to be an a** or anything like that.

    • Miranda

      These are the most pleasant comments I’ve seen regarding Jenelle and Courtland, ever. It’s somewhat refreshing actually. I’m not a fan of Jenelle by any means, but I agree we know nothing about their relationship or drug use. Addiction is a hell of a thing, and it makes people do things they would never do. It happens, and when it does happen the best thing anyone can do is support their in their journey to getting clean. They just need to start telling the truth, to themselves at least… for their children, and for themselves.

    • Sam

      Some of the things he has said has definately made him look like a liar, BUT I can also see where it could be coming from the best intentions. He does seem to care a lot about Jenelle and Jenelle lies ALOT to cover her own hide but he usually tries to be protecting her when he lies. Makes me sad for him.

  • Whogivesarattsass

    OK I give the guy credit for going to rehab. Getting off pills is brutal but he MARRIED an addict. That says he is NOT working his program at all. She is addicted to heroin weed and pills ( admitted by her mom ) He doesnt stand a chance so long as she is as messed up as she is..

  • liadee

    Im sorry but Jenelle just looks rough in that pic. her teeth appear to be rotting in the front and her face is just sunken, is she still trying to say shes not on drugs? its visibly showing honey

    • Jenn

      It looks like she has resin from a joint on her front teeth. I don’t know why you would post a picture of it on your twitter account but to his their own.

    • aly

      She lost a ton of weight , ofc her face is going to be skinner . You DO lose weight in your face , really ?

    • MPmom

      Meth mouth…

  • JM

    It’s really amazing how some people not only are trashy, but their face actually LOOKS trashy as well. It’s more than just a style facial hair or opiate addict raccoon eyes, too. Prime example…

  • Courtney

    Here’s what I don’t understand…. A 15 year old is prescribed Oxycodone and the mother doesn’t monitor his usage/doses? He should NEVER have been given the full bottle to take on his own! At 15 his mother SHOULD have given him the medication UNDER SUPERVISION at the appropriate times and made sure he swallowed it and didn’t crush them up and snort them. By taking the medication CORECTLY and only until his prescription ran out he would have never gotten a “high” from them and an addiction could have been prevented. The minute he started trying to find the pills with out having a prescription is the very minute you know you have a problem. There is a reason the Dr. doesn’t feel the need to write you anymore. This “excuse” of “it all started from a bad accident” is NOT TRUE! It all started when you decided to abuse the medications by taking them incorrectly and when you didn’t need them! I have NO sympathy or tolerance for idiots who abuse prescription medications ruining it for the REAL people that they are intended to HELP! I’ve been living with EXCRUCIATING AND DEBILITATING pain caused from an illness and I have NEVER once abused my meds or gotten high from taking them correctly! So it really pisses me off when someone hears the Rx I take and immediately labels me as “one of the junkies” purely because of the name of the Rx I take. Courtland, get your shit together, quit worrying about fame, quit airing all your personal business especially on impulse and focus on one day at a time on becoming the MAN you want to be. If you died tomorrow would you really want people to remember you as the idiot you are now? You’re still young and can change your life around. FOCUS ON YOURSELF right now Courtland.

    • Jenn

      Are you joking about taking Oxycodone as prescribed you wont get addicted to it? Go back behind the rock you came out of. MANY doctors OVER WRITE for oxycodone, oxycontin and morphine. Take one to two tablets by mouth every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain. But they will write for 120, because that will be ten days worth (not counting sleeping, which pharmacies don’t). Some BUT NOT MANY will put do not exceed 8/per day. Oxycodone is one of the strongest pain killers you can get. Take a weeks worth and I bet you will be feeling withdrawals when you stop taking it. Plus, if you are getting a pain killer like that you are going to be on it for longer than just a couple of god damn days.

      Not sticking up for this kid, just trying to fix this person’s logic.

      • Courtney

        You’re comment it just plain ignorant! I’ve HAD to take oxycontin AND Oxycodone for years and I take it EXACTLY how it’s prescribed and if I don’t have pain for a day or two then I don’t take them and I DON’T go through ANY withdrawal symptoms! I always have left over every month BECAUSE I don’t take them every time I’m allowed just because I have them. I ONLY take them when I’m SCREAMING in pain and can’t take it! When I take the medicatin it helps my pain and I NEVER get a high from it! All I feel is back to normal before my pain hit. THERE IS A SUCH THING AS TAKING PAIN MEDS CORRECTLY AND NEVER GETTING ADDICTED!

