VIDEO Teen Mom 2 after show baby-daddy reveals

Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans

MTV features a Teen Mom 2 after show video series via their website in which the girls discuss the most recent episode and their current lives with host SuChin Pak.  Following last night’s episode the topic focused squarely on the baby-daddys and/or momma-boyfriends.  Each girl had a few interesting things to say about the men in their and their children’s lives.

First up here’s the clip courtesy of MTV which will be followed by some highlights from the Q & A:

Kailyn: Kail is asked if she understands why Jo constantly states that he feels used because she lived at the Rivera’s home and started a romance with her current boyfriend Jordan.  She responds that she does understand where Jo and his family are coming from but that she first has to make herself happy before she can make anyone else happy.  Pak then asks Kail if Jo is allowed to see other people and Kail states that she would be glad for him if he found someone that made him happy but that as far as she knows, he’s not dating anyone.  Maybe it’s because he’s working on his rap game suckas!

Kailyn Lowry screen grab

Leah: Leah is asked how her and baby-daddy Corey Simms have managed to work through their trust issues and move on together raising their twin daughters.  She states that many sacrifices were made to help rebuild trust issues.   Leah adds that she even went as far as to leave the high school she attended with her ex Robbie Kidd to enroll in an alternative school to prove to Corey that she was serious about their relationship.

A little later she busts on the man with the very best Teen Mom inanimate object according to our survey, claiming that Corey gets stressed out when having to change diapers.  I bet he takes that Mountaineer cap off for that dirty work!

Leah Messer screengran

Chelsea: Chelsea was whistling a much different tune when it came to trust issues and her baby-daddy Adam Lind.  She stated that he had a long way to go before she trusted him and that he hadn’t proven himself to her yet.  Later when the girls were asked if fathers their age have a maternal instinct she stated that they acted more like big brothers than fathers. Ouch!

Chelsea Houska screen grab

Jenelle: I’m going to shock you when I tell you that Jenelle didn’t hold back with her answers.  Okay so maybe it isn’t surprising that arguably the most candid and outspoken reality cast member EVER let it rip from the hip.  On the trust theme Jenelle suggested to Chelsea that she shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks about her relationship with Adam.  She goes on to say that many people give her a hard time about boyfriend Kieffer Delp and that she follows her own advice by not caring about their opinions.

When asked what she plans on telling her son Jace about his absentee father Andrew, Jenelle said she would tell Jace that his daddy left both of them and that she believes he will come to understand that his father’s absence in his life is Andrew’s fault.  Interestingly enough Jenelle adds that her mom Barbara’s man Mike is Jace’s father figure not thinking twice to mention our boy Delp in that same light.

On the subject of young fathers having maternal instincts Jenelle revealed that Kieffer was a nanny and claims that he’s great with kids. Host Pak jokingly referred to Kieffer as a “manny.”

Jenelle Evans screen grab

All right time for another poll! Other than Corey who obviously would win and has already been anointed with a song in honor of his hat, which of these dudes in the Teen Mom 2’s lives would make the best father?