16 & Pregnant’s Danielle Cunningham pregnant with second child

Danielle Cunningham 16 and Pregnant after-show interview for MTV

If MTV decides to start a new reality series titled 17 and Pregnant they have a potential cast member with 16 and Pregnant alum Danielle Cunningham, who is reportedly pregnant with her second child.

UPDATE – During a visit to her doctor Danielle found out her pregnancy test results were a false positive and she is in fact NOT PREGNANT. Click here for more details.

The news came in the form of a photo of the pregnancy test taken by Danielle shared by one of Danielle’s friends on the blog Life of a Teen Mom last week. Here’s the photo with the faint line indicating a positive result:

Danielle Cunningham's positive pregnancy test

The photo started a debate over whether or not the faint line was really proof. The writer of the post commented, “Well I will update when she knows for sure, but everyone I know including myself… faint was still positive.”

That update came yesterday when the same friend posted this on Life of a Teen Mom:

So, YES Danielle is in fact pregnant.

There is not much more to say because it is so early,

So I guess we will just have to keep you updated 🙂

And I am sure there are some of you who don’t understand why she would say something so early…

Well because someone was trying to blab to all her fans,

So she figured, she might as well put it out there before people started asking.

She has an appointment later this week.

16 and Pregnant's Danielle Cunningham and son Jamie Jr.
^ Danielle Cunningham with son Jamie, Jr. in early July

The obvious question that got asked many times on Danielle’s official Facebook page is “Who is the father? Is it Jamie Alderman, the father of her first child?” The admin, who is in contact with Danielle, answered the question quite clearly with a simple “Yes.”

Jamie, Sr. being the father may come as quite a shock to those of you keeping up with Danielle because she has said on numerous occasions over the last few months that she and Jamie, Jr.’s father are done for good. Here is how she answered a question about whether or not she and Jamie, Sr. were still together in a questionnaire video uploaded to youtube in July. (The video is embedded below)

Me and Jamie are not together. I repeat, we are NOT TOGETHER. We will never be together. We have tried over and over and over to make it work and we’re just not clickin’. Therefore it’s not going to work. Therefore I’m not going to try to make it work.

I have respect for him as my child’s father, nothing more. We do not talk. I do not want to talk to him. When we talk we argue so we’ve just chosen not to talk. But yeah, I respect for him as my child’s father but nothing more. I have no respect for him as a person. None. Zero. Zilch.

It appears that Danielle can still have zero respect for Jamie, Sr. but she’s going to have to add more respect for him as the father of her second child!

Danielle Cunningham from 16 and Pregnant Twitter photo

As far as Danielle Cunningham’s current situation, she is working full time at McDonald’s and announced in the questionnaire video that she was planning on taking college classes this fall in radiology, but I’m guessing that the pregnancy may alter those plans dramatically.

On an interesting side note, Danielle appears to have told her friend that runs her Facebook page that she knows for a fact there will be no Teen Mom 3. In a response to someone’s fan page comment that Danielle got pregnant for a second time to get on Teen Mom and “get rich,” the admin responded by saying, “There is not going to be a Teen Mom 3 and she knows this so I highly doubt that was her goal…” So much for our poll!

Here is the questionnaire video uploaded to youtube by Danielle Cunningham back in July:

To find out more about Danielle Cunningham be sure to check out our pre-show profile post with all sorts of photos and background info! And click here to read up on Danielle’s baby daddy Jamie Alderman’s legal issues.

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