Kieffer Delp’s latest mug shot photo

Teen Mom 2 Kieffer Delp mug shot photo from a cocaine arrest in North Carolina

Last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 featured an emotional and violent scene between Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend Kieffer Delp after he refused to quit guzzling a bottle of booze in front of her on their way to the Planet Fun bowling alley. For those of you looking for an update on Jenelle’s rebel hobo beau, he is currently in jail in North Carolina serving time for a drug possession charge.

The above mug shot is just the latest of many for Kieffer, who turned himself into NC police last month after he was released from prison in Maryland for yet another drug arrest in September. According to online records he is due to be released March 24, 2012.

Here are all of Kieffer Delp’s mug shot photos with links to the articles in case you want to get all caught up on your Delpology!

Jenelle has gone on record saying that she plans on writing Kieffer letters while he is behind bars, but she insists they are not still together. Part of Jenelle’s probation mandates that she not come in contact with Kieffer (or any other person with a drug arrest history), but that probation is scheduled to end in April, just a month after Kieffer’s scheduled release, at which point we will find out for sure.

On a side note, we still haven’t managed to track down Kieffer’s mug shot photo from his arrest in Maryland back in early September, so if you have any connections with the Maryland po-po drop us a line 🙂

Mug shot photos: Splash News

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