Exclusive! Danielle Cunningham is pregnant with baby #2 – see her baby bump

Danielle Cunningham of '16 & Pregnant'

Danielle Cunningham is pregnant! The 16 & Pregnant Season 3 alum has confirmed she will be welcoming her second child with boyfriend Jamie Alderman in summer 2013, and she’s dishing all of the details to Starcasm.

“Yes, I am pregnant. It’s Jamie’s baby,” she tells us exclusively. “I’m due on July 2nd. The doctor says I’m about 4 weeks. Scary I know. But it’s already made me grow up so much more.”

16 & Pregnant star Danielle Cunningham baby bump photo revealed

In the past, Danielle and Jamie had been plagued with rumors of drug use, but the young mom explains, “I’ve never been a drug addict. I smoked weed but, of course, don’t anymore and don’t plan to.”

“I work two jobs and am enrolled in the local college,” she says, adding that she’s “very proud” of how far she has come. Currently, Danielle is working at Tim Hortons and Target and “I am enrolled at Columbus State.” As for her other half, Danielle reveals, “Jamie has a full-time job in construction.”

Regarding the custody of her two-year-old son Jamie Paul Alderman Jr, Danielle tells us, “I’ve always had custody of my son. My mom did have him last year for about 2 months on and off, but he’s been happy and living with me since.”

To keep up with Danielle’s pregnancy, be sure to like her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter. Good luck to her and her growing family!

  • Ashley

    It’s always so weird to hear about Tim Horton’s in the U.S. I have nothing really positive to say as far as her pregnancy goes, so I’m just going to leave it at that.

    • Xtina

      I live in Buffalo NY so while everyone else loves duncan donuts in the rest of states, we are addicted to timmy hos!

      • Katie

        I live in SK Canada, and I always assumed the States hated Timmy Hos lol. Here in Canada we all love it too!!

        • Olivia

          I live in Europe and I don’t know what you’re talking about :DDD

          • Ashley

            I live on the West Coast and I have no idea either.

      • Christine

        Another one from Buffalo! XD haha Agreed–We love it here!

  • Nathan

    You’ve already got one kid, you’re not married, you’re still in school, and you’re working at a couple of low-wage jobs. Sure, another baby sounds like a great idea!

  • Bmariee

    Wow, just wow.

  • oh lord.

    At 4 weeks – she doesn’t have a bump….

    • oh lord.

      She’s barely even had time to get a positive preg test!

  • Stephanie

    She didnt learned from her mistakes ?!!!

    • tab

      shocker, right?? but, but!! they all claim their show has caused a drop in teen pregnancy!

  • tab

    she’s one of the worst people ever featured on that show. i feel so sorry for those babies.

  • Kelly

    It seems like everyone from these shows is getting pregnant again! I thought the point was to PREVENT pregnancy!

    • Bri

      I thought so too, but I guess we were both wrong apparently.

  • LaDy

    She shod know better than to announce another pregnancy so early! She had a chemical pregnancy before and told everyone she was pregnant, then had to tell everyone she wasn’t the next day. And she hasn’t had full custody the whole time if her son lived with her mom for 2 months. Sweet Jesus.

    • Sofia

      Legal custody and physical custody are not similar. Having legal custody of your kid doesn’t mean that you live with the kid. For example, every time you leave your kid to your parents, you do not lose legal custody. You don’t have the physical custody of the child. In the case of Danielle, she never lost legal custody of her child but during 2 months she gave physical custody of her son to her mom which means that during those two months, anything that could have happened was her mom’s responsibility and by default or extend, her responsibility too. But the level of her responsibility would have been lower.

    • Brittney

      2 months out of 2 years, is respectable for someone trying to get their life together.

  • me

    i would not even allow her on teen mom 3. this show is suppose to teach how these girls are sturggle and being on the show the first time ok but now you should have to go out into the real world and get a real job plus go to school. You didnt learn what birth control was the first time around you dont deserve to be on tv making money while others out in the world have to struggle.

    • em

      She’s not on TM3. The girl’s from Danielle’s season of 16 and Pregnant weren’t asked to be on a Teen Mom show.

