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Jordan Ward from 16 and Pregnant

On Tuesday MTV kicks off the third season of their enormously popular reality series 16 and Pregnant with ten new teenagers from all over the country who are having to learn the hardships and struggles associated with becoming a mother too young. The premiere episode will feature 18-year-old (16 when she got pregnant) Jordan Ward from St. Louis, Missouri.

Here’s a little preview clip of Jordan’s episode featuring her identical twin sister Jessica, who is extremely close to Jordan but seems to be struggling with jealousy issues after the birth of her son:

16 and Pregnant twins Jordan Ward and Jessica Ward as childrenJordan Ward was born Jordan Tyler Ward-Stuart on February 14, 1993. In addition to her twin sister Jessica Tylor, Jordan has two brothers named John Thomas and Jeffrey Scott. The “J” names are thanks to Jordan’s mom and dad, who were named John and Jammie.

Jordan’s parents divorced when she was young and to help out her mom, who was trying to raise four kids alone, Jordan’s grandmother (Aleta) and grandfather took in the twins. Jordan and Jessica moved out when they were just two years old and were officially adopted by their grandparents when they were nine.

Jordan doesn’t reveal much about her relationship with her parents, other than it is amicable and she does still see them on occasion. her father John lives in Nashville and her mom Jammie currently resides in Florida.

Jordan met Brian Finder, who is nine months older, at her ex-boyfriend’s party (which apparently had something to do with a baseball game) and the two had been dating for six months before she got pregnant. Jordan says she had just started taking the pill at the time she got pregnant.

16 and Pregnant filming Jordan Ward giving birth to Noah

Noah James (Finder?) was born July 14, 2010 and weighed 7lbs, 5oz. Noah had a number of medical issues early on, which is why Jordan is crying and so stressed out in the preview. In addition to having GERD and needing an IV for the first couple days, little Noah also struggled with acid reflux, then a high fever at 2 months, and then an allergic reaction to the Amoxicillin prescribed for the fever that resulted in his face and body swelling. The little trooper is now healthy and doing all those things a healthy little baby should be doing!

Brian Finder proposed to Jordan during a carriage ride on September 18 and although filming had officially stopped in November, MTV couldn’t resist returning for the couple’s January 19 wedding ceremony!

16 and Pregnant Season 3 family Jordan Ward, Brian Finder and son Noah

Brian and Jordan Ward Finder moved into Jordan’s grandparents’ basement on April 2, where I believe they currently reside. Jordan took the GED in October. (I don’t know if she passed.) Brian has since joined the Air Force and the couple plans on moving to California this summer where Brian will attend school. Jordan’s twin sister Jessica will be moving to Nashville to attend college. (Sorry boys, it appears as though she is in a relationship.)

I haven’t seen the episode but judging from Jordan’s many online profiles and interaction with her family it appears as though she and her sister and her grandparents are still very close. She definitely doesn’t appear to be lacking for family support like a lot of the girls on the show!

Here are the vital stats on Jordan Ward followed by some questions and answers from her Formspring page:

16 and Pregnant's Jordan Ward modelingBorn: Jordan Tyler Ward-Stuart
(now Jordan Ward Finder)
Birthday: February 14 (18 years old)
Height: 5′ 10″ Weight: 130

Husband & baby’s father: Brian Finder (18)
Height: 6′ 2″
Engaged: September 18, 2010
Married: January 19, 2011

Son: Noah James (Finder?)
Born: July 14
Weight: 7lbs 5 oz.

Jordan Ward’s official Facebook fan page
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Jordan Ward on Formspring
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Jordan Ward on MySpace (personal)
Brian Finder on Formspring
Brian Finder on MySpace (personal)

Some questions and answers from Formspring:

when did you realize you were pregnant?
when my period was like 3 or 4 weeks late

were u feeling sick in the first months of ur pregnancy and how did u tell ur parents that u were pregnant?were they mad?
i was sick my whole pregnant. i would throw up 3 or 4 times a day it was horrible. i live with my grandparents. i told my grandma while we were watching super mario brothers lol she was mad and very disappointed

16 and Pregnant's Jordan Ward and husband Brian Finder at Homecomingwhy u r not living with ur parents>?
loooonnnngggg story!

when was you’re first time ?
when i was 16

Did you lose your virginity to Noah’s father?

did you get pregnant from the first time you had sex?
no 6 months after my first time..

What was your baby’s fathers reaction when you told him you were pregnant? If you even did.
he was really scared he cried. lol he was playing cod and i took the test and told him to go look at him. he looked like he was going to pass out.

What did you crave while you were pregnant?
chicken noodle soup, cheese burgers, green olives , pickles, lots and lots of ice!!

How long were you in labor for?
5 hours

if you would have had a girl what names did you like?
emma rose

I always see teen moms saying how great it is. If you could tell people whether they should or not, what would you say? We know you love your son, but what negative things come out of ut?
its hard for me to get out of the house to make it to class b/c to have someone to watch noah. & when i do make it to class im super tired from waking up in the middle of the night with noah. brian and i seem to fight more because we dont get alone time to talk each other and when we are talking its about noah. i could go on bout all the negative things about being a teenager and being a mom but their is good things too. God wont give me more than i can handle.

And here’s a parting shot of little Noah snoozing from Jordan’s Youtube channel:

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UPDATE – Watch Jordan’s after show interview in which she discusses the move to California, her son Noah’s bout with acid reflux, the rivalry between Brian and Jordan’s twin sister Jessica, whether or not adoption was ever an option and how Brian is as a dad!

Here’s a bonus clip from the episode thanks to in which Jordan and her grandmother Aleta talk about whether or not Brian should move in or stay at his mother’s house:

Top Photo: Keri Dummerth