16 and Pregnant baby daddy Jamie Alderman arrested for probation violation

16 and Pregnant's Jamie Alderman - Danielle Cunningham's baby daddy

The legal issues continue for veterans of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant as Season 3 baby daddy Jamie Alderman has been arrested in Licking County, Ohio after violating his probation stemming from a 2010 assault charge. Jamie is the former fiance of Danielle Cunningham and the father of one-year-old Jamie Paul Alderman, Jr.

As we previously reported, 20-year-old Alderman was arrested for misdemeanor assault in 2010, to which he pleaded guilty and was placed on probation. (He also had a previous arrest for disorderly conduct a month before that.) According to online records Alderman was arrested for violating his parole on October 13. Bail hasn’t been set and he is currently waiting to be arraigned. The site lists the “Release Date for ALDERMAN, JAMIE P” as March 11, 2012.

Alderman is the fifth father from 16 and Pregnant Season 3 to go to jail (that we know of) and that doesn’t even include the mothers who have been arrested! And the Season 3 arrests were no fluke – there were similar numbers for the first two seasons as well. (CLICK HERE for the Top Ten Teen Mom Mug Shot Photos).

The number of arrests speaks volumes about the kind of environment a lot of children are being born into in America, one in which drugs, violence (especially domestic violence), and theft are commonplace. 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom draw a lot of criticism because of these arrest headlines, but just like with teen pregnancy I believe these problems are better addressed by shining a light on them than pretending they don’t exist. I confess that I was blessed with a stable, loving childhood and my teenage years were rather tame in comparison, so it has been an enlightening, albeit rather sobering, experience to see examples of young people’s lives who were not so fortunate.

That being said, the shows also give us a number of young moms and dads who are able to mature rapidly and appear to be fully capable of raising their child in a loving, stable home environment. Oh, and in addition to the extremes, they give us everything in between as well! In other words, this is reality television and these are real people.

Hang in there Danielle – focus on Jamie Jr. and do what you can to make sure he’s not where is daddy is 19 years from now!

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