  • I agree with previous comments….why are a good portion of these girls getting pregnant AGAIN, one of which has for the 3rd time!? (*ahem* Leah!) How long will she last at those jobs? And enrolled in school means nothing. Remember, Maci was enrolled for like 3 years and still hasn’t passed her classes lol.

    • This is Danielle’s 3rd time also. She claimed to be pregnant this time last year, before denying it.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      a good portion? Like who? Leah Messer and about 2 or 3 other girls. Out of 20+ girls. Tome 10% or less is not a “good portion”

      • Pay attention, there’s been *at least* 3 girls per every batch of 16&Preg chicks chosen. AT LEAST! Starcasm seems to report a new girl monthly, this month we were treated to 2! Not to mention the ones who cry miscarriage. If the entire point is to show how ridiculously hard it is to be a teen and a parent and then they go ahead and do it again, wtf is the point?

        • ameliaBedelia76

          3 per season? really? Who?

          • Jean

            There are 9 girls (out of 47 total 16&P episodes) that we know of that have gotten pregnant after having the kids they had on the show. That’s about 20%. Not to mention that some are on their third pregnancy. Kind of sad, really…

          • Stefani

            Obviously you should research before trying to argue about things.

            • ameliaBedelia76

              like i said…who are the 9 girls?

              • Jean

                Danielle, Leah, Jamie, Markai, Brooke, Jordan, Kristina, Kianna, and Ebony.

        • Jenn

          There has been only 1 girl from the original 16&P that has gotten pregnant, that would be Ebony and none of the original Teen Mom girls have gotten pregnant. It seems to me that the original girls have been a lot smarter about decisions then any of the others. Probably because they joined a new show and didn’t have the “fame” to look forward to.

        • Ashley

          There could also very well be other pregnancies (that for whatever reason didn’t result in a birth) that the girls didn’t publicize. For example, Jamie McKay just announced that she was pregnant but had an abortion earlier this fall.

    • Ashley

      A lot of the girls getting pregnant a second time were trying for children. They’re married Not saying it’s right. But the show is about preventing teen pregnancy and birth control. If the girls are purposely getting pregnant, then I think it’s a little different.

      Dr.Drew also said that the stats say that if you got pregnant once as a teen, the chances of a second pregnancy are 50%.

  • Meow

    Why are her eyes so big?

    • She should have dressed up as a frog for Halloween. There is always next year! 😎

  • jean

    And who said 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom show kids how to prevent pregnancy? These same kids who are teaching them keep getting pregnant or have a new boyfriend every week. Then again, tv is all about the ratings.

  • jeff

    The more time that goes by, the more you see the statistics start to come true.

  • Miss Molly

    So the girls on these shows are supposed to show other kids the struggles of teen pregnancy and to avoid it yet these girls keep getting pregnant and/or switching bed mates. Sounds like a fail to me. Pull the plug, MTV. Stop promoting teen pregnancy. And stop congratulating for making the same mistake twice!

    • Concerned Canadian


  • Ace

    If she already knows at 4 weeks pregnant, I’m betting she did it on purpose. My 1st son was an ‘accident’, and I had a feeling when I was 7 weeks pregnant, and I know some people figure it out even later than that . My second one was meticulously planned, and I found out at 4 weeks pregnant because we were eagerly awaiting a positive test. 4 weeks pregnant means you’ve actually only even been pregnant for 2 weeks, and that’s like the very earliest you can tell. She recently only just got her son back in her care, and now she’s having another? Wonder if that one will go to grandma for a couple of years too..
    And yea sorry, at 4 weeks she doesn’t have a baby bump. It’s pretty much a bunch of microscopic cells right now. Stupid announcing it so early.

    • Sway

      My husband and I decided that a baby will happen when it happens. I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks because I just a that feeling that I was. I never felt that way before. This was about 18 months after we decided to let mother nature decide when that would happen for us.

      Anyways, I agree that it is very dumb to announce so early. You’d think she would want to wait to be more stable. These girls just make bad decisions.

      • Ace

        But the difference being you were ‘trying’ in a sense. These girls all claim accidents again but I really doubt that. Lets just hope and pray Jenelle never gets pregnant again in her life.

  • Ace

    And 2 months my a**.. she may have had ‘custody’, but her kid sure as hell wasn’t with her for a long time.

