REPORT: Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are married

Javi Marroquin and Kail Lowry wedding photo

Kailyn Lowry and her former fiance, Jose “Javi” Marroquin, are married! Actually, the Teen Mom 2 couple reportedly tied the knot back in September shortly after they became engaged on September 1, and In Touch has the marriage document to prove it.

The document proves that these two were married in Pennsylvania in September, and judging by some photos she posted around that time, we can’t believe we didn’t realize it sooner. Kail and Javi posed for a couple of intimate photos for 707 Images and they sure look like wedding photos!

Kail Lowry wedding photo

“You just know when it’s right,” In Touch says Kailyn told them recently. “He gave up his youth to be with someone who has a kid. That means a lot.” (Kail told us via Twitter than she never did an interview with In Touch, and that these quotes are about a different top, not about being married.)

Kail wrote on her website how she met her now-husband, “So I’m working at the mall, the store Buckle, and Javi and his brother come in. I assume his older brother is his dad & that gets us laughing. At check out he asks to take me for ice cream and I tell him no. Hard to see that looking back I turned him down! Anyway, from there he came into Buckle again and we started forming a friendship via Twitter and Buckle visits. Eventually, I gave him my number.”

While fans have yet to meet Javi, they will soon. Teen Mom 2‘s third season premieres next Monday, and we’ll be seeing Kail and Javi’s relationship from the start.

For more on 707 Images, check out their website.

  • they look like engagement pictures to me. Wheres the so called marriage document?

  • Jean

    What the hell is wrong with these girls? Some of them seem to have a bad case of rush-through-life-itis. Is it really that hard to make decisions like an adult? Let relationships grow and mature…Can’t wait to read about the pregnancy and divorce…

  • Pat

    Don’t want to be negative, but I doubt this will last, let’s be honest, most relationships don’t!

    • Jenn

      It’s so funny that 5 years ago I got all depressed because everyone on facebook was getting married (I’m 27 now) and hey, now everyone is getting divorced!!! Rushing things doesn’t help! I sure do wish them the best, but this was just too fast!

      • Olivia

        Would Facebook be a therapy for you? You can write anything you want on your Wall 🙂

      • K

        Haha, I love this!

  • Mel

    I know she’s denying it but I think she is married, she has to say that InTouch made it up, otherwise she’ll get into trouble with MTV. Leah wasn’t allowed to announce her wedding for ages, and her last divorce, but we all knew it. Also if you look at the document, they have spelt Javi’s last name as ‘Marroquim’ and I seem to rememeber a while back Kail said that Javi’s birth certificate had his name spelt wrong and it needed to be changed. I think she is legally married, but possibly hasn’t had the wedding ‘do’ she wants.

  • jeff

    Wow, and here I thought she was the smart one.

  • Jessica

    Why some girls feel the need to marry, date, or just be with a guy all the time ill never know. This marriage will last all of a few months. They are so young and aren’t Ben established yet. There was no need to rush things. Wait til ur done school and have a career going or some kind of a job besides a soon ending tv show

  • tab

    i thought they might have been already since a lot of the recent pictures of javi i’ve seen, he has a wedding band on his left finger. i thought it could also be that he chose to wear an engagement ring, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did it in secret with a few close friends and family. her mom is a nut case and probably would have shown up.
    i’m happy for them!

  • J

    So she’s not denying they got married, just denying she ever did an article with inTouch. Yeah, she’s definitely married. The pic of him wearing a ring plus the document inTouch got…. adds up. She has to say she never talked to inTouch so MTV doesn’t get mad!

  • onesexylady

    Kailyn lowry is married to Javi and riding around in a new truck that she and Javi purchased together shortly after the wedding in September. I use to watch the show but MTV should really cut it out. These girls are glamorizing teen pregnancy. Look at leah messer and her track record at 20 years old. Its sad and makes me shake my dam head i’m 26 years old and look back at myself 6 years ago and as someone else has said and am glad I didn’t rush life. These girls are only established “temporarily” until there MTV contracts run out. The focus on education seems to be out the window and Kailyn is the worst of them all. She puts up a huge front as if she is such a hard working mom and doing it all on her own. PLEASE she works at a pet store it is very clear that the home, car etc…… is being furnished off her MTV salary. These girls are far from an example to other teen girls.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      you really think Kailyn is worse than Janelle? I think not

      • onesexylady

        Lol they are just about in the matter of priorities everyone is worried about spreading there legs rather than whats most important. Kailyn is just as bad as Jeanelle how many men have they each had and the kids are not quite 3. C’mon now none of them are “examples” look at leah. Yes Kailyn is just as bad as Jeanelle except the fact she’s not on camera yelling at her mother or being arrested.

        • ameliaBedelia76

          in terms of skankhood…you’re right, equally as bad. But I think janelle giving up her rights to Jace & her countless times in jail and or rehab. She has publicly announced she was leaving her son and moving to NJ to be with her criminal boyfriend. Janelle has no job, is a drug addict, criminal and all in all loser. At least Kailyn has multiple jobs, goes to college, her own place, Jo & his family are present and stable in the childs life.

  • Miranda

    In my opinon, it’s her life and none of us should really judge her because we don’t know her personally. I do agree however that the show somewhat glamorizes pregnancy in the sense that it isn’t realistic anymore due to the fact that these girls are making much more than they would in the real world. I think that Kail is a good role model however because of the fact that mtv does show her going to school and working while being a teen mother.

  • Ace

    In these photos she’s wearing a dress made from pages of a book.. so I doubt these are her wedding photos (at least I hope not). They may have gotten married, but I don’t think those are the photos.

  • onesexylady

    Mel you are correct I know for a fact that they are married and that they purchased a new truck together in september. It also explaiins the whole “leah Messer is my new family/bestfriend” she has tweeted alot lately. Newlyweds all hanging out together. People don’t play dress up to pose for wedding pictures for fun (really???) also men don’t traditionally wear “wedding bans” for show I think she is just looking for love maybe something she missed from her parents when she were younger. All of the girls of moving extremely two fast Issac isn’t even three yet and it seemed like she has lived out 10 or 15 years in under 36 months. As someone else said it is her life and only time with tell with this one. The LIES are what makes it all look even worst if your married than great be proud of your marriage. I’m guessing since they just taped the reunion this will be played out in the story line towards the end of the upcoming season as they were filming during that time.

  • chickainmd

    Kailyn is a so selfish she had the nerve to not want to meet Jo’s new gf also say that she didn’t want his new gf to be with him. But this chick is secretly married she is pathetic but its okay for her to move on. I’m happy that Jo has found sound one he is happy with. Kailyn didn’t deserve him and all her hatred and bitterness towards him will only come back to bite her in the ass. Her and Javi are still new but as she has shown through her track record with men once the newness wears off she’ll be screwing around on him too. I believe she is simply jealous of Jo’s new gf IMO she is much prettier than Kailyn. She has much more style Kailyn also looks as if she is trying to carry the same style. Kudo’s to Jo…………

  • Kelly

    Insecure Girls!!!!!! They will realize their mistakes in a couple years, when the spot light is off them and their spouses realize their mistakes and sleep with other women. These girls are not even old enough to go to a bar. All I see when I watch this show is WHITE TRASH!!!! Wake up girls your spouses just want their 2 mins of fame then they will leave you and take half of what you made from this white trash show.

  • Robin

    These girls have a kid and they need to find a guy to marry who isn’t the baby daddy? I didn’t even hear about this guy. It’s so funny because these girls are the ones doing all the cheating and then get married!