        • Jenn

          Ignorant sweetheart? I work in a pharmacy. I see this everyday. I do not believe you are taking oxycodone for years. They haven’t tried an alternative for whatever has you in pain? My mother was on morphine for three months and became addicted to it and she took it exactly how it was written. I have to go to work and fill some c2’s so please excuse me.

          • Courtney

            I actually was only on morphine 2x a day I would get a shot because my pain is not curable. I got a shot 2x a day for 3 years until I said no more, I need to find something else to help my pain. I went from 2 shots a day to absolutely nothing, not even pills (I didn’t start the oxy’s until a month later) and I NEVER had one withdrawal or anything! So YES you are ignorant because you think that EVERY person who takes pain meds will get addicted. I AM PROOF that not everyone gets addicted!

            • …..

              ::plays worlds smallest violin::

        • Deanna Natoli Castro

          I took Oxycodone for seven months and took them exactly as prescribed. I just didn’t feel like taking them anymore and stopped No withdrawal at all. I actually felt much better (mentally) off them because I became much more clear headed.

      • MPmom

        Both my husband and my 15 year old daughter have taken Oxycodone as prescribed, for more than a week, after major surgeries. Neither of them had withdrawal symptoms when they stopped. So no, not every person becomes addicted.

        • Courtney

          YES THANK YOU! It’s so ignorant for people to label people just because they take the same prescription!

    • SMH

      Get off your high horse. Good for you if you experience “no withdrawal”, but not everyone is as fortunate- even when taken exactly as prescribed. At least the kid seems to be trying, so give him a dang break.

      • Natalia Salinas

        ITA with you. My husband is prescribed Oxycodone and OxyContin. As a marine fighting for our country in Iraq, he was hit with an RPG. He’s missing his left plank and has pins in his leg. Even tho it took him years to be able to walk, when he finally did, he always lived a very active life ( it’s hard for marines to lay around and do nothing). In 2010 he was in a motorcycle accident and cracked his skull, leaving him with a metal plate on his head and plenty of neck injuries. Needless to say, he’s somebody who has REAL pain and truly needs these medications in order to live a semi normal life. He takes them AS prescribed ( I always monitor), and no matter how careful we are, his body still has gotten somewhat dependent on the medication in the past. Months ago his pain started getting worse. Some days were worse than others, which lead to him running out just 3 days before his refill. Needless to say, he got sick. When he saw his doctor, he told him what happened and they regulated his meds. He’s been managing it a lot better now. So even under doctor supervision and trying to only take it when necessary, the body gets used to the drug.
        It does bother me about the people who DO abuse it tho. My husband will have to take meds for the rest of his life, just to be able to walk our dog. So when stupid kids do this, it puts a bad name on something that helps millions of people try to have a regular life. It sucks :/

        • SMH

          Sorry to hear what you & your hubby are going through. You made my point EXACTLY!! Your body does, unfortunately, get used to the drug ( when taken over a long period of time)

        • Courtney

          I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. I have pain from an illness and I couldn’t imagine having to have gone through what he did. But I think you are confusing dependency/addiction with the fact that he is in pain ALL the time. It’s not that he WANTS the meds to get a high (as in addiction) but rather he NEEDS the meds to constantly feel more normal. That’s not addiction to the meds. He just doesn’t want to be in REAL pain! The only way you would know he has a problem with it is if he didn’t need the meds anymore yet he still wants to take them when there no reason. So I don’t believe he’s addicted to pain meds. He just doesn’t want to live in pain. There’s a difference when people say they are in pain yet can go to work and go out with friends and then there’s people like us who even with our meds we are still very debilitated and usually bedridden in pain.

      • Terri Sears-Kramer

        So true SMH-people here are confused between physical addiction & people who abuse their meds to get a buzz. If you take narcotics for any real length of time & then just stop wait & see how you feel in about 2 days if not sooner. Then come back & let all of us know how sick you are.

  • aly

    I’m starting to grow more fond of Jenelle & Courtland , they are trying && I don’t think people realize this . They bash && harass these two non stop . Courtland is trying to straighten up his life && so is Jenelle , no one see’s it because they’re so hell bent on being in the past && throwing it in their face , they know their mistakes && they know what they need to do to fix it but yet no one will let them be in peace && fix their problems . I’m glad he’s straightening his life up && he doesn’t try to be another dead beat dad

  • Jayson

    Have mixed feelings on this Courtland guy. He comes off all Vanilla Icey and meth-addicted, but I saw him reach out to Kiefer and Gary like a gentleman along with the positive things he says regarding Jenelle. Hard not to at least want to give this guy a chance.