  • laurels

    eww. she’s a stoner just like jenelle. you gotta grow up. all of this is so depressing. i have a 23 yr old friend who got pregnant and acts just like these girls in hs even though she has a kid. this does not need to be celebrated.

  • Yeaheahfuidjdj

    Is her mum going to look after this one too? Probs.

  • Ashley

    She and Jamie are so dumb.

  • I wish this family luck ~ Truly! ~ but this all sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. (or happen Again???)

  • Nathan

    “But it’s already made me grow up so much more.”

    I love how these girls are always talking about how their babies are “making them grow up.” Isn’t the idea to be a grown-up BEFORE you have kids of your own? I feel sorry for these babies – most of them will never have a chance and will be brought up in the same cycle of ignorance as their moms.

    • Ashley

      Not to mention she already has a child that apparently didn’t make her grow up much…

  • AmeliaGrae

    Wouldn’t having ONE child “make you grow up so much more” sheesh! And 4 weeks along?! That’s too soon to even tell your friends let alone post a picture of your “belly” (which shouldn’t exist yet!)…someone is looking for attention. Sad.

  • Jara

    Honestly, she and her mother strike me as fame whores — keeping the MTV stuff in their Twitter names and talking about being on TV even though it was 2 years ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if she “sold” this “exclusive” story to Starcasm, as opposed to them just reporting on something they read online, in a desperate attempt to stay relevant.

  • Jenn

    Lets talk about the fact that she claims to be in college, but the picture on twitter she posted of her “college acceptance” is sent to someone named “Jessica”….

    • missemily

      Danielle’s real name is Jessica Danielle and for some reason she decided to go by Danielle when she applied for 16&P

  • hef

    she posted a picture on twitter on oct 4 with a different guy with a caption that said “found me a boyfriend!” or something like that. if she’s 4 weeks pregnant, that means that it’s most likely not Jamie’s baby. WHAT is wrong with these girls..why don’t they get on damn birth control.

  • Ap

    I am over 14 weeks pregnant and don’t even have a bump. Danielle doesn’t have a baby bump, it’s just whatever was leftover from her first kid. At 4 weeks pregnant, conception happened a mere 2 weeks ago. Her body has barely even registered that she’s pregnant, let alone started growing enough to have a visible bump. Sheesh..

  • JMB

    I just found out i’m pregnant 2 weeks ago and every dr office i’ve talked to say they like to see you between 8-10 weeks, so i’m VERY suprised to hear that any dr has told her she’s “about 4 weeks.”

    • I highly doubt she is really pregnant. It’s for the attention. A couple of weeks ago she was asking what people would think if she was pregnant and said she had a big announcement. That would have been when she was about 2 weeks “pregnant” and obviously couldn’t have known yet. I bet next week she won’t be “pregnant” anymore.

      • Ace


    • lovelula

      a dr working with IVF patients would be examining pregnancies at the 4 week stage.

  • Jessica

    Wonder how MTV will say next when trying to defend 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom by saying it helps prevent them. Half their cast has gotten pregnant again!
    Such a shame.
    As much as its entertaining this needs to get off the network! It’s not helping and I am pretty sure its probably helping raise the teen mom rates! Teens who have a set mind of wanting babies are going to want babies regardless of what they watch and this will just make them wanna try that much harder!!

  • What baby bump? At 4 weeks pregnant, there is no baby bump. The uterus does not even grow above the pubic bone until around week 12, which is why they can’t hear the heartbeat with one of those doppler things until that time. They could hear it around week 5 during a trans vaginal ultrasound. Didn’t Jamie just get out of prison? With his criminal record it’s going to be hard for him to find a really decent job, because they all do background checks. I wish them the best, but the odds are stacked against them. She’s not one of the teen Mom, Mom’s so she’s not getting those larger paychecks to help support them.

  • brittany

    If she’s due 7/2.. she’s about 6 weeks, not 4. You would think she’d know this… seems weird.

  • Bri

    I feel sorry for the babies that are being born to the these “great parents.” Seems to me like they are all glamorizing teen prenancy.

  • Bri

    I do because there are innocent children being brought up in unstable environments. It’s definitely NOT fair