PHOTOS Honey Boo Boo replaces Glitzy the Pig with Nugget the Chicken

Honey Boo Boo and new pet Nugget the Chicken

You better Cluck-cluckognize!

Reality show superstar (and future President of the United States) Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson was heart broken when she had to surrender her surprisingly high-maintenance and high-pitched petite pork pal Glitzy the Pig, but this Southern gal has gotten herself a new non-traditional farmyard pet and the two seem to be as happy as pigs in, ummmmm, a beauty pageant dress shop!

From Alana’s Facebook page:

meet Alanas new pet NUGGET her pet chicken yes I said chicken her and nugget have became very attached this weekend and it in the house but has a outside house too but alana refuses to let her sleep outside lol she she sleeps inside at night in her inside cage

In addition to the photo above, Honey Boo Boo also had Nugget in the background as she posed for photos with opened fan mail. My favorite was this one, which I like to call, “Shhh… It’s a chicken!”

Alana Thompson's pet Chicken Nugget replaces Glitzy the Pig

Some fans expressed concerns that Nugget the chicken might suffer a similar fate to Glitzy the pig once the family realized how difficult it would be to take care of it, or perhaps even that poor nugget would wind up as her namesake, but both notions were dismissed on the Honey Boo Boo Facebook page. “no i totally think nugget will b around a while and will NEVER b a real chicken nugget and isnt as hard ti manage as glitzy was so i think he will b around awhile” As for the fate of any future eggs, that remains unclear.

The page later clarified that Alana and her family have one dog and one cat in addition to the new poultry pal, and that Nugget has been spending a lot of time indoors recently because of cold temperatures in McIntyre, Georgia over the last few days.

Alana, Mama June, Sugar Bear, and the rest of the Thompson family are currently filming holiday specials set to air in January, 2013.