VIDEOS 16 & Pregnant’s Kristina Robinson post-show interview

While I was expecting an intense season finale last night for Season 4 of 16 & Pregnant I still wasn’t quite prepared for the emotional ride I was taken on while viewing the pregnancy story of Kristina Robinson.

Having lost the father of her son and fiance John Todd Hight Jr. to a tragic drowning accident viewers were given a dramatic and very real view as to how not only Kristina, but Kristina’s mom, Todd’s mom and brother and all who loved him did their best to handle their emotions and grief in such a difficult circumstance.

Add in the dynamic of Kristina expecting the late Hight’s son and the sense of loss and sadness was palpable and made it darn near difficult to watch. MTV has posted a follow up 3 part video interview with Kristina as she discusses her life now and how she managed to get through such a heart-wrenching time.

Part 1:

In the first part Kristina revealed that her mom discovered that she was pregnant because she had a pooch that wasn’t there before. She also stated that she had been dating Todd for only around 3 months when she got pregnant. She added that at first, looking at her son would make her sad because he looked like his late father but that it doesn’t anymore.

Part 2:

Towards the conclusion of last night’s episode there was a great moment in which viewers were shown Kristina first attended counseling in an attempt to handle her grief so that she could be there for her baby. In this 2nd clip she confirmed that she’s continued with therapy and that it definitely helps and that sometimes her mom attends.

Kristina acknowledged that her mom still aggravates her but that their relationship is in a much better place. It’s still difficult for her to hear constant conversation about what happened to Todd.

Part 3:

This last part is where the real new developments in Kristina’s life come to light. She has met someone new and got engaged (she’s actually married now). His name is TJ Head and she says that he makes her very happy. She added that he’s good to baby Lukas and that he doesn’t try to take the place of Todd.

Her relationship with Dottie and Todd’s brother Daniel has broken off. Kristen insists that this didn’t start happening when she began dating TJ but earlier, when she started going back out again with her friends etc.. TJ Head was Todd and Daniel’s friend and they found the relationship disrespectful according to Kristina. She argues that his knowledge of Todd and who he was and the fact that he talks to Lukas about his dad and has respect for his memory makes their relationship more meaningful.

16 and Pregnant's Kristina Robinson and TJ Head in New York City for the Reunion
^ Kristina Robinson with husband TJ Head

Todd’s mother Tina spoke with us about some inflammatory remarks she made about Todd’s death possibly not being an accident. You can read that exclusive interview here.

Closing it out Kristina said that Todd’s family eventually didn’t want her dating anyone and that she decided that in order for her son to be happy she needed to be happy so she moved on.