Michelle Bombshell McGee wedding photos!

Michelle Bombshell McGee wedding photo

Ronald Shane Modica, the ex-husband of Jesse James mistress Michelle Bombshell McGee, sat down with The Insider for a two-part interview airing tonight (Monday) and tomorrow night. During the interview Modica reveals details about his relationship with his ex-wife and also details about Michelle and Jesse’s relationship.

He tells The Insider:

“We had problems during our marriage because of her obsession with Jesse James. I once walked into the salon that she owned and she had our wedding photo up there on her mirror and there was a cut-out picture of Jesse James’ face over my face. She tried to joke about it and said Jesse was fat and he was ugly.”

Here is another wedding photo of the skin art loving couple at their surprisingly traditional ceremony:

Michelle Bombshell McGee wedding photo with ex-husband Shane Modica

I’m not sure if the wedding photo Michelle added Jesse’s cut-out face to was one of these, but if so, if would have looked something like this:

Michelle Bombshelle McGee and Jesse James wedding photo

As far as what Michelle told him about Jesse and Sandra’s relationship, Modica says:

“According to Michelle, [Sandra and Jesse] had this big thing going on where they were going to announce their divorce on a certain timeline and she was going to be the next woman,” he said. “Michelle would tell me, ‘You don’t know what’s going on. [Sandra] is in another country. They are not even together. They live in separate places. She doesn’t help out with the kids. All this is fabricated. They are under some kind of a contract.'”

It sounds like Michelle Bombshell McGee and this Ronald Shane Modica were a dangerously explosive couple and Jesse James (and Sandra Bullock too) have really stepped in it! Not only do you have Mr Hatfield and Miss McCoy of the tattoo world (you can read details about their well-documented and bitter custody battle HERE) but now Jesse James’ ex-wife is launching a legal assault of her own in an attempt to gain back some of the custody rights she lost to Jesse and Sandra last year, stemming mainly from the fact that she had just gotten out of jail and was an adult film star.

Nasty, nasty, nasty!!! Mix that with the squeaky clean image of Sandra Bullock and what you have is a Tiger Woods-like recipe for tabloid frenzy! But don’t be too quick to judge the tabloids (and celebrity gossip blogs like this one) because all they (we) do is write about what people want to read about! And people REALLY want to read about girl-next-door Oscar-winning actresses, white supremacist mistresses with swastika tattoos in intimate locations, angry porn star ex-wives, angry tattoo parlor owning ex-husbands with no qualms about talking to the press, a bad boy reality show host caught with his pants down and the innocent children who are victims of the chaos.

The countdown has already begun on the Michelle Bombshell McGee sex tape.

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