Jenelle Evans breaks up with boyfriend Courtland Rogers

Jenelle Evans and boyfriend Courtland Rogers split

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ romantic woes continue. The 20-year-old is back on the market after breaking things off with her boyfriend of just over two weeks Courtland Rogers late last night.

Jenelle wrote, “I’m single once again. I ended things and didn’t think things were working out between me and Courtland. I rather not go into any detail why but I’m happy with this decision.”

Later a fan was tweeting to Kieffer Delp’s mom (yeah, it’s always a tangled web with Jenelle & Company) and wrote “she’s nothing but TRASHY scum. You know she’s single again.MR.PERFECT CHEATED!!!!!” To which Jenelle responded by writing, “I cheated on Courtland ? Lmfao no def not. I broke up with him and he KNOWS why.”

Uh oh. I wonder what in the world that could mean!?! And what about the house Jenelle and Courtland were going to move into together?

“yeah well I have different plans,” Jenelle tweeted. “in a week I’m moving far away.”

So where do you think Jenelle is moving to? Maybe we should start a pool of some kind 🙂 I’m gonna make an educated guess and say Pennsylvania. She’s from there and could han gout with Teen Mom 2 pal Kailyn Lowry and Teen Mom 3’s Alex Sekella as well!)

  • Ashley

    Shocker…. Great mom, moving away from her son. Same old, same old.

  • Andrea

    if you listen closely you can hear a gasp of suprise from absolutly ….NOBODY!!!!

  • RReed

    Girl needs to get her stuff together and focus on her child, its starting to get ridiculous, actually its been ridiculous.

  • yea courtland cheated on jenelle with me and the was the cause for tha breakup

    • So you are publicly admitting that you shared bodily fluids with Jenelle by way of Courtland. EWWWWW! Your parents must be so proud.

    • KellyS

      Wow. You knew he was in a relationship and slept with him anyway, and now youre admitting it in public? You sound pretty proud of yourself. That’s just disgusting. Even though most of jenelles relationships are thready it’s sooo wrong of both you and him to do that. All three of you, jenelle included, need to GROW UP and leave the high school bs behind!

    • Nikki

      Looking at her Twitter account (which was created on October 12th apparently), this chick is bragging about sleeping with this guy, as well as trying to talk to Kieffer and Gary. Either she is a troll just trying to stir up trouble, or she’s just some sort of “Teen Mom” ex-boyfriend groupie. Either way, it’s really pathetic and extremely sad.

    • Bri

      YOU’RE a NASTY a** s***.

  • Bohiko

    Oh, she broke up with someone ? No way 🙂

  • cmon now

    Can she just date someone for longer than a month before moving in with them and making all these grand plans??

  • CiCi

    Was Jenelle engaged to this Courtland guy, too? (Stupid question, but I honestly can’t remember / keep track! 😉

  • Jenn

    So did she not read the tweet correctly? The tweet said that “MR perfect cheated” as in HE cheated not Jenelle…

  • jessica

    I’m so over her go away already

  • steph

    what a surprise, next week she is back with kieffah 🙂

  • ashley

    Tomorrow’s post…”Jenelle Evens and Kieffer Delp back together!”

  • closeyourlegsgirl

    Another person trying to get teen mom fame -_- smh, she just sounds like a slore

  • manbearpig

    She’ll be back with Gary in a week.

    • CiCi

      I just want to say I love your screen name, manbearpig 🙂 Brings back great S.Park memories.

  • Tizaviën Laporte

    i’m getting tired of these stories about Jenelle. This girl is a wreck. Wouldn’t be surprised if she gets back with one of her exes. Jenelle please do me a favor, don’t date anybody. You should be spending time taking care of your son instead of getting with a guy for 2 weeks and then break up then get with another one for a month or so and breaking up again. What kind of example are you setting for your son. Someone needs to punch this girl, maybe reality will hit her.

  • ShockingNot

    Same story, different guy. Yawn.

  • Bri

    What else is new?

  • Rduckie

    Big surprise, they’re back together.

  • Rduckie

    Big surprise, they’re back together.

  • Allice

    they actually are back together now. and moving in a new place together. who saw that one coming?